• Story: Tales of Harmony (Update Part 9, Side story part 12!)


    Author: Starwind Dood
    Description: Fan-fiction that will show you the harmony found in our hearts!

    The fate of Equestria will be decided not by the madness of battle, but by the harmony between each other...

    Twilight, a student from Canterlot, and her dragon companion, Spike, find themselves caught in a mission to find the elements of harmony to stop the the crazed mare, Nightmare Moon. Equestria is not a land of love and tolerance, but a land that has been ravaged by racial conflict, sudden earthquakes, and the shadows within a pony's heart. Only with friends can Twilight find the strength to stop Nightmare Moon.

    To save Equestria, Twilight will have to prevail against power-hungry ponies and those who would wish to stop the gathering of the elements of harmony. Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. Are these strong enough to fight the wicked?
    Tales of Harmony Part 1
    Tales of Harmony Part 2
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    Tales of Harmony Part 9
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    Tales of Harmony Part 12 (New!)

    Tales of Cuties (Side Story)

    Tales of Harmony (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Ponies call out special attacks- TENBAKEN!


    1. A Tales series crossover? Do want.

    2. Oh great! I do not have time for this! Oh Well. Must Read!

    3. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    4. Tales is awesome! Ponies are awesome! This is awesome!

    5. Totally love Tales Im gonna read this right away

    6. Anyone know what Tales game it follows after?

    7. @Sdash

      It doesn't follow any tales story, but I'm trying to write it to have a tales series vibe as well as putting in references here and there.

    8. Finished reading it is quite a good story. The music fits(mind blown once I read the tittle of the last link), the skits were unexpected but they all fit the tales vibe and some were really funny :D, and the characters are played perfectly. All my 5 stars

      Oh and BTW !BURNING LOTUS!

    9. *slight spoiler*Fluttershy's "Is it my turn?" made me snicker

    10. On a related note, Tales of the Abyss for 3DS comes out in February :3

    11. Love the Tales series, and I thought you did a pretty good job of emulating the writing style (especially the skits!)

      The only flaw in the first chapter was that there were several grammar/spelling errors that could have easily been weeded out. If you don't already have an editor, I'd highly recommend getting someone to read your chapters before posting in order to fix these tiny mistakes.

      Looking forward to more :)

    12. @Killah

      I've got an editor, but with how much I wrote into this chapter (I was not expecting it to blow up so large), only so much can be caught. You should have seen this before the editor looked it over.

      Also thanks to everyone for the compliments. It helps motivate me to write more... and I have so much more to write...

    13. Very relevant PMV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ooj7hoZ5z5w

    14. I wonder if Nightmare Moon will turn out to be the good guy all along, in the end :p

    15. Well, this should prove to be an entertaining read. Combined with the Equestrian Fable story released today, and that's two promising stories added today. Looking forward to future updates.

      Hell, I've never even PLAYED a Tales game, and even I liked this story

    16. Aw, no specific Tales game? I was kinda hoping for a Symphonia one to pop up at some point, and would have dropped everything to read it. I'll probably read this in a few updates.

    17. You, sir, did amazingly. The skits were random and funny, just like the game, the artes were crazilly named (and you even made fun of shouting out the arte names, which was lulz-worthy xD) and somehow made Fluttershy a kind bad-ass. I applaud you and hope for a second chapter as amazing as this one was.


      I can't believe this is finally happening. I'm so happy I could cry.

      This is it, this will be the first My Little Pony fanfiction I have ever read. Thank you all so much, whoever all made this happen.

    19. The music really enriches the experience.

      You still have a long way to go before you begin to approach the greatest musical accompaniment ever listed in a written work: The montage sequence in School Daze part 6


    20. @Forderz

      I've gotten different kinds of opinions in regards to the way I use music in this fic. I want it to fit, add more references to different tales games, and still include original pony music made by fans. Any suggestions you can give me, or should I just read School Daze? I won't have a chance to sit down and read it for at least a week.

    21. Tales X over makes me feel tingly all over. I've only ever played Symphonia, Symphonia 2, Vesperia, and Phantasia though, will there be many references I won't get?

      Great job so far, regardless. I really enjoy the atmosphere you created with the music and the skits. It almost feels like I'm playing a Tales game! Also, DAT NOSTALGIA when hearing the Iselia music!

    22. The biggest challenge with putting music in a written work is doing your best to ensure that the length of the song and the length of the scene are approximately the same.

      I've noticed some scenes are far too short to be worthy of a musical accompaniment, case in point: Finding the first element of harmony. That scene is only a couple paragraphs, and the reader is finished reading it within 30 seconds, while the song is just getting started.

      If you're going to include music to a scene, make sure that scene deserves music!


    23. O.o A Tales... Crossover... *Auto-fave'd*

    24. Chapter 3 y u end on a cliffhanger?!!

      Seriously though, you've done an incredably good of blending the Tales series with My Little Pony. I tip my hat to you and eagerly await the next chapter.

    25. I'm really enjoying this story. I've never played any of the Tales series, but I think I may have to pick one up now.

    26. So is the story based on any specific tales games with references to the other games. Or is it just ponies with a tales world? I only played Symphonia.

      Really enjoying the story though. Looking forward to next chapters.

    27. I think it's safe to say that this Nightmare Moon actually deserves her spot as villain.

      Anyways, will we get any post-game side-quests involving the other villains?

    28. You'd better give us a huge Tales style twist RIGHT NOW. That was too easy. How about she defeats Luna and the moon goes out, too! Then she has to find Celestia. And everypony hates her for making it worse. Everypony will be the antagonist for the friends. Yes... DO IT!