• Nightly Roundup #131 : Hostile Re-takeover Edition

    Well... I'm glad that fiasco is over.  EQD will now return to it's exclamation point filled, holycrapihave300emailsand50thingstopost schedule.  Phoe is being prepped for a launch to the Galapagos Islands (that's as far as the "jettison x almost to the moon" spell can send someone) for the time being.  Hopefully she learns her lesson before it expires in ~35 hours;  I'm no Celestia.

    Everfree Radio Starting Up

    Another podcast group has released it's first episode! You can find the website for it here!

    Cracow, Hoto Meetup

    For all you Polish bronies out there, this meetup recently went down. Look whatg you missed out on! Slackers.

    Meetups/Guilds/Groups Looking for More

    Anime Nebraskon Meetup

    Where: Omaha, Nebraska

    When: November 4, 6:00 PM

    Facebook Group

    Blank Flank Car Club

    A club for cars I guess? He didn't give me any other info in the email!


    Ponies of War Website Change

    The Ponies of War group has changed domains, check out their new site below!

    Ponies of War

    Vancouver Brony Meetup


     San Antonio Grand Galloping Ghoul-a

    When: October 29th

    Where: 107 lemonwood, san antonio, tx 78213




    Who started this cake thing anyway!? And who told camera manufacturing companies to default to crazy resolution?! I think resizing these is stored in my muscle memory at this point.

    Derpy Hooves Text Message Ring Tones

    Someone has converted a few of Balddumborat's voiceovers to short mp3 format clips for you all to toss up on your phones for all the derpy fans out there. I have to admit, this version of derpy doesn't really fit too well with my EPIC GLADIATOR DERPY wallpaper, but I might switch a mailmare in some time in the future.

    Check them out here

    More Ponygeist Billboard Shots

    For those that missed the first round, Ghostsonic has taken a few more pictures of the Ponygeist billboard.

    Come on now, how is this still a show for little girls?

    Winona's Winter Wrap Up Charity Event

    For all the animal lovers out there, someone has started up a drive to donate blankets and towels to animal shelters across the globe. Check out the banner for more infoz.

    More Pony Graffiti

    Inb4 law enforcement knocks down my door for showcasing pony graffiti.  Phoe might be able to enjoy that second one after she is done shining my horseshoes and re-sorting my drawfriend folder.

    Free 16x20 Poster Coupon for Wal-mart Until the End of the Month! 

    For those looking to print out the Greatest most Powerful Poster imaginable (which is currently residing above my new weightlifting area as motivation), Wal-Mart has a free coupon floating around for a 16x20 poster print.  Hit up this website to print it out!

    inb4 Trixie isn't in 16x20 format.  Trixie can be any format.  Trixie is Trixie.

    DC Meetup

    Thirty Two people recently met up in the DC Area for some Lesson Zero viewin, new intro disectin, pony music listening time.  Apparently it was successful!

    I have no clue what is going on here

    It starts at 1:57 though.

    More Vinyl Scratch Tapes Master Recording Stuff

    Have some copy paste!

    Hello Equestria!

    Midnight Magic Productions is now off the ground, and all you wonderful people are the wind beneath our wings! Thanks to your inspiration we have completed Episode 1 of
    "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording"

    We thank everypony that came out to listen to the premier on Celestia Radio. Thanks to you, we set a new viewership record for them! We know someponies weren't able to make it or didn't have the time.  So for anypony that is interested, You can now play & download Episode 1 from the the following sites:

    If you like it and you want to follow our progress you can find our new home at the sites below:

    Twitter, Flankbook, RDnet, and more coming soon!

    We are also looking to grow! So, if you are interested in giving back to our wonderful community, let us know!
    You can email us at [email protected]gmail.com

    Once again, thank you so much.
    A huge thanks to the EQD team for being just the greatest you could ask for.
    A huge thanks to everyone that has worked hard so far and will only work harder in the future.
    An an especially huge thanks to every brony out there. This is for you, we hope you like it so far.

    WE <3 YOU!
    ~Midnight Magic Productions

    (They made me center align it, it's not my fault! )

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Lesson Zero Sparkle
    Blind Bag Derpy w/ Muffin
    Wonderbolt Dash w/ Goggles

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here