• Nightly Roundup #172 - Ponies

    Pinkie Pie is losing on The Hub's Naughty and Nice poll, though we really aren't too sure about how legit the numbers are. She was dominating it pretty hardcore.

    And an update on the fanfic thing since a lot of you were confused:  It was new submissions, not updates. 

    Anyway, have some news.

    Ponies names in Dragon Tongue

    Now someone needs to go in there and give me the actual pronounciations so I can summon ponies with my DHOVAKIIN SHOUT.

    Pony Mentioned Briefly on the Daily Show

    Sadly, they used a G3 image.  Come on media, surely you guys have picked up on this by now?

    Check it out here at 2:50!

    Pinkie Pie Rainmeter Skinpack

    Another skinpack! Charge!

    Lauren Goodnight Interview on College Radio

    Professional voice actress and pony fan Lauren Goodnight was recently interviewed on a college radio station.  All sorts of pony stuff popped up.  Check it out here!

    Pegasister Podcast Episode 5+6

    Check it out here!


    Apparently this guy is also doing a fan animation!

    Have a teaser image:

    Successful Meetups

    1ยบ Brony Meet Up

    Holy crap, so many Brazilian bronies! It's awesome!

    Have a writeup!

    Northern California Brony Meetup

    Yep, that is totally a hardcover past sins right there, complete with TWILIGHT SPARKLE BEING HUNG WHY IS THIS STORY SO POPULAR?

    Sorry, I digress. Have some links.

    Bowling Video



    Vancouver Meetup Report

    Looks like they were playing that drinking game thing at this one.


    Twilight Sparkle is best sheet


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Sevier Co. TN Meetup


    Bronystock Northern California Meetup - Looking to go convention size


    Pony Weight Loss Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Licensed Mare-Do-Well Shirt
    Celestia and Luna Platter
    Pony Rubiks Cube
    Fluttershy Plush
    Pony Soap
    Pillow Pet Pinkie

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