• New Comment System!

    Blogger is really limited in comments, so we are giving the improved version of Disqus a shot!

    This is going to add a whole bunch of neat little features.
    • Comment with Twitter/facebook/pretty much whatever you want instead of Blogger. 
    • Sort by oldest/newest/whatever you prefer
    • Threaded comments and replies
    • Notifications
    • A bunch of other random stuff
    Obviously upgrading from something as simple as the blogger comment system is going to be a bit strange at first, but this gives everyone way more control over comments.

    Right now the last ~4 hours is still migrating over.  All old comments should already be updated!

    There are a lot of small tweaks that can be done from the Disqus dashboard, and as needs arise I will probably swap things around a bit.

    Anyway, give it a shot! This is way cooler than blogger's ghetto comment system ever was. 

    We tend to freak out pretty hard when change occurs here.  Give disqus some time.  It will have a few bugs, but overall the features far outweigh the learning curve.  Blogger's comment system was very limited.

    Note: NOSCRIPT USERS -  You must enable Disqus.  It is not built into blogger.

    Note 2: You can change the account you log in with by logging out and picking one at the top! 

    Note 3: Added pages instead of that "show more comments thing" cause its annoying and slow.

    Note 4: Apparently Mobile makes it look like I'm the only one commenting :x I'll email support about that  

    Note 5: Login is Required (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, anything on the list)  

    Note 6: There seems to be a synch bug with the comment numbers on the main page.  It updates in intervals.  I've emailed support about that.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here