• The Summer Sun Celebration...

    Greetings to all of my faithful subjects!

    I hope you are enjoying your pointlessly temporary lives this fine morning.

    Unfortunately, it seems everypony around here has forgotten the most important day of the year; my birthday.

    Each and every day, I, your benevolent overlord, raise and lower the very thing that keeps your despicable little hooves from turning into cute little pony popsicles. I do very much enjoy popsicles, especially cute pony shaped ones, but for the sake of my loyal followers, I endlessly sacrifice my enjoyment for the betterment of a bunch of thankless world consuming foals.

    And don't even THINK about pulling the "but Luna could do it too!" card. Do you HONESTLY believe that little tyrant wouldn't backstab you the second she got the chance? I see her lurking in the shadows behind my throne...with that conniving look on her face. She's just waiting for the perfect time to pounce and bring back that ridiculous "eternal night" she kept blabbering about a thousand years ago. The crying and "but Cele! I'm So lonely!" is all an act!

    I hope you are all happy. I think I'll go on a murdering rampage. It has been SO long since I have done something fun like that, and it's not like you wont repopulate like a bunch of dirty little rabbits anyway.

    Your Benevolent Overlord and Stewardess of the Sun
    Princess Celestia

    PS - I have promoted Sethisto to Captain of everything in my absence.

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