• Story Updates October 18th

    Right, sooo... story updates! A bit delayed this time around.  Have a few. 

    As always, send broken stuff to [email protected], though so far I've only received a number fix. Yay~

    Story: Blazing Glory (Update Part 18!) 

    4 Star


    Author: The Lord Of Dust
    Description: Foreign missionary ponies: an old preacher, a scarred Pegasus, a cocky Earth pony, and a cybernetic mare come to Equestria. Threatened, Celestia is taken over by her inner demons. The land is plummeted into a chaos. Can these ponies bring the light back into this darkened nightmare?

    Blazing Glory

    Story: The Monster Mash (Update Chapter 3!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Fred M. Sloniker
    Description: Six ponies. Six encounters with the supernatural.

    Each of the chapters of this fic is an independent story featuring one of the Mane Six having an encounter with the supernatural. They are presented as one story because of their common theme. The stories written so far are:

    Fluttershy: The Curse of the Night When Angel falls sick, Fluttershy ventures into the Everfree Forest at night to find a remedy. Though she faces danger, she escapes... but not unchanged.
    Rarity: Blood and Water You know the story.  Rarity gets seduced by a creature of the night, and her friends don't realize what's happening until it's too late.  They find the vampire who turned her and destroy him.  But then what happens?
     Rainbow Dash: The Big Battle Discord's defeat didn't erase every trace of his influence on Equestria.  Fortunately, hard-working ponies are already gathering the remnants of his power into Manehattan for easy disposal.  What could possibly go wrong?
    The Monster Mash

    Story: Heavenly Turmoil (Update Part 3!) 

    5 Star


    Author: TheManWithTwoNames
    Description: Princess Celestia struggles to distinguish reality from illusion as Discord begins to seep into her brain. But... isn't Discord still imprisoned in stone?
    Heavenly Turmoil

    Story: Sunset (Update Story 2 Chapter 8!)

    5 Star


    Author: Ciroton
    Description: Some things in this world happen by chance. Others do not. Twilight Sparkle is about to learn a disturbing truth that will turn her world upside down.

    Story: A Broken Bond (Update Part 6!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Rated-R PonyStar
    Description: Apple Bloom wants to try out Scootaloo's scooter, but Scootaloo refuses without giving a reason. Apple Bloom decides to try it out in secret, but an accident happens that breaks not only the scooter, but also a friendship as Apple Bloom learns the truth about the scooter and resolves to make it right.
    A Broken Bond

    Story: Elements of Discord (Updated Chapter 11!) 

    5 Star

    [Normal] This idea has been floating around for a while now.  It was inevitable that we would get a story about it.  

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description:  A strange storm leaves destruction in it's wake, stirring up an ancient evil best left in the dark. The six ponies bearing the elements of harmony may just have met their match as evil, twisted versions of them appear in town causing havoc and mischief. There are rumours of Nightmare Moon's return, but Luna is still Luna - what can it mean? Who is behind this? Is this the end of Equestria? Who is the empress who rules these new nega-ponies with an iron hoof? Stay tuned and find out.
    Elements of Discord

    Story: The Ballad of Gordon Freemane (Update Part 4!) 

    4 Star


    Author: R10t Pol1ce
    Description: Gordon Freemane had always dreamed of one day working at the prestigious Black Mane Research Facility in southwestern Equestria. What he didn't dream of was the unending nightmare that would follow a catastrophic accident during an experiment in the Anomalous Materials division, Sector C.
    Now, the magical land of Equestria is ruled with a synthetic, bio-mechanical fist by an alien race known as the Combine who show no compassion, no mercy, and no limits to what they will do to achieve... whatever it is they're here to achieve.

    Celestia help us all.
    The Ballad of Gordon Freemane

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