• Nightly Roundup #123

    For those that missed it, and  are continuing to poke my inbox (someone actually linked the article on EQD saying I should post it on EQD!), we have a Rarity episode coming up! Will she lose her mind yet again? I'm looking forward to it.

    It's also the first anniversary of FiM today! We will do something cool for that later on when more people are awake.

    Have some news. 

    Friendship is Madness Podcast Updates

    A few new episodes have gone up over at the Friendship is madness podcast, including one with CR From "The Guy With The Glasses". They are also looking for help paying for bandwidth. If you are interested in that, they have a few new donation drives going on over at the website.



    Pony Bumper Stickers

    Podekpl over on Deviant Art has released a bunch of pony bumper stickers for you all to print out and plaster all over your cars. Check out the gallery of them here, and the svg file selection for those that wish to modify them here!

    Meetups/Guilds/Groups Looking for More! 

    WoW Guild

    Server: Nazgrel
    Guild Name: Canterlot
    Contact: Korgrash/Derorache
    Requirements: None

    DC Brony Meetup

    When: Saturday


    SWTOR Guild

    Guild Portal: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/92827/mlp-friendship-magic

    Guild Website: http://swtorponies.enjin.com/home

    Guild Forum: http://swtorponies.forumotion.com/

    University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada


    Brony Kingdom Forum


    Bronies Phoenix

    When: Saturday, October 29th


    Forza 4 Racing Team


    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    Dash with a guitar? I could roll with that. 

    Neoseeker Forum Fanfic Contest Entry Ending Soon

    The pony forum over at Neoseeker has a fanfic contest going on that I plugged in a nightly roundup back in September.  Apparently, it's ending pretty soon.   If you are a writer and want to give it a shot, hit up their rules page here, and register at their forums.

    Appleoosa Train Map in TF2

    Another TF2 map is available, this time a modification of that UT2004 map that has been floating around for a while. Check out the video below!

    Hitchhikers Guide to Equestria v1.3 Released

    For those following the Guide to Equestria app, another version has been released. Check out the changes in the video below, along with a download link in it's description.

    Equestria Daily: 1 Billion Hits in around 1700 days.

    Another crazy math brony has done a whole pile of stuff I won't even begin to grasp to come up with some hit statistics

    Check out the entire PDF Of it here!

    Pony Panel at GMX 

    Looks like a pony panel is prepped for GMX.  Have some copy paste after their logo thingy! 

    "Fillies and Gentlecolts! A while back, it was rumoured that a pony
    panel was to be held at the Geek Media Expo (or GMX) this year. Well,
    I am PLEASED to announce that 'My Little Brony: The
    Unexpected Male Phenomenon' has been accepted by the powers that be
    over at GMX! Yay.

    GMX is a yearly event, run by the same staff as the Middle Tennessee
    Anime Expo, giving props to all things geeky and nerdy. They have many
    topics available for the average geek, including panels for Doctor
    Who, Portal, many cartoon panels, D20 and LARPing, and even Star Wars
    vs Star Trek (That was inevitable). But this being it's third year, is
    now twenty percent cooler because of the Bronies coming! If you live
    in or around the Nashville area, come check out the festivities!

    It is also weekend festvial, starting on October 21st, and ends on
    October 23, but what they pack into that weekend will ASTONISH YOU.
    And for ONLY THIRTY DOLLARS, it's not a bad deal.

    But WAIT! There are rumours of an brony gathering before hand at the
    hotel's bar, and on top of that, The Bronies HOSTING THE PANEL will be
    hosting a stream of episode four right from their hotel room! So,
    you'll be able to hang with Bronies ALL WEEKEND LONG!

    And for those of you who can't attend, the panel shall be recorded and
    up on youtube after the panel.

    For more information on GMX, please feel free to visit
    http://www.geekmediaexpo.com/ Hope to see all you ponies there!"

    Fighting is Magic on Joystiq

    I don't think they have had a pony article yet, which is surprising.  It's a short one, but Fighting is Magic was mentioned here.

    Doctor Whooves Radio Play Demo

    This one actually got lost in my other email, so it's  few days late.  The Doctor Whooves radio play project has released a quick demo of what the entire thing will be like one it's under way.  Check it out here, along with information about it in the description of the video.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Hooves Blind Bag
    Custom Pony Shoe Commissions
    Crochet Pony Hats
    Scratch Custom


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    2. Can we get a source for the header image please. It is super awesome!

    3. Happy 1up Ponies. More years to come <3

    4. now i can sleep, knowing that they didnt forget that it was the anniversary....

    5. Early Round-Up Seth!

      I usually have to wait until mid-day here in Spain to get them X3 You tired bro?

    6. "Someone actually linked me the article on EQD saying I should post it to EQD!"

      Ladies and gentlecolts, I believe we have ourselves a winner here!

    7. Oh, it seems the Hitchhiker's Guide to Equestria Update has already be put up on here.
      And I was about to spread the news of it being
      released, oh well I'll support it till the very end!

    8. For those of you who must know how long 1700 days are. Thats roughly 4.7 years. But then again the number could be reached in in 2 years, who knows.

    9. Ohohoh! WhiteDiamonds got the nightly image! Yay!

      Check out her blog @
      Source for general image ^

      Also, cant wait for Rarity-sode. Tattoos too?! Craziness!

    10. My webcomic, The Chosen Ones, has featured pony for the second and third time!

      [Humanized DJ P0N-3, from an upcoming page.]

      This whole scene is going to be full of pony! It's all about stereotyped gender roles in children's entertainment, so yeah, pony is very relevant.

      Pony is always relevant.

    11. Why are people plugging things in the comments?? Anyways, WOOT HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FIM!!! Lets have a big party and invite everypony to it!!!!

    12. Yay for anniversary! ...Wait a sec, I'm actually seeing a nightly roundup.. at NIGHT!? *gaaaasp*!

    13. I can't believe it's Pony Day already! I wish I were a Brony sooner, I joined the herd in August. :D

    14. In those calculations there isn't a curve, that is to say, there wasn't any increase in bronies factored in, so you can expect that we'd hit 1 billion views before that time as long as we don't lose massive amounts of bronies and continue to gain them as we do.

    15. Happy Anniversary MLP: FiM and a Happy 22 Million views!

      Gonna have to do something pony related today.

    16. Already one year of Pony, it sure goes by fast!

    17. Oh, yeah, and happy anniversary, everypony!

    18. A year already? Doesn't feel like a year.. oh, because I've only been in the fandom since late March. Duh, Laurence!

      But still, I can't wait to see what kind of craziness awaits us later on. I'm guessing it will involve Pinkie Pie and epic parties somehow, but with that girl ,who knows what shape or form it will come in.

      Anyhow, thanks again for providing all the pony that's fit to print, Seth and co.!


      If only I had a car...

    20. I am awake.

      Where is the cool stuff?

    21. I like all the theorizing when rumored descriptions of new episodes comes up. For a couple reasons. One, it's interesting to see all the many interesting theories people try to use to explain things. And two, because I get to sit back and say "nope, but good try!", a number of times. ;)

      And yup, today is the one year anniversary of the premiere of Friendship is Magic. I figured that would be mentioned here. Yay~ lol

      As always, I love me some delicious pony cakes. That Rainbow Dash cake looks very... smooth. lol I have this urge to touch it because of this. :P

      Ooh, more pony bumper stickers. Needs more Octavia. But I'm sure you're already working on that. ;)

      Mm, I like the Phoenix Bronies meetup poster. Ponygeist Pinkie is awesomely scary Pinkie.

      That's a pretty "rockin'" Dash tattoo. You guys are going to drive me to finally getting some type of pony tattoo at this rate aren't ya? :P

      Hmm, I certainly admire that math Bronies great math skills. Usin' dem fancy mathematics to estimate and work around dem issues. Though it can be hard to estimate something like pageviews over such a long period of time. But perhaps we shall see!

      Fighting is Magic popped up on yet another gaming site, very nice. That game is really getting some great publicity. Says they're going to add 11 more ponies at some point too. Wonder if there's going to be a playable Octavia. Probably. Don't beat me up too badly, okay? :(

    22. Those cakes look so yummy, and those bumper stickers are pretty darn cool, I might have to look into that xD

    23. Happy 1st anniversary of FiM, and happy 123rd roundup! (It's not the 10th here yet, but oh well.)

    24. Woohoo! Brony Kingdom's in the Nightly Roundup! :D

    25. Wait, it's EQD's aniversary?
      O_O Better I buy a present before they notice I totally forgot...

    26. @Jango-Fett i also don't have a car but idea of pony sticker just came up in my head when i was coming back from school and saw... i think it was firefighter sticker.

      @Octavia I haven't thought about Octavia (In fact initially I thought only about Fluttershy), but I can imagine that self-confident pose that is hanging around the net, and I'm sure it will rock :)

      Thanks for all the positive feedback, more stickers are coming!

    27. @Cloudstream
      No, it's the birthday of the show.
      One year since the premier.

      So you still have plenty of time to run-out and steal the cape, hat and some hair from Trixie.

    28. @Pinkie Pie

      *Fly away to Trixies house, wherever on Equestria is it*

      PD: Invite me to the partee :3

    29. i've been around here since september 20th. so much content lost...what a shame

    30. Happy anniversary my little pony friendship is magic!

    31. 1st of all... Happy Aniversey MLP FiM!!!! And 2nd of all...very early NRU :o

    32. There's a lot of inexplicable hate going on in the Joystiq article's comments. Likening us to pedophiles and the like for liking this show.

      Some people, huh?

    33. Ewwwwww, a linear approximation for pageviews? Really?
      Brony, I am disappoint. Have you even tried to double-check the trend with more than two data points?

      Exponential seems the only reasonable way to me to fit this, and interpolating the last 10 view landmarks (using log(views) to make it linear) we find a m=0.00570436825309, which means to reach y=9 (it's log(billion) ) we need 228 more days starting on the 50m day, and that means.... 05/20/2012. Absolutely fantabulous.

      I know this might be exaggerating things a bit (since maybe the raise in active users will slow down a bit), but really, I give it 300 days at most.

    34. If you ask me, there were too many rarity episodes in S1. I want a Rainbow Dash episode...

    35. "Someone actually linked me the article on EQD saying I should post it to EQD!"

      Yo Dawg, I herd you like EQD. So we sent you an article about your article so you can post while you post.

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    37. "This site should reach 1 billion views 4 years." A lot could happen in that time. It could come faster (Like having a major influx of people coming to terms with their love of ponies) or slower (sudden cancellation, The view wouldn't drop straight away but the numbers would slow down to a crawl after a few months).

      Oh, and happy birthday MLP.

    38. Happy birthday Fim!
      Keep on Partying Pinkie
      Keep on rocking Rainbow
      Keep on caring Fluttershy
      Keep on studying Twi'
      Keep on Designing Rarity
      And lastly Keep on farming Applejack
      (Ok, the last one was terrible but I couldn't think of anything else for her.)

    39. Wait did bronies already made pony liveries for Forza 4? Awesome!

      And a DC brony meetup? I'm there!

    40. "explosing"
      Math brony is good at math, but not necessarily spelling. :D

    41. One billion views in 5 years? That's a bit low isn't it? :3

    42. Happy anniversary to our favorite show, and hope to see more today!

    43. Fancy mathematics? IN MY KEEP!?!

    44. Nice to see you put spoilers after the break on the next episodes in one post just for you to contradict yourself and spoil it later on before the break.

      You know some of us like not knowing what the next episodes are. I mean I want it to be a surprise not just:

      "Oh here comes that episode that the whole plot was leaked about so I know exactly whats gonna happen so there is no point in watching it"

    45. Happy Birthday Friendship is Magic! may you last forever! Brohoof to everypony!

    46. Has it been that long since I took a peek at a seemingly girly show and *Flutterage voice* LOVED IT?

    47. Man, it's only been a year. Feels like a lifetime.

    48. I was the one who tipped off Joystiq about Fighting is Magic.

      Yeah, that group is quite a cynical bunch, but it's sometimes hard to tell what they'll approve of and what they'll dislike.

    49. @Scootaloo It's this thing human's use to get around. It's big, heavy, smells bad, eats money, can't fly, and only a few break the sound barrier.

    50. Well, looks like I'LL be going to GMX this year. :D
      Thank God I live in the Nashville area.

    51. WAIT

      How long has that UT2004 map been around?! WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME!?

      Favourite game + favourite show ... holy hell.

      ...or is it just a remake of AS-Convoy? Either way, cool.

    52. Happy birthday MLP:FiM, Equestria and every characters :3.

    53. WoW still exists? Christ, I remember when I used to play that game.

      On topic though, I'd totally use one of those bumper stickers if I had my own car. Just another excuse to learn to drive!

    54. @Jelfes I actually used a function that gives rate of increase of the hits on the site in terms of time. Integrating this function over a period of time gives the total hits over that period. If you look at the graph on the pdf, the labels are pageviews/day and days, taking the integral of a function with these variables is akin to multiplying the two i.e. (pageviews/day) * (days) which equals pageviews. I was the one that did the original math, and the wrapping your head around the physical manifestations of integrals can be hard to grasp if you either havn't taken calc, or more likely, completely forgot it a year later.

    55. @Tosxychor I actually experimented with all the data I could find to try to make a logistic function, which would be the most appropriate in this sort of case, but I found that the data was pretty erratic right now. I looked back all the way to a year ago or so, and found that the graph for pageviews actually could be fit to a linear with a reasonable RMSE so I decided to do the approximation. In the future I was planning on collecting data over like a month to get a better model, but the integrating this rate equation over time will still be the general operation to get total pageviews. You're idea of an exponential is probably reasonable right now, because I think bronies are nowhere near the inflection point inherent to a logistic yet, but of course it would only give a reasonable estimate for a relatively low number, which a billion may not be.

    56. Ponies and Math! Oh, this warms my little engineer's heart!

    57. @Orchestral Design

      Well, in Pogosama's case I believe he plugged my blog because I'm the artist behind the header image, and somebody asked for the source (before Seth added it in, apparently). He's a sweetheart. ^_^

      But anyhow yes, I also would like to wish a very Happy Anniversary to our beloved ponies; many happy returns!

      Also, am I the only person here who thinks those crocheted hats are adorable?

    58. It's MLP anniversary!? Today!?
      Horseapples, a fantastic day to everypony! That this may be the first of many (many) years...

      Long live we bronies!

    59. I'm loving the title picture :D

    60. 1 BILLION views in 1700 days? Mind = blown. I've been here since 3 million *hipster credit*

      Pony cakes? Want.

    61. I love the Mathematica code that the guy used to get that number. +1 to brony engineers.

    62. Happy birthday, Friendship Is Magic! You're a totally cool show.

    63. Yay!!!! 10th anniversary! And Fighting is Magic, yay. That will be awesome when it comes out.

    64. @musicssound
      It's the One Year Anniversary. We have a long ways to go before it's the Ten Year.