• The Brony Show Episode 29


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    The Brony Show 29
    Hey everypony! We have another LIVE show set up and ready to give you all the pony love you need to start your week. This week we still have our co-hosts D-Pad and Fox Trot on a vacation so Circuit Mane and Hypermark will be bringing you the love the only way they know how, with lots of oatmeal. We're also going to have Moony, the most loving pony of Ponychan on the show to talk about Operation: Sharing Kindness. We'll also be commenting on the latest episode, and our new favorite super hero. Along with that lots of news, music, random videos, and an insane gathering of guests just going nuts and you know it's going to be all fun! Check us out at 6PM PST over at http://thebronyshow.net and click on livestream at the bottom left. If you're impatient you can check us out an hour early for a fun and wild preshow as well with a mystery DJ. And also check out Crimsonthewolf's Oatmeal Galore Afterparty right after the show for some random games, fun, and crashes."

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