• Instrumental Music: Allegrezza- Evolving Friendship / Discord's Pimp Hand / Shadow Archon battle theme

    Something the new per-listener system has always had trouble with is determing how "pony" a song is. We have decided to add a new subsection of "instrumental" music. These will be anything from techno Scratch songs to fanfiction music. This is NOT dumping ground though, so expect a pretty heavy amount of quality control, and they still have to have a pony feel.

    This time around, we have a two bagpipe brony songs, dedicated to both Allegrezza and Discord, and a track based on Through the Eyes of Another Pony that makes me really want to play Super Meatboy, just listen to it!  

    1.) Allegrezza- Evolving Friendship (feat. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch)
    2.) Discord's Pimp Hand (Discord's Theme)
    3.) Shadow Archon battle theme

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