• Story: Order from Chaos (Update Story 2!)

    [Crossover] Twilight Snarkle has made the impossible happen. You may recognize that image up there as none other than Doctor Robotnik (Or egghead or whatever... though I really dislike the hell out of that name). The Pre-readers have literally turned down 50+ Sonic fanfics over the last few months, so seeing one actually get through is like watching the sun rise after a hurricane.

    That being said, the requirement for a Sonic crossover to get through is apparently really high, making this supposedly really good.  So give it a shot before to 1 star it.  

    They even gave me a quote:
    "5/5. Accepted. Post now. You don't need to write anymore Sonic Crossovers now, people."-Pre Reader "THE LIFE BINDER" 

    Author: Twilight Snarkle
    Description: A journal recounts a remarkable discovery to Equestria by someone who sought only a little peace.
    Order from Chaos
    Justice (Sequel) 
    Hope (Sequel - New!)

    Additional Tags: Sonic, HiE, Second Chances, Chapters




    1. He's not kidding, by the way. That's an accurate estimate.

    2. you have no idea how confused I was as to why there was a picture of robotnik plastered over my screen.

    3. That is Doctor Eggman. Not Egghead.... Any Ivo Robotnik is much better of a name.

    4. Life-binder, here. My words still hold true. This is goddamn amazing.

    5. "So give it a shot before to 1 star it."

      *looks at star count*



    6. Heh. *looks at ratings after only 6 minutes on site*

      Yeah. Look at all the instant one stars. Come on, I may be just as skeptical as the rest of you (knowing what most Sonic fanfiction is like) but we can at least give it a shot.

    7. You don't need to write anymore Sonic Crossovers now, people.

    8. I always preferred the name "Dr. Robotnik" as well.

      It's been quite some time since I've had anything to do with Sonic, perhaps I'll give it a shot tonight; further comments later then.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Holy shit. It actually happened?!

      And the shit storm for this is going to be epic.

    11. Wow. 2.1 to 3.6 that quickly. I am loving what I'm reading so far.

    12. Did you call her "Twilight Snarkle"?

    13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQxT7ab07jk

    14. @Rex Ivan

      As a pre-reader, I can soundly say that if this WASN'T good, I never would have even remotely considered it for a submission. If it were bad, it would have been kicked into the sun and forgotten about.

      But here it lies, sitting on EQD's front page with a 5 Star Rating from me.

    15. @Rex Ivan

      True though it may be that folks like Chris Chan and a lot of members of the sonic fandom are the kinds of things we want to avoid, I think you may want to reconsider this statement as a while.

      Sonic is not some radioactive substance that contaminates everything he touches. He is a character that has had a few decent things behind him (the early games and Sonic SatAM come to mind).

      Yeah, he's gained a following of three year olds in 25 year old bodies as well as had a ton of crappy games recently, but every idea deserves a chance.

      And if the sonic fandom tries to encroach and starts acting non-brony we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

      No need to be such a doomsayer.

    16. @P. Pony Ponyson Please give it a shot. It's a damn good read and I don't even like Sonic.

      You've watched FiM without labelling it straight away, what makes a FiM fanfic any different?

    17. All due respect, sonic can fuck off my EqD -.-

    18. ok this must be good to be here it MUST

    19. @Vinnyboiler There's a higher standard of quality. Here than in other fandoms.

    20. Has anyone here actually read the fic yet?

    21. The utter bipolarty of these comments is astounding... and kinda hilarious...

    22. am i missing something here? what's wrong with sonic?

    23. This is a good read, and I encourage others to disregard what the Sonic fandom is currently and give this one a go.

    24. @Party Favors I have. It wasn't half bad.

      Then again, if it was bad, it wouldn't be here, would it?

    25. Thank you all. I knew getting this posted on EQD would result in... strong... opinions. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

      Ask me anything. I'm watching.

    26. Oh, and by the by I'm Twilight Snarkle. Google's being a PITA about namechange. =)

    27. @Alexstrazsa

      Alexsta ... OH! You really are the Life Binder.

      OK, this has nothing to do with the story, but I thought it amusing. Earlier I accused you of being high on drugs, but only just now took a REAL close look at your avatar picture.

      I KNEW it! :P

    28. Not bad! My only complaints were a lack of solid conflict through the story and, while I can understand this Robotnik's behavior, he just felt too.. nice.

      Not having him seen or meet Rainbow Dash and have a "THAT HEDGEHOG IS HERE?!" moment was a missed opportunity for humor.

      This is probably not the sort of story most of you were expecting.


      Read it and then rate, you foals!

    30. Can we all just agree that the Sonic fandom sucks and that the original Sega titles (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 + Knuckles) are superior to any and all of the later titles - including future ones - and just move on?

    31. Equestria Daily has things set in place to filter out all the garbage that our fandom turns out, and delivers us only the best. So for a crossover fic that involves one of the most hated fandoms out there to end up on EqD, then it must be a really, REALLY good fanfic.It is... logical.

    32. @Mattatatta Sure.

      But this has nothing to do with the story.

    33. As someone who actually read the entire story, I can say that it is quite good, and an interesting tale. The middle started to get kinda freaky at points, but a scientist like Ivo would of course find such things a challenge to work at. The ending was very nice though, and rather clever too.

    34. Please, for the love of Celestia, keep sonic crossovers as far away from this website as possible. Words cannot possibly express how much I DO NOT WANT.

    35. Just finished the story. The entire thing is solidly good. I'd certainly recommend it.

    36. *Is a Sonic fan*

      ...I know the fanbase gets a bad rap, mostly deserved, but if it's a good fic, it's a good fic. I will read.

    37. Not necessarily a mind-blowing story, but for what it's worth it's pretty good. That being said, Robotnik/Eggman's* slow transformation into a pony gave me serious "The Fly" flashbacks. The Goldblum version, mind you.

      *No, I don't particularly care which one.

    38. I loved it. Lifebinder was spot-on.

    39. @Bunnylisk

      "Fucking flip-flop. I HATE YOU ED! You used to be cool!"

    40. @Bunnylisk This fanfiction's actually good. I know because:

      1. It's on Equestria Daily.

      2. I've read it.

    41. It's a good fic, but I was grinding my teeth as I read. Probably all of the idiotic anti-Sonic comments.
      Sonic doesn't suck. Yes, for about six years, he sucked, but he's good again, people. Try Sonic Colors, watch some clips of Sonic Generations. You won't regret it.

    42. Hey now, Sonic Colors was a great game!

      Sorry, just a reflex whenever I see a Sonic related thing. But it really was!

    43. A thought went through my mind as I saw this on the front page. "Robotnik?"

      It piqued my curiosity enough to drag me away from my own writing and I am currently enveloped by a warm, fuzzy feeling as I recall the ending.

      Contrary to the popular belief that this is a Sonic fiction, it is not, in the strictest sense, anything to do with Sonic. It is about Robotnik, a journal, and a magical place that can change even the coldest hearts.

      To be honest, this story could have featured any number of infamous and evil villains and still turned out the same. Adding someone, Robotnik, with whom we are distinctly familiar with added more emotion than an originally created (by this author) character.

      It is well worth the read, I would say. Not judging a book by its cover is one of the lessons of friendship Twilight Sparkle discovered and it is no more poignant a teaching than regarding this.

      Give it a chance and it will hook you. My Little Pony was originally something I regarded as stupid, but I grew to love it.

      Food for thought.

    44. I'd probably enjoy a sequel with R. Pony and his inventions competing against Rainbow Dash.
      Another route would be R. introducing industry to Equestria and that small town becoming a sort of technology hub and the consequences that would bring. Might be interesting ideas to pursue with this canon. I really would like R. to interact with the main cast myself.

    45. You don't even need to like sonic to like this fic. I know that I know nothing about Sonic and I found it an enjoyable read.

    46. @Rex Ivan

      Actually, people like you are the worst thing about it.

      You immediately decided this is crap. You haven't read it. You don't know what's happening in the story. You haven't a clue if the writing is quality.

      You've labeled it bad because it involves Sonic.

      Stop pulling a bloody tantrum like a 6 year old, and act like an adult. Which would mean basing something on its merits, not its cover.

      It's on the site because it's passed the filters.

    47. Sigh...
      Have bronies learned nothing? Not long ago many of us shunned MLP, judging it by it's title. When we finally looked into it, though, we uncovered an amazing show, and an even more amazing culture. You would think that if any fandom would avoid juding a book by it's cover, it would be ours.
      But no, Instead we see "sonic the hedgehog" and what do we do? We say "it's sonic, it must be bad". We never even give it a chance! Again, I will say: have we learned nothing?
      Come on, people. We even have "Bridle Gossip" telling us not to judge a book by it's cover! How many times must we go through this?
      I don't rate things without reading them, no matter what. Just Because you don't like the topic, doesn't mean it's bad. If you're going to rate the thing, at least TRY to read it. If you really don't want to read it, fine. Just don't rate it.

    48. I don't really like Sonic, I never did.

      This however is Brilliant, I saw some of what was happening before it did but it didn't detract from it in any way.

      I would call it sweet but thats the wrong word, perhaps touching would be better. Its very happy and frankly thats what I tend to prefer in fanfiction.

      I really liked how it was done as a journal, it added more detail about more time than would have been possible had it been in story form.

      I liked how changes to his personality occured and how he acted, his reflections on himself were especially good.

      The ending few parts were great and I felt added alot to how i felt while reading it. Especially the part with the wing, it really shows how much he had changed.

      To anyone wondering whether or not to read it I would say give it a chance, if I can like it when im not a Sonic fan at all then its definetly worth a go.

      I'd rate this five stars becuase its well written, feel good and exactly what i felt like reading.

      Don't just rate it one star without reading it. (or i'll banish you to the moon.)

    49. My reaction to this being posted:


    50. This is shockingly good. Are other Human in Equestria fics this good? I tend to auto avoid them, but I may have to reconsider that policy.

    51. I know Sonic has not the best reputation of all video games but what about OC ponies you guys bash on those guys before reading their work I for one chose to read before I judge...I just hope I don't start a wave load of hate towards me for obvious reasons...Hey Every Fic deserves a chance. The authors go through a tough choice and most are pretty scared to put their stories out there because they feel that their story is gonna generate some hate don't hate guys just read before saying something. I just wanna say that and I'm not looking to fight with anypony we all love a good read. ^^

    52. I just have one question. Will there be more?

    53. @shadefox

      >people like you are the worst thing about it.

      OK, I've given a lot of things a chance with this fandom, I really have. Some sucked, and some didn't.

      I was honestly considering reading it, since the comments seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

      I will read it and then, if it's as good as everyone is insisting it is, I'll retract my comment and admit that it was an unfounded knee jerk reaction. And I'll apologize to the author for talking negative on his story comment section.

      But, seriously, it just sounds like you're trying to stir shit with me, by dropping insults. Yes, you got a reaction, but only to prove that you're wrong about me.

    54. @Videogame9
      With that mindset, explain 'Spiderses'.

    55. My favorite Sonic character (always was always will be) and my favorite show.

      I honestly forgot I was reading a story I was so engrossed and taken in by this amazing piece, wonderful job. Thank you.

    56. @kojirou

      Spiderses got put up becuase it was so bad, most things on Equestria Daily tend to be of very good quality.

    57. This is the only sonic fic that should be posted on this site.....like..... ever... As in never post another Sonic fic on EqD... As in i hate sonic with a passion and i didnt mind it...

    58. Thank you Twilight Snarkle for making my time spent reading this enjoyable.

      That's all I'll say, and this line of course saying what is says.

    59. Hmm. Nice, nice. I think it maybe goes on a bit longer than it has to, maybe a few letters could have been combined or even excluded, but overall it's a cozy read. I find it a little weird that Robotnik approaches the ponies and the wildlife in such a way, having spent so much of his time enslaving intelligent animals and battling a sentient hedgehog. The "Sonic" connection could be made stronger. There seems to be very little actually tying the story to the games... you could have written it just as easily with any one of a hundred different fictional mad scientists. But it's still a good time to be had. The ending was a nice touch. Altogether, rather H.G. Wells-ian in its style.

    60. >5 star before reading
      >regret nothing

    61. Uh... well... Ok. I'd hardly call this a real cross-over of Sonic. Considering THIS, out of all the sonic/pony stories out there, is the only one thus far to pass the pre-readers, that speaks volumes. It's not terrible, but it didn't meet my expectations.
      You could attach any name, any character, you wanted to the main character and the plot wouldn't have been much different. you gained approval, but the fic turned out dull as a result.

    62. @Cador_2004
      I am seriously considering a sequel, from someone else's point of view, about a year later.
      And where cans of worms are opened.

    63. @ Vinnyboiler
      If you say the story is good, I believe you, but I have had terrible experiences with all things Sonic. Just note that I didn't one-star it, or rate it at all, for that matter.

    64. Amazing. I can't even come up with the proper words to tell you how good I thought it was. 5/5.

    65. ~see's picture of Robotnic~

      You won't get away with this Eggman!

    66. Please, people, give this fic a chance. I hate to see members of the brony community - which by far is probably the best fandom on the internet by the way, because of its moral values of love, tolerance, and friendship - squabbling and fighting over something so petty.

    67. @Sordid Euphemism

      I would greatly enjoy it, Sordid. You did great work here, though the criticism of the role of Robotnik being able to be any evil villain is true. Your prose is an excellent example of writing and the story has many thoughtful and introspective moments I found quite touching.

      Even if it is predictable, I do not believe it's a bad thing in this case. After all, the show is the same way, some episodes.

      You'll have your share of detractors around here, but I say continue on in the vein you're thinking of. Perhaps opening the can of worms, as you say, of Robotnik's past could put to ease those who see the role as any evil villain.

      You have a reader here.

    68. There sure is a lot of...
      CHAOS in these comments!

      ...No I didn't read the story yet.

    69. Wow, this was actually pretty good. Instead of just some story of ponies and hedgehogs teaming up it's more of a journal from a broken old man looking for a new start. I actually see this as an interesting parallel of some of the stories I've heard about how FIM has helped change people's thinking in a positive way. Here we have the vile Dr Robotnic suddenly finding himself surrounded by creatures that have a way of thinking almost exactly opposite of his own and actually finding it changing him. Also of note is the impact that friendship can have on anyone. Also to the end, I didn't quite see that coming. What a creative magical lesson that was.

      In the end this was a surprisingly believable crossover. I like.

    70. @podraEh. Can't speak to whether they're "this" good, since I've not read "this," but from what I've read I can say that there are some that are good, and some that really ain't. Usually the meta ones are better, if only because the author knows damn well what he/she needs to avoid/parody.

      As for this? Guys, I really don't like Sonic. Didn't like him before I discovered the internet, and I don't like him now. Some people are equating giving this one a chance with reading stories with original characters in them. For me, at least, this comparison does not work; I almost find it offensive. An OC can be good, or terrible; Sonic characters can be terrible, or terribly out of character and still remind me of Sonic. This is why I am not rating this story; I am not its target audience.

      This has as much interest for me as a crossover with Atlas Shrugged; I know damn well that it could be done well, and might even be subversive, but it's still Ayn Rand.

    71. Wow, NOTHING like what I expected. and that's a good thing.

      an excellent story here, written in diary form which is a particularly challenging format IMHO. The idea of Robotnik going on a journey of self discovery is a bit weird but it has been pulled off beautifully here

    72. Dang...It's hard to be a Sonic fan on the internet. sad...

    73. While it is true that any mad scientist could be put as the protagonist, this story me feel at peace. It was good to see robotnik finally got to be happy, and i loved your writing.

    74. Hell has officially frozen over. A nicely-done Sonic crossover!

    75. I honestly don't understand this whole thing with Sonic. I mean, WTF? Isn't he just a video game character, and I think he also has a TV show? WTF is with all of this hate? Is it the fandom? Who the fuck cares about the fandom of Sonic, how does that change the source material?

      People even going as far as to rage on this before they had read it? Seriously? That's just plain ridiculous.

    76. that was a truly excellent story thank you for that twilight snarkle

    77. Huh, that was pretty damn good. As commented upthread, it's not so much a sonic crossover as it is a redemption tale for a broken villain.

      The transformation weirded me out a tiny bit, but other than that I quite liked it. 4 stars for a job well done and an extra star to counteract the jerks who one starred it without reading.

    78. This is the first fic I have read in a little over a month.

      And I am glad I did.


    79. How Mutch of a chance do you think I have of getting a MLP/Bionicle fanfick through.?

    80. QUITE IMPRESSIVE!!!! i was skeptical at first, sonic/MLP "has someone gone mad?!?!" was my first thought but that fact that it got past the pre-readers was enough to catch my interest. i do think that a straight sonic crossover would have been a bit much but that was quite subtle with only minor hints throughout the story to indicate that it was even sonic related in the first place, the only real indication was when R. mentioned his own name and that was quite rare.

      i do infact look forward to more of R. and his new life, and that fact that the ice has been broken on a sonic/MLP fiction could mean the author could be a bit more bold on a possible sequel.

    81. hating the E.G.G.M.A.N when he has the most badass theme of all. son I'm disappoint.


    82. @Nic386

      Give it a shot. I'd be interested to see how you do it. I used to love bionicle.

      Used to anyway... once we got beyond the first "Metru Nui" story I started getting bored of it.

    83. @DrOblivian

      also 6/5 my friend it is well deserved!

    84. @Rex Ivan

      Yes, I directly attacked you by insults.

      If you don't like the idea of a story involving the Sonic universe, that's great, don't read it. Everyone has things they don't like. Not going to force you.

      But attacking a writers story simply on the premise of it's cover is exactly the same thing that people yelling "MLP is for baby's you faggot." do. They attacked it for it's cover.

    85. I don't really like sonic... But with all the good reviews it's getting, i think I'll give it a shot. Later.

    86. I'd hardly call this a true Sonic Crossover by any sense of the word.

      People are probably expecting Robotnik to invade Equestria, then gain redemption through friendship and tolerance.

      That doesn't happen.

      Read the story, it's actually a really nice story if you ignore the subject matter!

    87. MLP/Sonic?

      YOU LYIN!

      And yes, Eggman sucks ass. ROBOTNIK FOREVER!

    88. @Rex: Actually, I would ask that it is *you* that would reconsider in this situation. This story is actually pretty good.

      Just blindly and automatically rejecting a story (especially a crossover) simply because of experiences with completely unrelated stories that just happen to use elements from a shared source is rather absurd. Yes, technically, this is a Sonic crossover, but has nothing from that source other than Ivo Robotnik himself, and a few minor mentions of one or two elements from the Sonic franchise. This is his story, and it's an interesting take on what he would happen to find there.

      Heck, it doesn't even take place in Ponyville, nor does he ever interact with the Mane Six. It's about his discovery and understanding that is the focus of the story, set in the backdrop of another Ponyville-like village somewhere out there in Equestria. It actually is a rather interesting read.

      Personally? Not a fan of Sonic. Played a few of the games, wasn't overly enthused, but I did find Robotnik to be a somewhat interesting character.

      This story? Yeah, it's good. Well worth a read.

    89. @Dusty the Royal JanitorThanks( I haven't even started yet, but am appalled by the lack of this type of thing) Although a story Is forming In my head, it may take me a little while to get the first part of the plot line set up.

    90. Oh man this just reminds me of the Pre-Reader panel at BroNYCon. Oh trolol

    91. Sonic SatAM is still a supreme show.

      Now I'm waiting for my Nights crossover.

    92. I LOVE THIS STORY!!!
      I do not care If both Lauren Faust and the Sonic of SatAm show up on my front doorstep declaring bullshit, THIS IS NOW CANON. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF SEGA. This is an amazing, wonderful, graceful end to the era of Sonic. Thank you. Thank you so much, Twilight Snarkle, for this is a masterpiece.

    93. Well, I'm glad the ratings are going up... this really does need a better rating.

    94. BRAVO! BRAVO! ENCORE! I loved it, this is perfect, the fact that is has less than 7 stars is despicable and sickening!


    95. I love when it comes to crossover...MLP/Sonic is crossing the line.lol
      I mean Really...

    96. This was a touching fic about the redemption of an evil man. I really liked this story, and it saddens me to see that people had a knee jerk reaction and gave this five star worthy fic a low score without reading it.

    97. @showmetheblueprints
      He's had three tv series (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground), an anime (Sonic X), an OVA (Sonic the Hedgehog), at least half a dozen series and spin-offs (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic X, Chaotix, Tails Adventure, Sonic Universe, Knuckles the Ecidna, Sonic Origins or whatever Ian named the newest series), a handful of actual mostly-text books, all back in the nineties.

      They've done many things to ruin it over the years, one of the more prominent, to me, being the change of art styles. Sally wasn't exactly an everyday-girl body type to begin with, but they changed her the most, creating a trend that rippled through the comics' universes, and then every female character was given Barbie bodies.
      Then there was Shadow.
      Then there was reviving Shadow.
      Then there was giving Shadow a gun....

    98. Okay, someone fill me in. What's so terrible about the Sonic fandom that's poisoned the well so badly?

    99. I don't know that much about the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' video games or cartoons and I know even less about 'Sonic the Hedgehog' fan-fiction, but I found this to be a surprisingly good read. I gave it 5/5 stars!

    100. I found it very well written with good pacing and a proper attention to the logistics associated with the situation. Hurried situations are short, times that allowed for more patience were better filled in. 5 stars!

    101. I don't have any strong feelings about Sonic fandom one way or the other, but I tend to have zero interest in crossover fanfics of any flavor. It's only because Sonic crossover fanfics are apparently so hated that I got curious enough to give this one a try, and I'm glad I did. While not a riveting story, it was good enough, and I genuinely enjoyed the journal-style presentation and the chance to follow Robotnik's thoughts through his integration into Equestrian society. I do feel his transformation came too easily; the ease of that transformation is explained by the last scene, but I feel it would have made a stronger story (if a significantly longer one) if Robotnik had had to struggle more in his transition from megalomaniac wanna-be despot to helpful fellow citizen.

      @Sordid Euphemism
      If you do write a follow-up to this story, I'll definitely give it a shot, though I do worry about what it seems one character did, based on the conversation in that last scene; and, if they really did what I think they did, the consequences of Robotnik discovering those actions, however well-intentioned or non-invasive they may have been.

    102. Well, I haven't like Sonic stuff in awhile, but then again I thought I wouldn't like the Ponies either. I might as well give it a shot, what have I got to loose.

    103. Robotnik? In MY Equestria Daily? I...strangely DO want. Sonic is my other passion next to ponies, so I'll be reading this one...

    104. I knew if it was at EQD, it wouldn't be a disappointment.
      This was actually a very good read. Stop judging and go read it.

    105. @shadefox

      Before I respond to the story I wanted you to know that my reaction was not because of my personal opinion to the content, but to what I believed it would do to the reputation of the fandom. Fact of the matter is that I actually enjoyed the original three Sonic Sega games.

    106. @Sordid Euphemism




      At the start of this comment page I made an unfounded knee jerk reaction which was based on a large majority of what I believe to be the most terrible parts of the Sonic fans. I was afraid that the sort of thing which had happened there was happening here, and I shot off before taking stock of what was actually presented to us. Yes, I know the pre-readers are there to ensure bad things don't seep into the fandom, but I was considering the possibility that they had MAYBE allowed something to slip through the cracks.

      I was wrong, and I'm sorry. Twilight Snarkle hascreated a fine tale here, and it's worthy of all the praise it's getting in the comments and from the pre readers. I've insulted his/her story without proper evidence, and caused negativity in the story's comments. I am sorry, and I hope that he/she doesn't hold any hard feelings against me.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bandage up the bullet wound in my foot, and wash the taste of crow out of my mouth.

    107. So the things Im a fan of are in this order-Godzilla, Beast Wars, MLP:FIM, Sonic. Im all over this fic!
      Im not online with other Sonic fans like I am ponies so I have no idea about how they are.
      Fan Fiction normally sucks regardless, people need to learn to enjoy life and not get upset about bad stories, people have to start with something right?

    108. @Cold in Gardez Well, it's mainly because sonic fics, as far as I can see, don't really live up to that much of a standard and the OC's are more often than not overpowered and/or cliche to the extreme. I only briefly dabbled in the topic myself, but I saw a ton of blatant self (OC) insertions going on. Imagine if a majority of the pony fics were awful human (self insertion) into equestria and hanging out with all his/her favorite characters, as opposed to the rather decent and plot driven semi-self insertions we see here on EqD and fanfiction sites. At least that's my opinion on the subject anyway.

      On that note, I absolutely hate Sonic fanfictions but I figured I'd give this one a try for no reason other than boredom. I implore you guys, just give it a chance! Robotnic isn't a maniac who wants to conquer the world with 'machines!!!', the method of entry into the other world is plausible at the very least, there's no guest star appearances of sonic or any other character even related to the franchise showing up and muddying the waters, and finally the ending covered most plot holes and carried a good lesson near the end, as well as a surprise ending.

      It's not exactly action packed, but that's to be expected from a story written in a diary format. Admittedly I might've enjoyed it a little bit more if it was actually written as a narrative, but at the same time I doubt anyone would give it a chance if it meandered along.

      All in all, I'll give it five stars.

    109. Plethora or haters or not, this story has certainly become very popular quite quickly. 118 comments and 222 star ratings as of this time.

    110. @Rex Ivan
      Well said! You've earned my respect for giving this story a chance and for apologizing simply and sincerely for your mistake.

    111. If this story makes it to 4.5 Stars I will eat a piece of Amy-themed Sonic merchandise. On camera.
      You heard it here first.

    112. And thus, Bridle Gossip's lesson has been reinforced.

      Now that I've FINALLY finished that paper and gotten a chance to read through this story all the way, I shall give my criticism.

      First of all, was it good? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I have done things differently?

      I'll admit, this is a really good story. I like how Robotnik is characterized and I like how plausible most of the explanations seem to be in the context of the two universes. I also enjoyed the ending which both explained a lot and carried a nice little lesson with it. The diary format is also very becoming of this piece and the calmness of it compliments the overall character arc that Robotnik follows, finding peace where once a troubled, chaotic heart lay.

      That said... while the OC ponies were generally endearing and enjoyable, I felt somewhat disconnected from the "Equestria" we know throughout most of it. Oh I could tell that it WAS Equestria. It was certainly idyllic enough to tell me that. But I think I might have preferred it take place in Ponyville. Even if none of the mane cast showed up I would have rather liked to have him interact perhaps with background ponies or supporting cast than OC's. Still, I'm not sure if it would have added anything other than a sense of familiarity and the story doesn't "suffer" for it, so this is just a preference on my part. It was still enjoyable.

      The only thing I'm iffy about is Robotnik's transformation. I guess it's meant to be symbolic or something but... in all honesty his overall non-reaction to it suggests that there is mind control at work. That he isn't changing under his own desire to change but that something about Equestria is changing him. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Forced mental alteration of any kind is a real no-go-zone to me. But the transformation... I'm not exactly sure how necessary it was or if it was meant to be symbolic or what.

      Still, I enjoyed the story. I'm not sure it's six star material, but it definitely deserves five.

    113. Im not done yet but I don't like this story yet because I am a Sonic fan. Dr R should be trying to roboticise everypony and such. but hold on, Im not done reading maybe I am wrong, lets see!

    114. @Sordid Euphemism

      i would not be surprised to see hit hit 5 stars my friend, this story of yours deserves every bit of it.

    115. Oh, and in regards to a sequel...

      Ummmmmmm... I'm not really sure it needs it. This is a story about a man that has led a chaotic life and finds redemption and it serves its purpose as that. It stands very well on its own. I'm not sure it NEEDS a sequel.

      Kinda like how I feel about what's going on with "Sunset" now...

      But that's beside the point. I suppose a sequel putting his new, redeemed self to the test would be an interesting story to read, but I would hope it would be carefully planned and written with care. Then again,you've obviously done that here so I guess I wouldn't have to worry about that :P

      It would be interesting, but you certainly don't need to feel that it is required at this point.

    116. Does one need knowledge of Sonic to understand this story? If not, I'll give it a try. But I know nothing about Sonic and less about his villains. Like, really, my knowledge of Sonic is "oh yeah, he was featured in that commercial where a mom buys a Sega Genesis for her kid instead of a SNES because she is so impressed with Sonic racing around collecting rings."

      (Which was odd because the SNES in the ad was playing SUPER MARIO WORLD and clearly had way better graphics.)

    117. @crazyredemu

      Missing the point much?

      The lesson is that everybody can find redemption if they look hard enough for it, even the coldest of characters. The simple act of using Robotnik was to provide familiarity. Any supervillain would have worked.

      Heh... now that I think about it I wonder how Doctor Doom would fare being zapped to Equestria like Robotnik was... THAT would be an interesting sequel!

    118. I would be very surprised to see this reach five stars, owing to all the neighsayers who'll instantly downrate without reading it.

      You are all My Little Pony fans. You belong to a fandom which is just as commonly reviled as Sonic the Hedgehog. Come down off your high horse and stop being hypocrites.


    119. @Dusty the Royal Janitor
      He starts out half way there tho. He was practically committing suicide not knowing what kind of world he would end up in.
      I think a redemption story that starts with him trying to concoure Equestria would be better, Im just not use to seeing Robotnic in that state.

    120. Deserves six stars. If it doesn't then it's just getting trolled by haters. This community should be better than that.

    121. I was just reading through this and I gotta say, the pacing and characterization is amazing. 14 especially, really gave me the warm and fuzzies, as Eggman was one of those villain who was so diabolical that it just didn't make sense for them to have been driven by only insanity. For him to have been touched by the kindness of Equestria is simply heart warming!

    122. @crazyredemu

      Not sure what the argument you're trying to make is :?

      I guess it might be an interesting story to see him try to conquer Equestria but overtime realize the error of his ways, but that would just be sorta beating around the bush and treading familiar territory really. I'm not sure it would add anything.

      The story establishes that he's spent years... perhaps decades trying to conquer the world and now he's tired and isn't interested anymore. What would one more go at it, only in a different world, add to the overall story?

    123. @ladymoondancer

      I know almost nothing about sonic since I never really liked it and I enjoyed it. A vague idea of Robotnik would help though but isn't really required and wouldn't detract from anything.

    124. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      There's a very good possibility that you could take Robotnik's transformation as a metaphor for internal change being expressed outwardly, and in doing so, being influenced by his surroundings to adapt to them (with the help of Luna-magic).
      The reason he wasn't alarmed at the transformation was that it was time to change for him, in every way. He didn't need to keep his old form anymore because it didn't reflect who he really was anymore, so it wasn't a big deal for him to lose it.

      Well, that's what I thought about it anyway ...

    125. @Dusty

      Simple, he looses to ponies, think about it, that would be SO AWESOME! Anyway like I said Im not done yet so I might change my mind, I was just giving my current thoughts on it.

    126. Is this story a one-shot? I usually prioritize one-shots ahead of multi-chapter fics on my read-this-next list, but there's no Complete or Incomplete label telling me if it is or not. D:

    127. Yes, the story is [COMPLETE]. I'll ask to have it added.

    128. That was an epic sauce story. 6 stars from me, though a stupid bias'll keep it from getting the stars it DESERVES.

      Honestly, do we really need to remind fans of MY LITTLE PONY that something can be much better than its' reputation?

    129. @Rex Ivan

      I guess that works. Like I said, I guess it's mean to be symbolic. Still, I think I would freak out a little more just as a natural reflex at the prospect of losing my opposable thumbs and bipedal stance.

      I 'unno... maybe that just wasn't transcribed in the journal.


      As awesome as I suppose it could be, I don't see how it would benefit or necessarily expand the character arc in the grand scheme of things. Yeah, the mental image of Rainbow Dash kicking Robotnik in the gut is amusing, but other than just getting us to yell "HELL YEAH!" it wouldn't fit well with the development of the character or the ultimate purpose to the story.

    130. Holy crap, that was great. It reminds me of the existential science fiction short stories that fill the books of classic works. I would like this even if it was somehow missing ponies and sonic related content. Rather deep character exploration and even a satisfying reader conclusion for those little questions it makes you ponder. Whatever the critics were expecting this to be, you were wrong. This thing is marvelous!

      I'm sure good crossovers exist that explore Dash meeting Sonic and being rivals or something,but this is possibly the most interesting way to explore what might happen if the two worlds met.

    131. Ok, sorry this isn't my cup of tea, Eggman/Robuttnic is to ooc for me to get into it, mind you I have all the comics so Im a rather big sonic nerd. That being said it is well written so this writer has talent and Im not dissing him/her just you know....I wanted something else lol.
      Im giving it five stars cause getting a sonic fic on this site is kick ass enough on it's own.

    132. This has got to be one of the best one-shot fanfics I have ever read. Compliments to Twilight Snarkle for a great fanfic.

    133. omg this is awesome i wasn't expecting that

    134. I was hesitant to try it, but damn. That was some really good writing. I was suspicious of Robotnik's change until the end but you actually set that up extremely well. Many, many kudos to you for this story and for risking the hate you knew it would bring.
      Love and Tolerate y'all.

    135. I am neutral to Sonic. This was an excellent read.

      This proves that the two things are not related. (As if the above comments didn't already...)

      Either way, this was an awesome story. Definitely deserves at least 5 stars.

    136. I LOVED this story.

      I HATE that people are throwing away EVERYTHING My Little Pony has taught us.

      I felt the need to send a friendship report, on behalf of the author today...


      Dear Princess Celestia.

      My friends and I learned a very important lesson this week. Never judge a book by it's cover. Sometimes the thing you think will be bad and will make you feel put out, can be the thing that you enjoy the most. I am happy to report that there are wonderful things in this world that you just can't explain, like a good Sonic crossover fanfic, but that doesn't make them any less true. It just means you have to choose to believe in them. Sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way. Unfortunately, today I also learned that it's hard to to accept when somepony wants to be unkind about the things you like. Though it's impossible to control how all your friends behave, it is possible to control your own behavior. Just continue to be a good friend. In the end the difference between a false friend and one who is true will surely come to light. I've learned that sometimes the answer to your suspicions can come from where you least expect it. It's a good idea to stop and listen to your friends opinions and perspectives. If they say the story is good, and not like other Sonic fanfics, then MAYBE you should give it a chance before berating it. You once gave a chance to a little girls show about pastel rainbow ponies that throw parties. Let a story about an old man and his redemption stand a chance.

      Your Faithful Student
      Twilight Snarkle

    137. @kojirou

      Sonic isn't exactly ruined these days, though. Sonic Colors was a good game, and Generations is shaping up to be pretty rad.

      Anyway, I'm just glad to see people calming down. It was pretty disappointing to see a fandom like this freaking out over Sonic the Hedgehog. What happened to being open minded? :/

    138. That was... surprisingly beautiful.
      It's funny, one wouldn't be able to really tell who the story was even about without already knowing.
      Great job, 5/5.

    139. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      I honestly would love to see slice of life with Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Just to see how his newfound love and generosity and ingenuity interact and serve Equestria and it's ponies.

      Testing his redeemed self isn't even necessary. Just... good Ivo, being good. I'd like that.

    140. I was a fan of the Sonic show in the early/mid-90s...I guess I'm dating myself now given how long it's been. So you post a picture of the ol' Eggman (ecch, Robotnik is a better name) and you're going to make me curious.

      Anyways, I would hardly ever shun an entire "property" because of what most people do to mess it up or embaress it. Take each piece based on its individual merits, that would be a lot more reasonable.

      There's tons of bad Sonic fanfic out there, I'm sure of it, since I saw plenty of it in 1994 and I bet there's been tons more since then. But there were also a few people who looked at the show, at least, and saw potential in a well crafted world with a lot of potential beyond the limitations of children's daytime television. Kind of like My Little Pony now.

      That said, I am usually intrigued by crossovers since I feel that means the author has to work TWICE as hard to not just make an interesting story involving one "world", but now two that have to mesh in a way that's engaging, fun, dramatic, whatever. And it doesn't make you roll your eyes too much.

      In this case, pretty subtle, told from the first person the entire time. It's almost not a Sonic crossover at all, it could be any troubled outsider coming to Equestria. Still, a very interesting characterization of a former villain.

      Oh, and lay off the Sonic hate for the sake of it...I loved the Genesis side-scrollers and agree that the Dreamcast, and beyond, 3D ones make me wrinkle my nose like the dog farted. But hey, take something that's not so good that you saw potential in and MAKE it good. Make it better, even. So many good MLP writers are doing that, expanding the show far beyond the scope of what's actually on TV, and I think the zillion views on this site attest that a lot of people like it. That's not even touching on all the artists and people crafting custom video games, that blows me away.

      So, what other lousy properties can we resurrect and polish up? I'm going to go into the realm of painfully awful and terribly obscure and say Dinosaucers. I bet no one here's even heard of it -- lucky for you.

      Rambling over -- tl;dr: Good story, enjoyed it, upvoted it. Thanks!

    141. I am a fan of Sonic and of My Little Pony.

      This story....is PERFECT!!!!

    142. @podra

      This one excluded, I have only read 3 other humans in equestrian fanfics, I recommend this one, Article 2 (yes that’s the name, no there is not an Article 1), it’s still under production but so far it has been really good, specially chapter 2.


      Ok now regarding this one, I ended with a very warm feeling after Reading it, I’ll leave it at that.

    143. Truly excellent! I almost teared up when he achieved ponyhood. The cutie mark earning entry was so perfectly heart-tweaking!

    144. Eh. It's not bad, but 5/5? Maybe it's just me being more a fan of Archie's version of Sonic the Hedgehog, but this character didn't feel like Robotnik to me.

      Later on in the story, when Ponified Robotnik decides to help Sundown with his injuries, I expected his obsessions to take over and lead him to "improving" Sundown and other Ponies "for their own good". His complete Heel-Face Turn was a bit jarring.

      Although I guess that comes from using the Games' version of Robotnik, who is arguably less evil then Archie's Robotnik, who has, let's not mince words here, committed outright Genocide more then a few times.

      All in all, it's not a bad story, but is it the "Definitive" Sonic-MLP Crossover? Not by a longshot.

    145. Well, I'm glad the hate has very much died down now that everyone has started giving it a shot.

      Now, as to how I feel to the story. One of the best I've read in a while. And no it's not just cause I'm a Sonic fan. That's actually one of two critiques to this story, but I'll explain that later.

      This story is extremely well done. Robotnik's characterzation is very well done, if a little fast as to how quickly he changed without much struggle. And by that I mean his attitude.But it did say in the beginning he was broken, so that would explain a lot. The diary format is also a nice touch. It's unique, and it fits really well. There are plenty of other things I could say to praise this fic, but it all sums up in that it was a really good story.

      That said, there are only two things I can possibly critique on the story. However, neither detract from its quality. The first is how small the connection to the Sonic verse is. The only thing is that the character is Robotnik and a small reference to Sonic in the beginning. Many vilans could fit in there and it would work fine. Heck, he could have been an OC and it would still be just as good to me. I'm just saying maybe some more references to the Sonic verse would have made it feel more like a crossover. The other is how there's no mention of any of the characters we all know other than the princesses. I'm not putting down the OC's at all, they are very good. It's just doesn't feel quite like FiM without any familiar faces, and I don't mean just the mane 6. Any of the background ponies would have helped, but there are none. It doesn't hurt the story itself at all, but doesn't feel as much like a MLP fanfic as I expected. Like I said, neither of these detract from the quality of the story, they would just make it feel more like the things it is based off.

      Anyways, 6/5 all the way. People were jumping the gun on this way too fast, and I'm glad most have seen the error of their ways. Look, I know the Sonic fandom has had a bad reputation, but most of it isn't actually that bad. The problem is that the bratty fans are the ones that are the most vocal, so that's all anyone sees.

    146. I am both flattered and terrified by the people asking if I wrote this.

      I mean I've done a few first person journal like pieces before, and I'm always one for the sympathetic villain but this...

      Six stars. Easily six. I'd have gone without page breaks except if a new entry started right at the bottom of a page, but you just hit the right set of notes here.

      And I'm glad Ivo got a happy peaceful retirement.

    147. @RommyWolf: "Although I guess that comes from using the Games' version of Robotnik, who is arguably less evil then Archie's Robotnik"

      That could be why I also found his reformation rather sudden; I stink at video games, so I'm used only to the SatAM/Archie Robotnik.

    148. Oh, and I guess another reason I felt Robotnik's change was quick is because I'm a big SatAM and Archie fan. If this were that Robotnik, then yeah, that change was too easy. But if this is game Robotnik (no, I refuse to call him Eggman), which I'm pretty sure it is, then this is much more believable.

      However, I did see you mention he said he was a robot once. I never remember that in the games, but I do in the comics. So I don't know if that was just a reference to the comics, I missed something in the games, or this IS supposed to be comic Robotnik.

    149. I saw the instant controversy boiling at the top of the comments list, and decided to see for myself...

      It's actually quite well-written, and like some have pointed out it doesn't really feel much like a crossover at all because the crossover element is done so subtly. The whole piece has a calm, contemplative feel to it, which seemed very appropriate given the premise.

      IMO, this certainly doesn't deserve the insta-1-stars it got. Far, far from it.

    150. Should the day come that Sonic the Hedgehog is no more, than the blue blue and the mad scientist no longer face off against each other, this is how I will envision the end of Doctor Robotnik's long journey.

      Sonic may have attained victory, but thanks to this, I feel Robotnik gained the best victory over his personal chaos.

      Welcome to Equestria Doctor Ivo Robotnik, formerly Doctor Julius Kintobar of the House of Ivo.

      I hope you enjoy it here.


    151. it was ok. i'm an old-style Sonic fan, can't stand the newer Sonic games/TV shows/anything Team Sonic comes up with. i never realized how hated the Sonic fandom was until these comments though. wow.

      anyway, the story was nice.

      what? it was nice. it wasn't amazing but it was nice. i liked the tone, the format fit the tale told and the subject matter was very well presented. i would give it a 3.5 (4) of 5 but i'm probably going to up that to 5/5 just to offset the knee-jerk 1's some people have given out.

      pity it's that Eggman thing instead of sticking to old-style Robotnik though. Jim Cummings is a wondrous voice actor.

    152. Definitely saving this for the morning after I'm done with my first shift at work.

      I've been a fan of Sonic since I was 8 years old. I'm 25 now. I understand where the aversion to the Sonic fandom comes from, really I do. I personally don't really interact with the fandom much anymore for multiple reasons, though there are still some really cool members of it around and it's not all bad. I wish I could say I still felt about it like I do for the MLP fandom right now, but unfortunately that's not the case.

      However, despite how I may feel towards the fandom, I still am very much a fan of Sonic the character. I still play the games, I still read the Archie comics, I've got the SatAM dvd box set (one of my favorite animated series of all time, MLP was a recent addition to that list), etc. I know he's had some rough years with the games (Sonic 06, Shadow The Hedghog), but in the past few years he's really been getting back on his feet (Unleashed was a step in the right direction, Colors was awesome and Generations is looking very exciting as well).

      All I'm trying to say is: Don't judge the property due to your feelings in regards to the fandom. Lord knows MLP didn't used to be at the high point it's at today. I'm glad to see people are starting to settle down and judge the fic based on it's own merits and not on "omg Sonic ew."

      Can't wait to read this tomorrow, it sounds like a quality fic. :)

    153. Looks at title...

      ... Reads description...

      .... Do not want. All Sonic FanFiction is bad.

    154. @SynykA shame, friend.
      Poor Zecora would still be alone in the Everfree if everypony acted that way.
      Still, at least you didn't say you 1/5'd it, so we have that, which is nice.

    155. Whoa whoa whoa, WAIT A SECOND! A Sonic crossover ACTUALLY made it?! HOLY BUCK! Okay, Auto-read! And 5-star. If it made it past the pre-readers, that's good enough for Trevor!

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    156. First I have to say, do you know who we are? Us, the fandom of My Little Pony, a show originally for 5-8 year old girls, who has a history of being a horrible 30 min ad. Who are we to be prejudice against something and take it for face value. Have we learned nothing?

      Now, the story is beautifully done. A perfect representation of redeption. I desire a sequal, as now that Robotnik has created a life for himself. It'd be nice, although difficult, to include someone else from the sonic universe to visit. This would open up great possibilities, like temptation coming back and such. Not specifically sonic, as his personality would be hard to compasate for. Actually, I think Tails would make a good choice.

    157. @Sordid Euphemism.

      ... Who's Zecora?

      I didn't 1/5 because I haven't read it, and I don't want to be biased against it. I just think it's another one of those... Cheesy Sonic Fanfictions...

    158. @Synyk

      Because, of course, Reading pretty much any of the recent comments on it would simply be too hard.

      Remember Bridle Gossip, friend. "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

    159. @The GREAT and POWERFUL Trevor

      Oh look! It's magical pony Trevor. He looks pretty clever with his whip made of ... of ... leather ...

      oh no, Trevor what have you done ...

    160. @Synyk
      Let me lay out the "Zecora" picture for you, brony. A strange fanfic wearing bizarre blue-and-red clothing comes into your town; everyone just wants it to get out and ignores it, but some of your friends go and read it. You, meanwhile, have not read it, but still have an opinion on whether or not it is "cheesy." I know I don't read every fanfic that comes through, but especially in a case where both the prereaders, the rating, and the people who have actually read it clearly think it's at very least good and in some cases great, I would probably give it a chance. Is it the best fic I've read? Nah. Best in the past few days, though, and it definitely deserves to be on the site.

    161. Oh yes it is, hey and you know what?

      I think sonic is still cool. (sarcasm.)

    162. Loved the story, the writing was good and the diary approach was both novel and very well suited to the content. The "I was a robot once, too" line confused me, though; which branches of Sonic are you considering canon with this?

      That said, some of the comments here just about made my blood run cold. Reading them, in the back of my mind that thinks of things at their worst, I wondered whether this raw hatred would be slung towards me here, or elsewhere in the community if I were to discuss my involvement in the sonic fandom.

      Every now and then I'm reminded that for all the ideals that are expressed around here, this is still just an internet community, with all the cynicism and anonymity-fueled animosity towards the disliked, different, and targeted that comes with it. It's perhaps not as bad because of people who try to beat it back with the tone and message of the show in mind, but it's all still there. I'm just not used to seeing those reminders on Equestria Daily.

    163. one thing most people doesn't understand is that this is a sonic fic that is not about sonic, at all.

      it's about robotnik's redemption and nothing else.

      the journal POV made the whole thing much more enjoyable, the look into his psyche during the whole process really make the reader empathise with him.

      all in all this is an excellent fic, it shows a new side to Robotnik. and dissing it because of the fandom behind the title character(who is not even metioned) shows some immaturity i wouldn't have expected here.

    164. This gave me a huge shock. I mean...... I was taljingto Pinkie Pie while I was checking EqD, and whatdo I see? Robotnik.

      Now, personally, I dove into this fandom coming straight from five years of being a Sonic fan. Do I regret all five years?

      Not. Once.

      Sure, the Sonic fandom got a....... Little scary, and there was plenty of crappy games with crappy voice acting, but when you're a fan you tough it out and give it your all.

      That being said, it took me about twenty minutes to decide that "Robotbik? In EQUESTRIA!? ooohhh, lets see if Egger here troes taking it over!!!"
      Thank Celestia I was wrong.

      I loved every minute of it. It was hard to believe this was the Sonic Robotnik, but it just.... Just worked.

      Thank you, Twilight Snarkle, for writing this. You have restored a mini hope that not all Sonic fandom is bad.

    165. While I like Sonic and have tried my own hand at writing a fanfic (to no avail), I was very skeptical on this story and how it would work.

      However, I read it, and was hooked from start to end. About halfway though I asked myself, "Wait...THIS is Robotnik??"

      A good story is interesting. A GREAT story makes you think. This is one of those examples.

      Excellent story.

    166. So much flankmad... I must read this later today.

    167. Meh, I'm not a fan of the idea of ponification. And as far as I'm concerned, the character didn't have to be Robotnik, just any old mad scientist.

      I give it a 2/5.


      I was surprised by this story, it is engaging, heartwarming and was a pleasure to read start to finish.

      I implore my fellow Bronies to give it a read before passing judgement just because of negativity towards a fandom.

      There are negative portrayals of us out there, should not we give this a chance as we so often implore other to give ponies a chance?

    169. First thought:
      *OH GOD NO.
      After Reading it.

    170. Okay, finally got around to reading this - VERY good. All of my 5-star.

    171. I saw this on Ponychan when Snarkle first put it up.

      For reference, I had despised fanfics before this community. Now I'm writing them, and Snarkle has helped me get there through the way.

      I still had barriers. Sonic fanfics are basically always terrible, for many reasons I don't need to get into here. HiE were mostly self-inserts, except for those who tried to deconstruct them. This was made of both, non-ironically.

      Yet I loved it.

      Yes, there's many ways you could modify it as a "mad scientist template." But there's more references to R's specific personality than just the beginning and the ending. Little bits a pieces that only work if you can fill it in yourself with your knowledge of the character.

      The narration is fantastic, keeping R's personality intact through the entire thing. There's subtle philosophies here in why the idea of Equestria is great, not just as an escape, but an ideal.

      I told ya it'd break some minds. Happy to see it up here.

    172. You know what they say, The More The Merrier!

    173. Wow, sunrise indeed! I've looked for a decent (or any to be honest) Robotnik redemption/recovery fic for *years* and this one is the first I've found. I always found it sad that one accident could turn absent minded Kintobor into the crazed Robotnik.

      For those that don't know in the original back story Kintobor was the one that helped Sonic first break the sound barrier while he tried to seal what little evil there was in Mobius into the Chaos Emeralds. Some faulty data entered into the Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor in the presence of a rotten egg made it explode (the ROCC, not the egg) raining gold ring parts everywhere and changing Kintobor into Robotnik.

      So Harmony - 3 / Chaos - Nil


    175. This was actually really good. Reads like something Isaac Asimov might have written.

    176. interesting little story

      although IMO it could have done without the sonic-universe tie-in. any gadgeteer could have filled the roll

      and IMO it felt oddly out of character for robotnik to be... nice

      he should at least have 'experimented' on a few ponies to begin with

      still, beyond that the overall transition was fairly smooth.

      a good, albeit unexpected, read

    177. This was good. Damn good. 5 stars.

      Though I must echo what others have said and say Robotnik's identity came through a little weak.

      There wasn't really much place for conflict and the resolution thereof in the story, but I have to say it felt like a missed opportunity when they went to his cave and Holly didn't discover any squirrel bones.

      Really though, those were minor things and detracted in no great way from the story as a whole, hence my 5 stars. Looking forward to a future story about Robotnik's influence on Equestria when more of the ponies start adopting his tech.

    178. Read it! C'mon Bronies, don't just one star it because it's Robotnik! Good grief. I've never actually signed on to post before, but this is worth it! Five stars from me, by the way. Sweet story. Manly tears were shed at the end, without shame.

    179. after reading it I gave it a 5 star rating, I think that for what it was it was amazing.

    180. @Prime 2.0
      Actually, I think the percentage of "I haven't even glanced at this, but I know it's horrible because it's Sonic" comments has been very low; not everyone in this fandom practices the oft-repeated "love and tolerance" ideal, but it's more widespread here than in any other fandom I've seen make the same claim (I'm looking at you, furry fandom).

      @KupoMechanic: "There's subtle philosophies here in why the idea of Equestria is great, not just as an escape, but an ideal."

      Yes. This is a large reason why I love the show, and why I enjoyed this fanfic.

    181. Seeing so much arguing over Sonic here really just proves that many bronies are just hypocrites why judge things with a single glance.

      Wheres that "love and tolerance?"

      No offense to any of you not falling to the above mentioned categroy, btw.

    182. @Kuro Fox
      No idea how that "why" got there instead of "who."

    183. -Inappropriate language coming up below-

      *See this on EqD*
      Eggman? What the hell are you doing here?
      *Reads description*
      Shit storm is coming in 3. 2. 1...
      *After 3 seconds*
      Shit storm is here.
      *Opens and reads the first page*
      Not another on of those Evil-go-Good fanfics!
      *Finished reading in manly tears*

      In the end, manly tears, manly screaming and manly pressing 5 stars.

    184. There is definitely low Tolerance here folks. Kinda makes me sad.

      Yes yes there doesn't seem to be an overt conflict, but we're looking at a man who not only has spent most of his life trying to enslave the world, but has gotten so beaten in those attempts he's thrown in the towel.

      Then he gets flung into a new world and is slowly, both through outside actions and internal contemplation, adjusting to the place.

      Really the fun here is seeing the reflections of a battered mad genius seeing a far... happier path in front of him.