• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 26

    It should go without saying that tonight's gallery is a special dedication to Madmax. She's been churning out amazing art and hilarious pony comics since this fandom was still finding its legs, and I'm happy to take this opportunity to give something back to her. If you're reading this, I hope the many, many ponies who drew tributes for you make you smile, and I hope those smiles help you through the rough patch in your life. Thank you for everything. But, we are whalers on the moon ponies on a mission, and that mission so happens to be the delivery of drawings of ponies drawing. An absolutely massive number of you took up the banner of the bonus challenge, so a huge percentage of tonight's 176 entries feature her glorious visage. Our grand total is now sitting pretty at 4,836 images. Woo! And just in case you missed it yesterday, here's the Event Archive link if you want to go diving through old galleries and can't find them. You can also click the Event button on the sidebar.

    Ever onwards and forward, friends. Here's your daily link to the submission guidelines so that you can continue to send me ponies, and yet another reminder that my e-mail is still [email protected] Apparently some of you are still entertained by this paragraph! I am both surprised and very very happy. I hate being boring.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony raising (or pretending to raise) the sun. In honor of June 21st, the Summer Sun Celebration, we're paying tribute tonight to our dearly beloved Princess Celestia. So give her your art, or draw a pony pretending to be her, or draw a pony partaking in this festive day's activities. Something to do with ponies and the sun. I'm not picky. I hope she isn't either. I'm so sick of the moon. Heck, you know what? Bonus theme! Draw me overthrowing her. That'll learn her. (bonus bonus theme: me failing and winding up on the moon).

    So once again I find myself with like fifteen minutes before this thing needs to go live, and a need to talk to you and be entertaining, and i have no idea what to say (I'm so sorry in advance to the last, like... 30 of you to submit so far. Commenting on all the pictures I want to is becoming impossible). I was all set to get this done early, probably toss another big thank you in Madmax's direction, because she's awesome and deserves all of my flank kissing and well wishes, but instead what I wound up doing is getting involved in a two hour argument with Cereal Velocity about whether or not it was imperative for us as a planet to develop warp drives. And ultimately what we decided is that we're both nerds. So instead of something thoughtful and awesome you get this. Oh dear.

    1) By Philith

    2) By Thanqol

    3) By Mellowbloom (That stool looks uncomfortable.)

    4) By Mandy Tise and Jebun Spahging

    5) By Philith (Turn round and round forever, no side complete without the other.)

    6) By T-Brony (Lauren Faust's special talent is making people fall in love with animation.)

    7) By ChaosDrop (It's difficult to work in the dark, but it makes for one heck of an image.)

    8) By Colt.45 (Puns cause a mental reaction called a Rebound. Derpy here is causing a Double Rebound.)

    9) By Lucky Charm

    10) By The MedocreSock (If it helps to know, a lot of the ponies here spend a long time on their submissions.)

    11) By Sneo (This next song goes out to a very special listener.)

    12) By Silent Oink (If you zoom out you'll see Madmax holding that pencil.)

    13) By Zork787 (A question for all of you: does it startle you when Pinkie does this?)

    14) By Edzepp (I bet that tickles.)

    15) By RoyKirbs

    16) By Gig

    17) By Tarynsgate

    18) By Goggle Sparks

    19) By Smock (Sweetie, one of these days you need to learn to count.)

    20) By [s]Mooke[/s] Sweetie Bell

    21) By Saphin (A bonus round of applause to Madmax for sitting so still while so many ponies draw her into existence.)

    22) By Invidlord (I think Chuck Jones would approve.)

    23) By Dangereaux (Put on your Serious Face, it's time to art.)

    24) By Relias (And all the little fillies say we luv u.)

    25) By Pony Stark

    26) By Tibberly

    27) By Amehdaus (Is there really a world without ponies? I say no.)

    28) By DB (Note the Equestrian Innovations brand self adhesive.)

    29) By Nero (What's all this about a goldfish sewing your chair back together?)

    30) By Alipes (Coloring is a fun activity we can all enjoy together.)

    31) By Natry

    32) By Emerald Dust (After the ceremony, there will be cupcakes and punch.)

    33) By Chocolate Splash

    34) By GonzaHerMeg (Oh come on, Dashie. Embrace your inner filly!)

    35) By Sherlock Hooves (I think the care taken to make her recognizabe somewhat blunts the Picasso stye, but it's still funny.)

    36) By Ori (Friendship is MC Escher.)

    37) By Kitsune (Just sit still, darn it!)

    38) By 041744

    39) By Partition (There's a ton of fantastic emotion pouring from this one. Can you feel the love?)

    40) By Interrobang Pie

    41) By Ambrose (Now that is talent!)

    42) By DashBoom

    43) By Farvei (+1)

    44) By TheLaughingMare (Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?)

    45) By Zarcophagus

    46) By Nido Media (We've seen a lot of variations on this idea, but this one is my favorite because of what it means to the artist.)

    47) By Dinoburger

    48) By Wing0002

    49) By Vergioso (Not an easy thing to get that sitting on a cloud.)

    50) By Mere Jump (Classically brilliant.)

    51) By rich-tea

    52) By Nullh (Madmax is a really cute pony. I'm just saying.)

    53) By Spiritofthwwolf

    54) By TensaiOni

    55) By Colaz

    56) By Miyajima (This is a callback to the Day 4's fruit eating theme. Revenge!)

    57) By SNF-Akatsuki (I hope so, too.)

    58) By A.Q. Nichols (Very tiny ponies make me so happy.)

    59) By The Obsessor

    60) By Fickle (Way to go the extra step and a half to make this pop.)

    61) By Colin

    62) By CogWeaver (I'm totally entranced by this idea.)

    63) By uSea (All you really need to do is look around you.)

    64) By loz (Being a unicorn must make this so much easier. Erasers taste funny.)

    65) By Squidbombed

    66) By PinkiePied (Not a drawing, but within the spirit of today.)

    67) By EssAeEm

    68) By Silverfang

    69) By Afentis

    70) By badzerg (Recommended listening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKLpJtvzlEI)

    71) By Kaiserin

    72) By Chris (I'll be honest, I did worry a little that with all the Madmax tributes we might lose out on some puns. Thanks for picking up the slack!)

    73) By Rraden

    74) By Erthilo

    75) By Chromadancer (HUGS!)

    76) By Chris

    77) By DI-FL (Those wacky artists and their cartoony renditions of life.)

    78) By LifeSequenceBreak (Wait. Derpy, how did you...?)

    79) By Moogie

    80) By The Recliner

    81) By Tabs (I may need to hire you for a project.)

    82) By toonboy92484

    83) By Jdan-S (Knocked this one out of the park, I think.)

    84) By RaspleZS (My fears were unfounded!)

    85) By Crimson Risk (No reason to feel silly. Thanks for participating!)

    86) By Moongaze

    87) By Lunar Apologist (I don't see how this is in any way an unworthy tribute. You're crazy, Mr. Apologist.)

    88) By kits (It's meta enough, but only just barely.)

    89) By Mockingbird

    90) By Zach (Have you ever let time drift away just staring at the rain?)

    91) By Fisher (We will never run out of Derpy-vision related jokes.)

    92) By AlterForm

    93) By Argembarger

    94) By Captain Fabulous

    95) By Tenchi Outsuno

    96) By Ego (Why great artists should team up.)

    97) By Atlur (Can you name all the ponies Rarity is designing for?)

    98) By Tanman

    99) By Uncle Leo

    100) By el (Drawing blood counts too, I guess.)

    101) By pageturner1988 (Fun fact: I am terrible at poker. I have huge tells.)

    102) By Riokenn

    103) By [LG]Gamer (Lyra is the King of Games.)

    104) By Neoridgeback

    105) By Relias (What the-- oh gods. You didn't. Ow.)

    106) By Infinity

    107) By Chance Witte

    108) By Kt Kat

    109) By Ariel Lichaa

    110) By Muffinsforever (D'aww, filly.)

    111) By Leaf Growth (That's about as hardcore meta as it gets.)

    112) By Kyouhen

    113) By Gunny

    114) By Randomjack (Inspirational puns ahoy.)

    115) By Mr.Paulsen

    116) By Foxtrot (Well, I figured there was an outside chance.)

    117) By fetchbeer (Knew we'd get one of these eventually.)

    118) By GeeSee

    119) By Horizon Bound (You are slowly slaying me with saucy Lyra.)

    120) By Geradex

    121) By Djrk16

    122) By Panda_Instinct

    123) By Eeful

    124) By Bigponymac

    125) By Buddy Vox

    126) By MasterofRoku (Yay, compliments!)

    127) By Natry

    128) By otherunicorn

    129) By Circuit Mane

    130) By Sali (I wish you could see my face right now. It is so red. So red.)

    131) By Immersa

    132) By Spurs

    133) By Starlight Bolt

    134) By Da Chi

    135) By Prismatic Pretzel

    136) By A Terrible Person

    137) By Syggie

    138) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    139) By Krys

    140) By FoxOfWar

    141) By Horizon Bound

    142) By Erica C

    143) By Frith

    144) By Easteu

    145) By rabidcow147

    146) By Kelz

    147) By DareDreamer

    148) By ShoeboxWarrior

    149) By ASGallardo

    150) By Shockwave

    151) By Starlite

    152) By Chronicler

    153) By Thattagen

    154) By Periphery

    155) By Virga Rainboom

    156) By DJ RBDash

    157) By Hiro

    158) By Lurkingear

    159) By Sagebrush

    160) By Sarahmena Diane

    161) By TapeDiggity

    162) By Destroyerbaby

    163) By Kooldude

    164) By nuclearsuplexattack

    165) By Fox E:

    166) By BronyQuest

    167) By Jiyrath

    168) By Passer Palmatum

    169) By Eliwood10

    170) By Doombah

    171) By 8ftmetalhead

    172) By djTeka

    173) By Liska

    174) By comicaldayv

    175) By usernr333

    176) By Jeff

    177) By Jenna-su

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