• Drawfriend Stuff #299

    Are we going to hit one hundred million right as we hit 300 drawfriend?! I guess only time will tell!  If you guys have anything to submit for the big number, please toss it early!

    Have some art.

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    Truly amazing.

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    1. Fluttershy's so cute.

    2. #20- I know it's annoying, but DAYUM it's cute!

    3. Source 5. My favorite pony is playing my instrument. FUCK YES! I'm not the only person in the world who plays the keyboard!

      Good thing however, I'm the only rave-hating metalhead who plays the keyboard. YES! Still a hipster!

    4. #15 And that's how little Molestia earned her Cutie Mark!

    5. Ummm...#15?

      Also, I'm kinda raging at 18. What have you done?!

    6. Good drawfriend Today. I saved about half of these =D

    7. Um, Isn't this supposed to be Drawfriend 299? Yesterday #298...

    8. #1 Beautiful drawing of Fluttershy.
      #5 The Great and Powerful Trixie on tour now!
      #6 Wow oh wow this looks awesome.
      #10 Yay filly Smith!
      #16 D'awww Scootaglove
      #18 Pinkie has sprouted wings? What can't she do :O
      #24 Lunar uses Royal Canterlot Voice. It was very effective.
      A great drawfriend :)

    9. There aren't enough digits in the counter. Will 100mil break it?

      #24 made me lul!

    10. That Diamond Tiara may be the cutest thing I've seen in a week.

    11. drawfriend 297? didn't we have 298 yesterday, thus making this one 299?

    12. derpy as Joseph Ducreux, that's hilarious xD

    13. Whats with a young looking granny smith?

    14. @Kawaiipikachu In the last episode 'Family Appreciation Day' Granny Smith was telling a story of her youth and there was a flashback to her as a filly.

    15. 13's been around for a while. I'm fairly positive it's by Moe.

    16. Yay, art. Been acouple days since I've been in one of these. Seems longer. lol

      Of course we have some more cute little ponies in bunny outfits after that last new episode. I love them, so adorable. Even Diamond Tiara in #20. Dem eyes, d'aww. And young also adorable Granny Smith <3

      #4 This image actually reminded me A LOT of the scene at the end of the Silent Hill movie. Inside the church with all the barbed wire everywhere. Instead here, we seem to have butterflies. lol Which seem to be just as deadly. Fluttershy is a force to be reckoned with.

      #5 With me on guitar you best bet it has one bitchin' guitar solo! Or maybe I'm on the bass, I can't tell. Though it does look slightly longer... bitchin' bass solo then! lol Very cool pic. Trixie is the singer. x3

      #6 Whoa... that MLP image. I didn't even know it was related at first. Pretty cool rendition for sure.

      #7 Simply gorgeous colors and details.

      #13 This hasn't been posted here before? With how old that pic is, I'm almost certain it has to have been. If not, well hot dang. Derpy says: Disregard cupcakes. Acquire muffins.

      #16 D'awwww. What are you doin' in that oven mitt adorable little Scootaloo? :3

      #17 Uh-oh. Judging from the response from the 8 Ball, this doesn't look like it's going to turn out too well.

      #19 Awww, poor Trixie. Look at those sad eyes. How could you say no to those eyes? I certainly couldn't. :'( And is that... a robot Vinyl... in panties? lol <3

      #24 Never get sick of Canterlock Luna. :3 There ya go Dash, somepony with one mighty strong cheer.

    17. DAT #6
      Also, needs more Bunnybloom.

    18. #6 - Truly, this is waytoo badass for our wimpy pathetic drawfriends, srsly.
      #8 - ......she gained weight.
      #12 - ...and now she lost it again. MARRY ME PINKIE
      #15 - Ah, so he wanted a relationship relationship, whereas Tia wanted to stay fuckbuddies. DISCORD'S ORIGIN REVEALED!
      #17 - marry
      #18 - me
      #23 - pinkie


    19. Who knows when we'll hit 100 million, but I definitely want to be here when it happens. But how about focusing on today's Drawfriend:

      #1 Any kind of outfit always looks stunning on Fluttershy.
      #2 Now this is one amazing drawing. Loving the lighting effect.
      #3 Never would have been able to picture Rarity in armor.
      #4 Great picture. I would totally be panicking if I was there.
      #5 Now this has gotta be my pick of the night. Pony musicians FTW! Just wish I knew what they were playing.
      #6 So awesome, and at the same time, so menacing.
      #7 I know at least one of us must be drooling over this one.
      #8 Well, it's the end of the day. Seems plenty enough reason for a party.
      #9 Cool. Wonder what Fluttershy was up to in that particular moment.
      #10 Granny Smith sure had a great look in her younger years.
      #11 Pretty tough to not make Rarity look elegant.
      #12 Come on, Pinkie. I want in on the joke too!
      #13 Kind of an odd look for Derpy.
      #14 Aww. Looking as cute as ever.
      #15 Hey, take it easy you two.
      #16 More cute ponies! I don't know if I'll be able to handle any more cute!
      #17/18 I had a look at the comic where these vectors wound up. On their own, they're pretty cool. In the comic, they look absolutely stunning.
      #19 Hmm. Trixie sure has fallen on hard times.
      #20 Hmm. Diamond Tiara with rabbit ears. I guess I can put aside my thoughts on her and say this is kind of cute.
      #21 Who else wants to give Apple Bloom a hug? She sure looks like she needs it.
      #22 Great picture. Though I might have gotten a better effect if I read the fanfic it's based on.
      #23 Pegasi, beware. Pinkie's got wings!
      #24 Rainbow will definitely want Luna on her cheering squad.
      #25 And to wrap it up, Granny Smith! Great pic of her in her prime.

      As always, many thanks to our wonderful artists for sharing the awesomeness.

    20. 22- "The Games We Play" fanart! Great Mare-Do-Well/RD fic, still amazed that it hasn't been posted here on EQD yet.

    21. Scootaloo in an oven glove is just too cute :3

    22. 1. Stunningly gorgeous.

      8. Looks great, Pinkie throws the best parties.

      12. Dawww, I'm pretty sure that's a guilty smile.

      16. Interesting.

      17. Somepony is going to get yelled at.

      20. Really cute Diamond Tiara there.

      25. Looks like you got the colors right.

    23. The numbering is a bit suspect, sure, as I think occasionally we've had duplicate numbers for successive drawfriends. But who cares? #300 is whenever Seth says it is, and there shall be much rejoicing.

      1) I really like the quick, flowing art style of this Fluttershy scene. Nice linework combined with energetic brush strokes, bright colors and a cleanly rendered pony add up to quite the cheerful image.
      2) I thought it was Luna for a moment, what with the contrast from the heavy backlighting. A neat image.
      3) Poor Rarity looks horribly uncomfortable in that. But I'd never criticize her fashion sense, or she might stab me with those things.
      4) Oh, my. When Fluttershy cracks, there shall be a reckoning. You know... if you don't mind too terribly much. Weird, but fascinating and well done.
      5) Twilight and Fluttershy didn't show up to see their friends rock out? Or do they handle things backstage?
      6) They do look very hardcore together. Rarity would still own them though. Cool image!
      7) Trixie, in a style that seems to nod slightly to prior generations. Really well done... I especially like her mane.
      8) Pinkie doing the party dance is always a fun sight.
      9) A sweet drawing of Fluttershy with economical, heavy brushstrokes. Looks neat.
      10) You go on Miss Smith... I'll get some pots and pans ready to bang together. Well rendered!
      11) Rarity might not have the magical chops of Twilight, but she knows how to use what she's got.
      12) The blush makes me think that Pinkie is laughing at herself. How can you not love that? I'm looking forward to some sweet moments from Pinkie babysitting.
      13) It's so hard to pull off that pose without hands, but Derpy comes damn close.
      14) Aw... even pudgy, Fluttershy is adorable.
      15) Turn him to stone now, while you still have the chance!!! Cute Celly. I don't know that I can ever call Discord cute though...
      16) Is that how those are supposed to work? You know what? Screw it... It works for Scoot.
      17) I think her Magic 8 Ball may have been tampered with. Regardless, we now have an explanation for Pinkie Sense.
      18) Pinkie would have made a cool Pegasus, and it definitely fits her flighty personality, but if I had the chance to make the call I'd keep her and Fluttershy the way they are. Great image of her thought!
      19) A cool collection of sketches, from mussed Luna to Robo Pon-3 to Down-On-Her-Luck Trixie.
      20) You can not make me like her. But you can apparently make me D'aaaaaw over her.
      21) The bunnies have finally arrived, and there is much rejoicing for this too.
      22) You know, if Batman had the weather controlling abilities of a Pegasus, he'd always have a stormcloud to pose dramatically in front of bolts of lightning. Dash and Mare-Do-Well should start working together on that kind of thing.
      23) She has upgraded from her chicken costume. She shall rain parties from above.
      24) I so hope Luna gets more screentime this season. She was a blast in her last appearance. Literally. Great comic sketch of these two!
      25) She was quite lovely in her youth. Here's hoping AppleJack ages better.

      A short but satisfying Drawfriend! Looking forward to the big 300! Thanks to all of the artists for sharing their work, and to Seth and the gang for putting it together for us!

    24. So... anyone know why this is drawfriend 297 when yesterday's was 298?

    25. Drawfriend #297 - SO MUCH DAWWWW EDITION

    26. number 15: LET YOUR FANFICS COMMENCE!

    27. #4 - When Fluttershy gets tired of it all and decides the world ends, Eldritch Abomination style.

      #6 - You can't handle the epicness of Diamond Dogs riding Timber Wolves. Seriously, you could toss that combo in any D&D campaign and you're players would have heart attacks (and possibly get their asses handed to them).

    28. My faves today :
      #5 Check it out. Led Zapappelin. Wait, that sucks. Come back to me, I can do better.
      #6 Love it. It's a lot like the warg riders from return of the king.
      #7 It's about time Trixie got her own Choclate Frog Card.
      #11 I will never be adverse to Rarity looking fabulous.
      #17 Hide the kids. Ponyville's outlook not so good.
      #20-21 Ponies in bunny costumes. A cutie double whammy.
      #23 Why does Pinkie and her physics-defying superbrain need fake wings to fly?
      #24 Love the voice effects in this one, but Luna looks way too happy to be blowing Rainbow's ears off.

    29. #3 - "My life for fashion!"
      I just had to xD

    30. @shadowfalcon76
      BAH! Derp! Replace "you're" with "your." FFS how did I let that slip!? ><

    31. #20
      That's the first time I've ever felt ANY sort of positive reaction to Diamond Tiara. What a strange feeling.

    32. #1 Very beautiful image ^_^
      #4 best Stare Master
      #23 yay more pinkie inventions!

    33. #4: "next in the 'My Little Cthulhu' category, we have 'When Fluttershy looks upon the Madness'"

    34. Derpy DuHooves and nearly 100,000,000 views.

      *contented sigh*
      It's a good day, bronies. It's a good day.

    35. #6 - "An army of Goblins and Wolves approaches from the North"

    36. We've already had Drawfriend 297. *shrugs*

    37. #3 protoss rarity is awesome or at least i think its supposed to be a suite of protoss zealot armour

    38. Nightmare Fluttershy is truly terrifying. Are there any fic on the subject?

    39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    40. #22

      Fanart for 'The Games We Play'? A truly incredible fanfic, instant 6 Star. I highly urge the author to submit it here, and for you guys to read it.

    41. 13: Aww yeah, more ponified memes
      24: ...Looks like Luna has buck teeth...

    42. Man, I miss Moe. His/her art was fantastic.

    43. #6 wow thats badass. But not to worry! all you have to do is whine and he shall be defeated!

    44. 15: The hell?
      17: Magic 8 ball says you DIE!!!

    45. #24 Buck teeth? Oh, "buck" teeth? Whatever.

    46. FTW for the Joseph Decreux Derpy.

    47. Sorry for saying this but...

      #15 looks like a picture for a clopfic...im sorry but those are my thoughts

      *slowly backs away*

    48. #5: I just paid $300 for Rammstein. I'd pay double for this.

      #22: I wonder if this story will make it onto EqD?

    49. #4 looks something out of Skyrim.

    50. #1: A lovely drawing of a lovely pony in a lovely gown. I love the bright lighting of this drawing, as well as the diaphanous fabric that makes up the majority of Fluttershy's gown.

      #4: Weird, but wonderful. And Derpy isn't worried, so why should we be? ;)

      #6: Very unusual take on a couple of MLP villains, but it'd definitely an impressive drawing.

      #7: Power Trixie! (Read the artist's description. Seriously.) This may be the cutest Trixie's looked outside of some of the filly Trixie drawings. Great use of color.

      #9, #14: A pair of charming, cartoony Fluttershy drawings using a soft color palette.

      #10: Capturing the pioneering spirit in this drawing; very nice background, and I adore Granny Smith's eyes.

      #11: Rarity in her element; the dark background contrasts effectively with her brightly-lit figure.

      #13: I know this is a reference to some popular internet meme, but it's a pretty funny drawing on its own too.

      #15: There's been quite a few cute drawings of filly Celestia and young Discord, but this one tops them all. (And how the heck are so many viewers reading more into this than kids horsing around?)

      #17: OK, the Magic 8 Ball is a great touch.

      #18: She's got wings; take cover!

      #20: Would Diamond Tiara allow herself to look this cute?

      #23: She's got wings; take cover! Also, derp!

      #24: Royal Canterlot Voice!

      And about a half-dozen comments questioning the numbering of this Drawfriend. I wonder what number this would really be if we went back and counted each one...

    51. Starcraft Ponies are the best kind of Ponies!

    52. Drawfriend was OKAY. Nothing special, boring. *Yawns*

    53. Do people expect me to comment on every drawing now? I'm not sure, but I'll do it anyway.

      1. Wow...it's beautiful. I'm not sure of the context, but I love the dress she's wearing.
      2. An odd color scheme for Celestia, but a sunrise is a sunrise. Pretty.
      3. Protoss Rarity? Hm...nah.
      4. Okay, now this image is frightening. What's going on? Why do the butterflies have eyes on their wings? Why is Fluttershy blind-folded? What's happening to Bon Bon? Is this a terrible disaster?!
      5. ROCK CONCERT YEAAAAAAAH! I don't know about Trixie as lead singer though.
      6. This painting, while gorgeous, also gives me ideas.
      7. A nice picture of Trixie.
      8. Pinkie looks a bit pudgier than usual in this picture, but hurray for partying!
      9. Fluttershy is pretty, though I'm not sure how long she can stay in the air in that pose.
      10. The Everfree looks a bit too normal here, unless that's just supposed to be some other forest. Granny Smith as always continues to fascinate me.
      11. Lady Rarity looks divine in this jewelery, and I love how she has the ribbon drawn around her.
      12. Pinkie is Pinkie. Not much more needs to be said.
      13. 18th century wigged Derpy amuses me more than she should.
      14. Filly Fluttershy? D'awww.
      15. Uh, Celestia, what exactly are you planning on doing there? She and Discord may look like kids, but her actions look more like one might take as an adult.
      16. Scootaloo in an oven mitt? Sure, why not.
      17. Eight ball says it's time to be depressed and angry. Come on, Pinkie, snap out of it.
      18. See, that's better...though she now has wings. Did someone give her Red Bull?
      19. This seems more like a collection of unassociated sketches, though at first I thought Vinyl was propositioning Trixie. Poor beggar Trixie...
      20. Diamond Tiara, STOP BEING CUTE.
      21. See, what the hay, Diamond Tiara? You managed to be cuter than Apple Bloom in a bunny suit. How did you pull that off?
      22. Mare Do Well and Rainbow Dash face off in the rain. All we need now is some appropriate music, and this battle may commence!
      23. Hang gliding Pinkie? Naw, not silly enough.
      24. Royal Canterlot Voice makes everyone have squirrel teeth, apparently.
      25. We cap off with yet another pretty picture of the younger Granny Smith.

    54. Biscuit Glove + Scootaloo= CHICKEN BISCUIT!

    55. @Shantara
      Pony POV Series features it, though not until a good ways into the story.


    56. I bet we will hit that hundred when I'm in school =(

    57. #3 En taro Adun, for Aiur! Really want to hear what Rarity's voice would sound like crossed with a zealot.
      #13 Ooooh fancy Derpy.
      #15 Pinned ya!......Pinned ya again!
      #20 NNNNO! NO! Don't try and make her look....doh she's just too adorable.

    58. @HMorris73
      Very interesting, looks like a dark but awesome story. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks!

    59. @Shantara
      No problem. Just to make sure you know the two links given there lead to two different parts of the story, the first is the Discorded Ponies Series, the second is the much longer Reharmonized Ponies Series.

    60. Number 24 would be a great EQD banner if you tossed equestria daily into the middle.

    61. #16.. any Canadians thinking of Friendly Giant? With Rusty the Rooster sticking up out of the sock hanging on the wall... :D

    62. Wait did they have Friendly Giant in the US too?

    63. 6 - Wow.
      16 - Aww! ;_;
      22 - Such drama! Great pic!
      24 - "IS THIS LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOUU~?" (lol, love this.)

      Great selection. ^.^

    64. @jodyjm13 #15: It's the eyes man, THE LOOK IN HER EYES! Her molestia side developed early...

    65. #3 Don't think that zealot suit was meant for you Rarity... Or anypony for that matter.
      #4 Holy crap this is awesome and kind of scary at the same time, Fluttershy blast!
      #5 Trixie on lead? Hell yes.
      #6 Now this is one amazing piece, the two creatures go really well together.
      #7 This Trixie... It's beautiful. Love the style.
      #8 Is Pinkie's head a little small here? Or did she just get chubby from all those sweets...
      #12 Happy Pinkie always makes me smile :]
      #13 LOL, Pure awesome right here.
      #14 SQUEEE, adorableshy <3
      #16 Haha Scoots in an oven mitt? I'm OK with this.
      #17 I love Pinkamena, and the 8 ball is a nice touch.
      #18 Who needs wings when you can defy physics?
      #22 When I saw this the Eye of the Tiger immediately started playing in my head.

    66. Holy shit
      #5, I didn't expect to see it here.
      Paper Pony is gonna shit himself, this is awesome.

    67. Wait, is this the second Drawfriend #297?
      *checks pages*
      Yeah, it is!
      Why isn't this #299?