• The Brony Show: Episode 35

    We have episode 35 of the Brony Show today! Have some copy-paste:

    Hello everypony! It's another Monday, which means another installment of the Brony Show! School may be starting up again, but The Brony Show is still going strong, striving to raise the standards of fun and hilarity you've come to expect from us. Join Circuit, D-Pad, and Hypermark as they deliver your daily dose of pony in a convenient pill form, with just a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

    You may notice that Foxtrot's name has been omitted. Our good friend and former co-host has decided to step down from his post and pursue new horizons, and we will miss him dearly. Join us tonight for Foxtrot’s last episode of The Brony Show as we send him away with a bang: our Swan Song to a wonderful individual and fellow brony.

    We shall start promptly at 6:00 PST (that's 9:00 EST for our east coast fans) with the news, ranging in subject from our humble show updates to BronyCon coverage to other pony news. Then we'll move right into our interview with RobBob and the rest of the geniuses behind Epic Cupcake/Pie Time, where we'll answer the viewer questions as well as ask our own. You'll also get our coverage of the newest episode, Family Appreciation Day, after which we'll dive into a smorgasbord of pony videos and random hilarity. Join us for Crimson the Wolf's Oatmeal Galore Afterparty when the show ends for even more fun!

    www.livestream.com/thebronyshow or www.thebronyshow.net
    It all starts at 6:00 EST/9:00 PCT. Can't wait to see you there!"


    1. Well good luck to Foxtrot then. We shall miss you fellow brony.

    2. *cough* exuse me! My sugar needs moe rainbows... O,0

    3. You Made a mistake with the times at the end. EST and PST are off.

    4. Yay! We're being interviewed right now :) ...well, the livestream is going on anyways, and we're having a blast!

    5. when did smörgåsbord get this common on America?