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    Blazing Glory is underoing a complete revamp apparently, so I guess I'll use that title image!

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    Story: Upheaval: Breaking Point (Update Part 38!) 

    5 Star

    [Grimdark] [Adventure]

    Author: Visiden Visidane
    Description: A coincidence and a magical accident leads Twilight Sparkle to a grim world hidden by Equestria's peaceful existence.
    Upheaval: The Breaking Point

    Story: Sunset Looms (Update Part 3+4!)


    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: Princess Celestia’s rule outlived her ability to care for it. She was frozen in place and endlessly repeating her duties and tasks for a world she no longer cared for nor actively participated in. But when she finds Twilight Sparkle, Celestia becomes aware of her life's struggles. And like it or not, these struggles have a time limit.
    Sunset Looms

    Story: Unmarked (Update Part 3+4!)


    Author: Croswynd
    Description: A cutie mark is what defines a pony. It is who they are, even moreso than the names they are given. Yet, Novell has grown to adulthood without his mark, a pegasus pony with no idea where he fits in Equestria. It's not until a chance meeting with a particular Professor that he finds his opportunity to discover where he belongs. But unbeknownst to anypony, an evil long since defeated by none other than Discord is scheming from the shadows, planning to wreak havoc upon the world once more.

    Story: Blazing Glory (Update Re-write Part 1 + 2!) 


    Author: The Lord Of Dust
    Description: Foreign missionary ponies: an old preacher, a scarred Pegasus, a cocky Earth pony, and a cybernetic mare come to Equestria. Threatened, Celestia is taken over by her inner demons. The land is plummeted into a chaos. Can these ponies bring the light back into this darkened nightmare?
    Blazing Glory


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