• Nightly Roundup #124

    Adorkable Twilight Sparkle in four days! Are you ready for this?

    Have some news.

    1 Year Anniversary Late Entries

    A few people were a bit late on their stuff, so have it here instead!

    Source: http://willdrawforfood1.deviantart.com/art/1-Year-of-Ponies-262807098


    "Big Book of Brony" Project Seeking Assistance

    A project to compile every single piece of community created content is under way, it needs some assistance with permissions though. Hit up this thread on ponychan if you are interested in helping out! They are primarily looking for artists to allow them to use their stuff.

    Lauren Faust's Milky Way Galaxy Girls On Sale

    For those that wish to support Lauren Faust's other animation endeavors, her milky way galaxy girl set is now on sale for just 5 bucks a pop on the FAO Shwartz website.

    Check out the Deviant Art announcement here! Apparently they are selling out fast!

    Wallpaper Compilation Document Updated

    For those following the huge wallpaper compilation doc, a bunch of updates have been added to it. Check out the new editions here!

    Groups/Guilds/Ect Looking for More

    Central California Brony Group


    Swedish Bronies


    Poland Brony Meetup

    When: October 15 for Episode 3 of Season Two


    SC Brony Group


    RD Network


    Texas Brony Group


    Queensland Australia Group


    Colorado Bronies

     The Colorado Bronies group is hosting a pumpkin carving event on the 30th of October at City Park in Denver. Anypony from Colorado (or those that really want to travel) are welcome to attend! Check out the links below for more info and to RSVP:



    Firefall Brony Guild


    Meetup Pictures/Reports

    Perth Brony Meetup

    Mexican Brony Meetup

    That is a badass Applejack.


    Helsinki, Finland

    ~50 people in this one.



    Fallout 3 New Vegas Robot Mod Expansion

    A few days ago I posted about a mod for Fallout three that replaced the screens on the robots throughout the game with ponies. The person that worked on it has added a few more:

    Victor = Applejack
    Yes Man = Pinkie Pie
    Securitrons (both mark I and mark II) = Royal Guards
    Mr. House = Princess Celestia

    Check out the video, with download links in the description.

    Another Pony Article!

    Those crazy mass media people seem to be jumping all over the pony lately. Another article has popped up. It's a short one, but it's there right?

    OSU Pony Game Mods

    A game, similiar to Elite Beat Agents for the NDS has a bunch of pony songs in progress for it.  Three complete ones can be found below!

    Song 1
    Song 2
    Song 3

    Merch/Ebay StuffRainbow Dash Painting
    Custom Fluttershy With Gala Dress
    Tiny Canvas Pony Art Commissions
    Applejack Beanie
    Fluttershy Plushie

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here