• Story: The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone (Episode 5, Minisode 5)

    [Adventure][Shipping] Have some conversion bureau. The same rule as Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons still applies; this is a one time deal.  Other Conversion Bureau fics can be found in the newly updated compilation!

    Author: Anonsi
    Description: A few years after the Conversion Bureaus opened up, the Western Territories of the USA are nearly vacant. It is once more a

    frontier, ripe for exploration and settlement. On bequest of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle is to experience the human world by joining a family of Pony

    Settlers on their journey out West. It's Dangerous to go alone however, so in an act of good will, the US government is sending someone to make sure no

    harm befalls the ponies.
    The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone Chapters:

    | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ Epilogue ] | [ Bonus Chapter ]

    Additional Bonus Stories After the Break!

    Description:A few months after the events of Yellowstone, Wild Magic from Equestria has run rampant throughout the world, resurrecting

    ancient horrors from around the globe. Mysterious and terrible monsters of human myth threaten to exterminate both mankind and ponydom. With the blessing of

    Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends reunite with Agent Hawk and his team to combat this new threat before it destroys the world!
    Yellowstone the Series Chapters 

    Episode 1 Parts: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ]

    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5 (New!)

    Yellowstone the Series - Minisodes

    Google Docs (New Episode 5!): [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

    SoundCloud: 1 - Audiobook

    Additional Tags: Mane 6, humans, OC's, The Conversion Bureau, shiptease, Monsters and Monster hunting, Magic


    1. First?
      Anyway, nice to know I no longer have to trawl through half a page of stuff to see when this updates.
      Damnit, ninja'd!

    2. <_< Adventure shipping? additional tags say shiptease.


    3. If the comments for this get huge, HI PEOPLE!

    4. This is not the best CB story. It's completely ridiculous and almost deserves the [Random] tag. There are some CB stories that are a gazillioin times better, like @Change of Life. This is a fun story, but literary masterpiece it's not. Midnight Shadow is heavily unobjective about his choice for this special stand-alone post.

    5. WTF can they be shipping? I hope its not human on pony, because that's just creepy.

    6. For those of you who are concerned: The [Shipping] tag is referring to ship-teasing. There is no actual shipping of anyone (yet...)

      Regardless, this is still a very fun story and highly enjoyable.

    7. Eh, I've read better stories. Also, FIRST!

    8. So this is a fan-fic of a fan-fic with its own post, and fan-fics of it in the same post? Right, who wants to be the one to write a Project Horizons spin-off?

      Joking aside, this is quite a fun story.

    9. Hmm... maybe a story about the pegasi who lost their home and parents when Blackjack fired the Folly, and their efforts to track down the murderer and bring her to justice.

      Because, you know, Blackjack needs more guilt. That's definately what she needs.

    10. Bout time anonsi got his shit recognized.

    11. BTW, it should've been last man standing.

      That's our best fic.

      Not this.

    12. @Windchaser
      oh... =|

      I'm looking for a proper adventure ship where the couple actually goes on adventures to foreign lands and such.

    13. Oh no. Here it is. Why didn't we go with LMS?

    14. Getting its own post as it damn well should be! Whoo! Go Anonsi!

    15. Boa does WHAT now?

      Good grief, what was read cannot be unread. Even if it was just a sentence or two.

    16. @Doctor Valor
      I'm working on that. I just need to hear back from Seth on it before getting everyone's opinions.

      If the Conversion Bureau Compilation is going to only get one featured fic, then it should be the best one.

    17. @Anonsi

      I don't think CB has a best fic. :(

    18. @Derpmind
      True, but we have something that's a better representation of the over all universe than Yellowstone, and that's what needs to be posted. If for no other reason than giving people something better to read.

    19. okay, two pages in and I want nothing to do with this person or their fanfic. "Humans are scum, we're destroying the earth, we deserve to go extinct..." yyyyeah. Another steaming pile of disaffected pubescent emo self-loathing and half-assed slogans from PETA, greenpeace, and the latest T-shirts from Hot Topic. Color me instantly nauseated.

    20. @RHJunior
      Yellowstone or the Blaze's Original? Because I don't recall giving Yellowstone a misanthropic viewpoint.

    21. @Anonsi

      Ignore RH there, Anonsi, he's jaded and bitter. Me, I love Yellowstone, it was one of the first TCB fics to really grab me and pull me in.

    22. What IS the "Conversion Bureau" anyway?

    23. @Derpmind

      Umm, I never actually said it's the best CB story (or story of any sort) ever...dammit Sethisto :/

      I *did* say that it deserves airtime to stand on it's own four hooves.

      It's *good*, really good, and the follow-ups are also more than worthy, so don't let me saying it's not the best thing since sliced bread stop you, but the best thing ever? I don't think I HAVE a "best fanfic ever", that would be dumb.

    24. @Anonsi

      heeyyy! I want LMS up too! I just don't want to spam EqD with (even the really good) TCB fics. There are like...masses of them. Seriously good ones, too. Change of Life and Last Man Standing are right up there! They'd better go up too, in their own posts! Just not all at once, okay?

    25. @T'laren

      Oh haha, yeah, RHJunior. Far-far-far right-wing religious gun-nut who thinks torture is acceptable. He'd join the HLF in a heartbeat, but he'd sneak in to dress-up clubs when he thought nobody was looking.

      The sort I parody in "The End".

      Yeah, the original was why we seem to get a lot of bad press with TCB fics, undeserved in most cases (and thoroughly deserved in others).

    26. I'm happy to see Yellowstone get its own post. It's was quite . . . enjoyable. It was good, the fact that it didn't take itself seriously really helped to make it so.

      But I'm worried about what Seth said about this being "a one time deal." As Anonsi said, we need a better representation of the Conversion Bureau universe as a whole, and also Last Man Standing just happens to be my favourite fic ever (so I'm a little biased for it).

    27. @Midnight Shadow

      Brother, I know somepony that's had the 'pleasure' of meeting RH face to face. He's about how you'd expect, considering his writings online.

    28. @Sotha

      Midnight's Tale, Yellowstone here, First Contact, LMS, Mare's Tail and a one-shot that just went up, The Big Respawn... those are definitely my top six for TCB. That's my spread in understanding what this little fanon universe has done for us.

    29. @T'laren

      Not to sound like an idiot, but what is a TCB? And could you link me to some of those fanfics? They sound great.

      I'm new here, so sorry if I'm asking dumb questions.

    30. @G.I.U.L.I.O.

      The TCB stories are a series of spinoffs of a story posted here a few months back called The Conversion Bureau. Pretty much, the state of the world is in the toilet, and ponies appear, offering to turn humans into more ponies. You can find the rest of the stories here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/conversion-bureau-compilation.html

    31. @G.I.U.L.I.O.
      TCB stands for "The Conversion Bureau," and all the other fics are compiled in a link at the top.

    32. @T'laren

      My personal favourites would have to be Last Man Standing, A Mare's Tale, Pride, First Contact, and I haven't seen The Big Respawn yet. *trots away for reading*

    33. I've only read Last Man Standing when it comes to Conversion Bureau stories, I plan to read this one soon.

      Still, despite this I have to agree with RH Junior. Just reading that One story, the one I heard was the "best" of them, gave me an instant dislike for all of them. His description is spot on. (The Last Man Standing itself is at most average, but generally goes into purely ridiculous territories.)

      Still, I try to keep an open mind and as such I'll read this one as well. I'll probably make another post once I've gone through it.

    34. @Zanzibar

      the original is very misanthropic, something I specifically tried to tone down when I wrote my more light-hearted stories. Of course, turning up to THIS one to bitch about how you didn't like THAT one is a bit silly, wouldn't you say?

    35. For Midnight Shadow: See, there's a rather simple reason for that. It was a response to the other comments, such as everyone else who spoke about said fic. So joining in on the discussion at hand so to speak, including the bit on RH. Haven't read your fics though, so I can't speak of those.

      For the author:
      Now, as for your fanfic: I rather enjoyed it!
      You're getting five stars from me, and I do very much think this fic was worthy of its own post. It still has several points on humanity which made my eyes roll, but you're working within an existing universe where humanity is depicted as such, so I can overlook it.

      I'm pretty certain that Mr. Hawk is some form of reference as well, isn't he? Not that I know which one. He did seem familiar though. The character interactions were rather lovely as well, well done on the dialogue.

      I did get a good amount of chuckles throughout the story too, even if it was a bit heavy on pop-culture references. Most were handled quite well however.

      I've only finished the first story so far, but I'll enjoy reading the rest of them as well.

    36. I've read through the rest of the stories as well, including the short vignettes.

      The world really grew on me I must say. I still think the human depopulation is ridiculous, but I could easily assume that 30+% of the human population would convert. Especially in third world countries where there is little to loose.

      Still, what's making these stories so good is that this whole bit is tuned down. All the anti-human sentiment has been more or less phased out, the mane six has learned that yes, humans can be scary but they can also be very nice and friendly. All in all, a good change and one which I can wholly agree on.

      Now I'm really looking forward to what comes next :).

      The shipping is nicely handled too, it's almost non-existent after all. Aside from some rather minor mentions now and then, which are cute. I don't complain about the pony+human thing either, it's amusing to consider.

    37. @Zanzibar

      I do agree you were joining in the discussion - and as such the retort wasn't so much to you as to everyone else who puts in the comments of this story about how much they don't like a different one.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, even with the eye-rolling.

    38. @Zanzibar

      The fact this takes the setting and runs with it makes yellowstone, in my opinion, one of the better TCB stories. A lot of them (mine included, although I potentially get a pass since it was the second spinoff) are about "oh, im a pony now" - which was kind of the idea. As a standalone though? Notsureifwant.jpg

      I would pay to see yellowstone and last man standing (and several others) as a series/cartoon because they're rocking adventure stories that really can stand on their own four hooves.

    39. I really don't like stories like this. I was lost the moment it went into the whole mass transition of human into pony thing.

      I just don't like that sort of story. Sorry.

    40. Please Sir.... Might we have some more?

    41. Wonderful new updates. Feels quite nice to get to read more in this universe and it is all certainly taking a turn for the more sinister.

      The shipping bit is a bit more pronounced I notice too, but I like it. The interactions between Hawk and Twilight are fun, and Twilight manages to be adorable, haha.

      For Midnight: Yeah, a comic of this fanfic would have been Awesome. Though it would have been pretty gruesome. This series is a bit more dark than most MLP adventure stories after all.
      Last Man Standing however... I would rather read a comic about the life of Dustmites than I would read anything based on LMS.

    42. Please, author, enough already with Gratuitous Russian. It is really hilarious!

    43. So... Twilight has a human fetish....

      OF COURSE!

    44. @640x480
      Few and far between I'm afraid, but I'm writing when I can. A sentence a day is better than none right?

    45. Ello, Am I alone?

      GOD DAMN ANONSI, where is the update?

      I'll be raging now.