• The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Followup

    For those that missed it last week, we will be doing a "followup" post for new episodes, dedicated to picking out all the cool stuff.  This week we had The Mysterious Mare Do Well, and of course, it was filled with all sorts of wacky references.

    Check it out after the break!

    Early on in the episode, you can find a Nyandash poster on the wall.  Truly a glorious internet meme reachout right there!

    And we can't ignore the striking similarity to Darkwing Duck's hat.  It's almost a shame that Mare-Do-Well was just the mane cast dressed up, I want to see more of that awesome costume in the future.  

    And we can't forget Derpy Hooves.   Look at her.. she's so happy.

    We also now have 100% official confirmation of the balloon inhabitants.  I'll miss you Al-Capony... 

    Overall a solid episode.  I was of course, hoping for some Trixie, and the overabundance of Snips+Snails had me thinking she just might show up, but I'm always hoping for Trixie, so it doesn't actually count.

    And finally, Rainbow Dash in general.  Her mannerisms, poses, everything.  If you really pay attention, it's amazing how well animated she is.  They did an excellent job. 

    Whave a few random videos too.  Enjoy!

    Appledash deleted scene (lolshipping)

    Darkwing Mare

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