• What Would You Ask Jayson Thiessen?

    Most bronies immediatly flock to Lauren Faust whenever My Little Pony is mentioned. This is with good reason: she did help build this amazing world for us to play around with... but she was only a piece of the Friendship is Magic pie.  

    Jayson Thiessen is the supervising director.  For those of you who don't know that means, he's in charge of creative oversight for every aspect of the show, and making sure the script, voice acting, music, and animation all come together into a cohesive whole.  Friendship is Magic wouldn't be the awesome cartoon it is today without his genius guidance. 

    Someone working for Hasbro is allowing us to interview him, the same way we did with Daniel Ingram a while back, and just like the last one, I'll be gathering questions from all of you!

    I'm not 100% sure what we are allowed to ask about in terms of season two, though I was told that these types of questions aren't completely banned.  Try to keep them to a minimum at least!

    So, toss your questions in the comments below!

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