• Toy Review: Toys R' Us Exclusive Collection Set

    It's probably no surprise that I'm more of a fan of the molded ponies than the brushables.  This is primarily due to lazyness, and a lack of interest in hair care.   After a few weeks of searching the brick and mortar stores, wave one finally popped up on Toys R' Us.com, so I immediately ordered it. 

    I'm going to through this step by step after the break for those on the fence about it, so check it out below!

    Right now, this is the only way to get the entire set of mane cast ponies all in one place.  Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash came in a four pack a while back, while Fluttershy was part of the blind bags that were floating around outside the USA.

    Along with our fan favorites, Hasbro threw in a bunch of other blind bag recolors.   For the most part, they aren't bad, in fact I even like a few of them (Above Coconut Creme for example).  A few quick mods and I'm sure any artist out there could have these looking like the actual background ponies from the show.

    It's still a bit of a wasted opportunity though.  I'm pretty sure the majority of us would go nuts over a Lyra/Bonbon/Scratch bonus in this pack.   I don't know what the legal requirements on that sort of thing are, but considering The Hub has officially declared DJ-Pon3's name, I doubt they are that serious.  But I'm not a toy designer, and can't really comment on that professionally.  Mint colored Lyra paint just might be twice as expensive as pink for all I know.

    For those that like to preserve boxes, there is an actual open tab.  I totally destroyed mine, so I thought I'd point that out!

    Each pony is snuggly fit into their own plastic "prison".  I say "prison", because they are REALLY stuck in there.  As you can see in the image, Pinkie Pie's leg is actually bent in a really awkward position because of it.  The pegasus wings also come out a bit off center sometimes.  Luckily the plastic isn't completely stiff, so you can carefully shift the limbs back into position, but at first glance I thought for sure her leg was doomed to uselessness. 

    Getting them out of the plastic was a bit difficult, though I may have just been paranoid.

    Each pony also comes with a backer card.  The "collect em all" pokemon trait ingrained into my brain as a kid is slowly kicking in again.  Confound this subliminal marketing!

    And here are the real prizes! Molded mane 6! I kept this image larger so you can see all the near little details.  there are actually 5 primary molds that the recolors use as opposed to what looks like 4.  Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie are the obvious ones, but even though it looks like Applejack is running with Rainbow Dash's model, she actually has a few unique differences in the hair/overall shape that actually make her original.    Fluttershy on the other hand got completely ripped off.  Poor girl...

    Coconut Cream is best pony out of these side ones obviously.

    One thing that surprised me when I got my sparkly Twilight Sparkle a while back was the size on these things.  They are pretty tiny!

    And there you have it! That's a ton of pony for any desktop.

    • All six of the mane cast can finally be bought in one package.
    • The material seems durable enough. 
    • Well detailed for their tiny size with full cutie mark in tow.
    • Not a bad price for SO MUCH PONY. 
    • Packaging can be a bit of a pain to work with, and can mold the limbs into awkward positions.
    • Only a few of the extra ponies really stand out.
    • Fluttershy desperately needs her own blind bag model.
    • No Trixie
    Overall I'd say they were worth the money, especially if you don't like the brushable ones. I'm hoping they expand it a bit some with a few of the other ponies in the show.  Hell even a Gilda blind bag toy would be neat.

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