• Humble Indie Bundle 10 Key Giveaway!

    Hi everypony! Cupcakes here from the Humble Brony Bundle!

    In gratitude and recognition for the money bronies have raised for charity and indie gaming (we just hit $3500 today!) the Humble Indie Bundle has reached out to us with some free goodies! So, announcing...

    The Equestria Daily "Ponies at Play" Art Contest!

    Submit new art of ponies playing video games to [email protected] with "Ponies at Play" in the subject by Friday, December 2nd at 9PM EST / 6PM PST! Make sure to include a "Source" link if you want a link back to your art gallery of choice!

    All of the pictures will be put up on Equestria Daily for voting over the weekend and the top ten will each receive a key to the current bundle in "gift" form. This means that even if you've purchased the bundle you can gift it to a friend!

    And if you haven't heard of the Humble Brony Bundle yet, you can read all about it here, but the short version is we're collecting money to donate to charity (Child's Play, the EFF) and indie game developers under one brony-shaped umbrella. Hundreds have donated, and thanks to them we're the top contributor on the current Humble Indie Bundle, with all leftover proceeds being saved to give thousands of dollars to the next bundle, the Humble Indie Bundle #4. Thanks again to all the generous bronies out there who have donated or taken the time to spread the word!

    Good luck, everypony, and happy drawing!

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