• Nightly Roundup #123

    For those that missed it, and  are continuing to poke my inbox (someone actually linked the article on EQD saying I should post it on EQD!), we have a Rarity episode coming up! Will she lose her mind yet again? I'm looking forward to it.

    It's also the first anniversary of FiM today! We will do something cool for that later on when more people are awake.

    Have some news. 

    Friendship is Madness Podcast Updates

    A few new episodes have gone up over at the Friendship is madness podcast, including one with CR From "The Guy With The Glasses". They are also looking for help paying for bandwidth. If you are interested in that, they have a few new donation drives going on over at the website.



    Pony Bumper Stickers

    Podekpl over on Deviant Art has released a bunch of pony bumper stickers for you all to print out and plaster all over your cars. Check out the gallery of them here, and the svg file selection for those that wish to modify them here!

    Meetups/Guilds/Groups Looking for More! 

    WoW Guild

    Server: Nazgrel
    Guild Name: Canterlot
    Contact: Korgrash/Derorache
    Requirements: None

    DC Brony Meetup

    When: Saturday


    SWTOR Guild

    Guild Portal: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/92827/mlp-friendship-magic

    Guild Website: http://swtorponies.enjin.com/home

    Guild Forum: http://swtorponies.forumotion.com/

    University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada


    Brony Kingdom Forum


    Bronies Phoenix

    When: Saturday, October 29th


    Forza 4 Racing Team


    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    Dash with a guitar? I could roll with that. 

    Neoseeker Forum Fanfic Contest Entry Ending Soon

    The pony forum over at Neoseeker has a fanfic contest going on that I plugged in a nightly roundup back in September.  Apparently, it's ending pretty soon.   If you are a writer and want to give it a shot, hit up their rules page here, and register at their forums.

    Appleoosa Train Map in TF2

    Another TF2 map is available, this time a modification of that UT2004 map that has been floating around for a while. Check out the video below!

    Hitchhikers Guide to Equestria v1.3 Released

    For those following the Guide to Equestria app, another version has been released. Check out the changes in the video below, along with a download link in it's description.

    Equestria Daily: 1 Billion Hits in around 1700 days.

    Another crazy math brony has done a whole pile of stuff I won't even begin to grasp to come up with some hit statistics

    Check out the entire PDF Of it here!

    Pony Panel at GMX 

    Looks like a pony panel is prepped for GMX.  Have some copy paste after their logo thingy! 

    "Fillies and Gentlecolts! A while back, it was rumoured that a pony
    panel was to be held at the Geek Media Expo (or GMX) this year. Well,
    I am PLEASED to announce that 'My Little Brony: The
    Unexpected Male Phenomenon' has been accepted by the powers that be
    over at GMX! Yay.

    GMX is a yearly event, run by the same staff as the Middle Tennessee
    Anime Expo, giving props to all things geeky and nerdy. They have many
    topics available for the average geek, including panels for Doctor
    Who, Portal, many cartoon panels, D20 and LARPing, and even Star Wars
    vs Star Trek (That was inevitable). But this being it's third year, is
    now twenty percent cooler because of the Bronies coming! If you live
    in or around the Nashville area, come check out the festivities!

    It is also weekend festvial, starting on October 21st, and ends on
    October 23, but what they pack into that weekend will ASTONISH YOU.
    And for ONLY THIRTY DOLLARS, it's not a bad deal.

    But WAIT! There are rumours of an brony gathering before hand at the
    hotel's bar, and on top of that, The Bronies HOSTING THE PANEL will be
    hosting a stream of episode four right from their hotel room! So,
    you'll be able to hang with Bronies ALL WEEKEND LONG!

    And for those of you who can't attend, the panel shall be recorded and
    up on youtube after the panel.

    For more information on GMX, please feel free to visit
    http://www.geekmediaexpo.com/ Hope to see all you ponies there!"

    Fighting is Magic on Joystiq

    I don't think they have had a pony article yet, which is surprising.  It's a short one, but Fighting is Magic was mentioned here.

    Doctor Whooves Radio Play Demo

    This one actually got lost in my other email, so it's  few days late.  The Doctor Whooves radio play project has released a quick demo of what the entire thing will be like one it's under way.  Check it out here, along with information about it in the description of the video.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Hooves Blind Bag
    Custom Pony Shoe Commissions
    Crochet Pony Hats
    Scratch Custom

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here