• Story: Aegis (Update Part 2!)

    [Adventure] [Sad] [Light Shipping]

    Author: Quotidian Torture
    Description: Princess Celestia is worried about her little sister. Ever since the Elements of Harmony vanquished Nightmare Moon and returned Luna to her original state, she's hasn't quite been herself. Not that Celestia really knows what 'herself' means after a thousand years apart. But the Sun Princess knows she can't confront her sister directly, that would just lead to more hurt feelings and no resolution, so she sends an intermediary. Hoplon, Equestria's worst Royal Guard. He's bumbling, he's brash, and he might just have what it takes to get to the bottom of what's eating at the once was 'Mare in the Moon'. Assuming they can get past their rocky introduction, and she can get over that ridiculous name of his.
    Aegis Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags:
    Long, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Trauma

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