• Nightly Roundup #198

    Berry Punch edition?  Have some news!

    Winter Wrup Up in Na'vi

    Just in case you guys were in the mood for some Avatar (The movie one), someone has translated all of Winter Wrap Up into the Na'vi language. Check it out below!

    Manila Pony Article

    Another news group has hopped on the pony craze, with bro hooves and pink isle shenanigans abound. Check it out here!

    Fallout Equestria's Author Kkat Interviewed! 

    For all the FoE Fanatics out there, the Great and Powerful Kkat has been given full interview treatment.  If you read the story, you might want to take a look at it! Check it out here.

    Past Sins MST Chapter 8

    Copy paste:  "Chapter Eight is up, and the rest are being rolled out over the rest of the week! Check the main document for the link, along wth new Facebook, Twitter, and TVTropes pages!"


    Columbia Sporting Goods 20% Warmer

    I guess it might be a pony reference? Usually I send these to the moon... but this one is cutting it pretty close.


    Is that cheating? Whatever, Twi is awesome.

    TF2 Hearthswarming Cabin Level

    [email protected] Competition prize list finalized

    [email protected] is at it again, with yet another huge update! Have some copy paste:

    The prize list for the [email protected] competition beginning on the 1st of January has been finalised:

    -Etched mixer/rocks glass with the 'Folding is Magic' logo on one side, and a design on the other similar to other designs from the donator, of the winners choosing*
    -$25 gift card for welovefine.com
    -Low-end 7600GT video card
    -Any Steam game worth up to $60 US of the winners choosing
    -Any and all Steam coupons from a donators Steam inventory (more details in link below)
    -6 other games: Brink Collection, Orcs Must Die, Terraria, Recettear, Half Life 2, Minecraft (gift code)

    *The glass itself, minus the design of the winners choosing is this: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/347/f/0/folding_is_magic_glass_by_nekomatafuyu-d4j0z0u.jpg

    Winners choose any prize they want, with priority placed on those who have won higher awards (4 different awards). Random draws follow, with winners taking prizes on a first come first serve basis.

    Special thanks to the donators CrazedGeek, Shadow of Death, Spazturtle, Tux2 of the Tux2 minecraft server (http://tux2mc.com/), GhostWolf, and Pinkamena_Diane_Pie and BaconCat of the #brony IRC

    More info:

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Mario Kart 7 Groups

    MLPBattleIsMagic (Balloon Battle): 23-6180-2615-1172
    MLP Coin Runners (Coin Runner): 45-1787-6197-7237

    World of Tanks Clan

    Name: Equestria Defense Force

    Stuttgart, Germany Military Community Meetup

    On the 2nd of January 2012 the American Military Community in Stuttgart Germany will be hosting its first brony meetup. We will meet at the Panzer Bowling Alley at 12-3 pm. All ID card holders are invited. Local nationals should contact us first. For more information and to RSVP please contact us at [email protected].

    Xbox Clan Facebook Page

    Name: Warfare Is Magic
    Like the page for support and updates on news about the clan, such as clan meetings and Fanfiction Fridays. More info on Fanfic Fridays can be found on the page.

    They didn't include a link!


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