• Nightly Roundup #210

    It's been a busy weekend for everyone and I'm sure a lot of you fresh from BroNYCon are feeling a little like Dash right now.

    Talking about the Con, if you missed the streams and the festivities we've got some more material in tonight's Roundup to wet your palette with.

    Also, since some of you have requested it in my previous posts, I have included a biography on who I am in this edition, so check it out if you have been wondering over the past month who this Calpain guy is.

    Check out all the pony news after the break!

    BroNYCon Photos

    A kind brony has uploaded a bunch of pictures they took at the convention and created a gallery for your viewing pleasure! Amazing how fast the Con has grown in such a short period of time and the organizers deserve a hearty pat on the back for such awesome work. Check out the gallery here.

    NeighSlayer Preformance at BroNYCon

    So you guys like music and you like ponies, right? Well have them both together thanks to this clip sent to us from the Con of the band NeighSlayer!

    So Who is Calpain?

    I've seen this question crop up quite a few times in the comments section on posts I make so I thought I would tell you all a little bit of my history and my association with EqD too and, hopefully, put any fears as to who I am to rest.

    As you may have gathered, I'm the newest intern here at EqD, having only joined the site within the past two weeks or so. I entered the fandom officially sometime in mid February and found EqD shortly thereafter. I didn't participate in the fandom actively until sometime in April when I joined the Know Your Meme community and helped with the article on MLP there and I became a member of NeoGAF's pony community in early May.

    Around that same time I started sending news articles into EqD which then progressed into sending comics, plushes, customs, ect as well to the site on a frequent basis. Months later, I came up with the December Draw Off event in order to give back to the community that had given me so much over the past year and I thought of no better place than EqD to play host to the event as it was the first pony site I ever came across. Shortly after the event began I received a surprise invite from Seth and the rest is history I suppose.

    Now for the important stuff. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, I enjoy reading and gaming in my spare time, and I'm a neuroscientist in training.

    Pleased to meet you all!

    Pony Custom Contest

    I'm a big fan of customs so I'm excited to share with you a contest hosted by Darkly Cute Customs:

    The theme is Faerie Tales!

    Please email a drawing (or you can use the pony creator) of your pony to [email protected] along with the form below:

    Nickname -
    Email -
    Ponies Name:
    What faerie tale is your pony based on?
    Cutie Mark?
    Mane/Tail color?
    Eye color?
    Type of Pony?
    Body Color?

    The deadline for the contest is January 21st, 2012
    The winner will receive a full custom pony of the design they submitted. The runner ups will receive a discount on a custom pony.

    Contest is being held by Darkly Cute Customs - http://darklycutecustoms.com

    SATURATION Flash Project Looking for More

    A new flash project has popped up and is currently looking for animators and voice actors/actresses that could lend a hoof. Have some copy paste:

    “Dear Princess Celestia...

    Well, it's been a while since I sent you a letter, huh? Well, I'll skip the formalities, since I know how busy you are. We'll get straight down to business.

    I've been working on the transcript you asked me to write. I'll say right now, not to toot my own horn, but it's coming along rather nicely. I've almost finished up the first section of it, and Mr. Shock's making some headway into the visual of it. However, we seem to have hit a little wall. The lead of Project CHAOS, Mr. Zee has felt a bit uncertain about the project, and refuses to co-produce it until he begins seeing some results. 

    Unfortunately, we were unable to contact the mares we recruited for voicework. Therefore, I must make a request of you: can you please have the Equestrian Royal Guard's Recruiting Offices place notices around Equestria for our recruitment? We'll take any and all auditions for the parts.

    The parts we require come as follows:
    -Miss Sparkle
    -Miss Rarity
    -Miss Applejack
    -Miss Dash
    -Miss Pie
    -Mr. Spike
    -Captain Aquilinus
    -Yourself, Princess
    -Your Sister, Princess Luna

    Should anypony come to you with wishes for performing said voicework, tell them to report to this location:

    In a short time, there shall be a list of instructions there on how to audition.

    And should anypony wish to have a small sample of what they shall be voicing, should they be recruited, tell them to report here:

    Mr. Zee has aquired quite the collection of samples from our earlier work, titling it the “Saturated” series. Tell them to view those if they wish to have a sample.

    Well then, Princess, I thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to take note of this. I hope to hear a quick response from you in due time.

    To those of you who don't understand this, myself and SuperMarioGalaxy13 are making a very big flash project. Now, we can't do this alone. We need several flash animators and voice actors (As stated above). If you are interested, contact either of the Youtube names listed above, and we'll let you know what's going on.

    It'll be a bit before we make serious headway into this, but we need to recruit voice work early. So, if you're interested in any of those roles, let us know.

    Pony Party Cake

    Ah, cake. One of my weaknesses and when combined with ponies it becomes irresistible!

    Friendship Train Available at a Store Near You!

    We've received word from some wonderful bronies that the Friendship Express Train is now available at your local Wal-Mart for only $20! So if you're a collector, now is the time to get those wallets out and go shopping for some pony.

    Brohoof Podcast Interviews The Living Tombstone

    Brohoof Podcast sent us an email and would like to pass along to you guys that they've interviewed The Living Tombstone! The download is still processing, but you can check it out on their stream here.

    Brony Comic Guild

    Are you an artist into comics, but have a hard time coming up with ideas or your works need some proofreading? Are you a writer that has some fantastic comic ideas, but can't make those ideas come to life on paper? Well a new group has popped up that hopes to pair up aspiring writers and artists in order to make those ideas come alive and shine! Details below:

    Hey artists! Hey writers! Hey artist/writer hybrids! There's a new group on DeviantArt called Brony Comic Guild that is doing their best to help the fandom grow by putting writers who have ideas for sequential art and standalone comics but find their drawing ability lacking in touch with artists who are looking for ideas for comics and aren't happy with their writing skills. Also, artists who are producing comics and would like a proofreader, translation help, help with plot and story, and grammar checks can find someone there to help them in that regard.

    It's a unique concept, a group whose purpose isn't just to display art but also foster the spirit of interdependence and collaboration between the mighty left and right fists of the fandom, our talented writers and artists. The founder of the group, Gunslinger Pen, enjoyed his collaboration with writer Exiana on their work Big Sis so much that he wanted to foster the experience for others to enjoy.

    If you're a artist or a writer who's up for a little bit of collaboration feel free to check out the Brony Comic Guild.

    Group found here

    MLP Oekaki

    We've received word of an oekaki that has popped up on Bronyland. For those of you that love to create artwork using an oekaki, you can find the site here:
    Bronyland Oekaki

    Successful Meetups


    Quite a large turnout at the brony meetup in Moscow! They have a gallery of their exploits here (click on the grey 'spoiler' tab to view).

    Groups Looking for More

    University of Alabama Facebook Group


    Nova Scotia Facebook Group


     Seattle Facebook Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Vinyl Scratch Custom
    Portal Ponies Customs
    Applejack Blanket
    Rainbow Dash Scarf
    Rainbow Dash Hoodie
    Vinyl Scratch Plushie

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