• Story: Elements of Discord (Updated Complete/Re-write!)

    [Normal] This idea has been floating around for a while now.  It was inevitable that we would get a story about it.  

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description:  A strange storm leaves destruction in it's wake, stirring up an ancient evil best left in the dark. The six ponies bearing the elements of harmony may just have met their match as evil, twisted versions of them appear in town causing havoc and mischief. There are rumours of Nightmare Moon's return, but Luna is still Luna - what can it mean? Who is behind this? Is this the end of Equestria? Who is the empress who rules these new nega-ponies with an iron hoof? Stay tuned and find out.
    Elements of Discord (All Links) (New Chapter 10!)

    Additional Tags: adventure, chaos, battle, bravery, magic

    All side stories after the break!

    [Grimdark][Adventure] Side story from another author

    Author: Relative Equinox
    Description: Pio Neero is a member of the Eclipsa family of earth-ponies. They have no magic of their own so make do with what they can scrounge up in their ceaseless devotion to Nightmare Moon...and now to Luna. With dark magic ahoof in Ponyville, one of the members sets out to discover the source.
    Elements of Discord - Pio Neero, Part 1

    Additional Tags: Twilight Doom (OC), Pio (OC), darkness, magic, fighting, war, betrayal

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