• Nightly Roundup #13

    Well it IS her day I guess.

    This one is going to be a bit less...wordy.  I'm doing this in "grind mode", where I play music and just blow through things!  I'm tired!

    Anyway on with the news!

    Popular Podcasts Discuss Ponies
    We sure do spread...everywhere!  A few different podcasts have jumped on the bandwagon.  You can find them both below

    Pony Tote Bags

    We really need an official name for female bronies.  Feel free to debate that in the comments.  These...Fillies(?) have created a bunch of tote bags, one for each of the mane cast! You can find those here!

    Friendship is Magic Episode One Hits 1,000,000 Views

    The headline says it all. That is probably terrible journalism, but I'm not going to worry about that right now!   You can find the video here!

    Ponies in Latin America

    It looks  commercials for pony toys outside the english speaking countries are starting to pop up.  This was actually sent to me a while back, but I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so hooray for Nightly Roundups! The video can be found here!

    Funnyjunk.com Admin is Now Celestia

    Looks like her reign has spread outside of Equestria!  Celestia is now the admin for Funnyjunk.com.  They get a whole boatload more pageviews than this site, so I'm assuming that's a pretty big deal! You can find the profile here!

    Bronies Ranked in the Top 10 WTF Facebook Pages by Smosh

    Smosh.com recently ran a Facebook Ranking post, and right at the top is our beloved bronies forever group.  Considering their youtube channel has over 2.5 MILLION subscribers, I'm pretty sure this will help spread the pony a bit!  And before you head over there thinking of the site as an anti-pony propaganda spewing machine... check out their derpy hooves compilation.  (Their comments are so covered in spam it's almost scary!)

    Pony Flash Game Seeking Female Voice Actors

    The pony flash game I linked a few days ago got a massive surge of male voice actor offers, but very few female.  If any of you ladies out there think you have what it takes to emulate the ponies of the show, you might want to give them a helping hoof!

    Celestia Radio Fanfic Contest

    The Celestia Radio fanfiction reading contest ends in 2 weeks (On July 5th), you can find the information on that here!

    Light and Dark Pony RPG

    Another pony RPG creator is looking for assistance with converting one of his current projects into a pony version.  If you have any skills in mapping, spriting, or simply building scripts for spells/skills, and want to help out, head over to this thread!

    Another Web Comic Gone Pony!

    Three Panel Soul has joined the brony league, with a situation most of us have probably gone through already.  You can find the page here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Madmax Themed Training Grounds
    The Madmax event was a huge success.  I didn't think we would get anywhere near the surge of OVERLY CUTE Madmax ponies that we did.  If you hit up her Fimchan thread, it looks like she really appreciates it!

    Site Optimization Stuff

    I changed the images on the site around a bit, hopefully this speeds things up some.   

    I had some other things, but I'm literally falling asleep right now and can't remember them.

    And that is it for tonight's Nightly Roundup! Hopefully tomorrow I won't do this at 4:00 AM!

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