• Nightly Roundup #113

    We might as well cover the entire popular posts section in Luna, since based on the recent post numbers it will be 90% Midnight blue in a day anyhow. So have a Luna nightly roundup so you can Luna while you watch Luna in Season two during a Luna special or something.  All the rumors in this town are CRAZY!

    Have some news.

    German Pirate Party Produces Pony P....shirt 

    The recently added German Pirate Party, members of the Berlin City Parliament, how have a pony shirt. 

    On top of this, they have a new section in their parliamentary rules of procedure:

    §9.14 Application for ponytime

    (1) A for the Assembly leadership fitting episode of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" will be played (RoP-Application for ponytime)
    Best political party ever?

    And source

    UK Show "Emmerdale" Drops a Pinkie Pie Line

    Not the animation at the end, just the line.  Yay Pinkie Pie?

    Newspaper Article on Pony Again!

    He didn't give me a location or anything for it, but this guy wrote a full on article all about FiM for his school newspaper! Check it out!

    Brony Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Boston October 21st 

    There will be an upcoming Brony meetup on October 21st, from 5:00PM till 8:00PM at the Prudential Mall Food Court for those who are in Boston during that time. This might make some good news for ED, since it seems that meetups have died out over the past several months. 

    So far, 11 people are committed to coming, so it's not going to be too small and insignificant. 


    Bergen, Norway Group Looking for More

    Check out the facebook page!

    Brony Platoon in Battlefield 3

    For the Battlefield 3 Beta tester out there, a new platoon is looking for more.

    Platoon Page
    Recruitment Thread

    Houston Brony Meetup

    It happens on Saturday, hit up the Rainbow Dash page for more information!

    Ponies Screaming for Two Minues


    Ponified Door

    Yep... That's a lot of ponies.

    Also Spearow, because, why not?

    Midnight Run Show Adds New Segment

    Have some copypaste!

    We have a new segment joining the Midnight Run called ICONS where we put the fans in control.  From chatroom interaction to email questions and they’ll be able to ask there questions LIVE ON AIR
    The guests we have lined up are

    Aaron and mike of Flankbook
    And DJ Pinkiepieswear!

    This all starts Tuesday at 11pm est and this Saturday will be a 2 hour GROOVE RUSH where I’ll let you sit in the chair and you control the playlist.
    Follow us on Facebook.com/midnightrun11
    And email your questions and song links to [email protected]

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY were looking for an animator to create us an intro to icons and a background as well email us to get the full details! The winner will get to choose the FULL PLAY LIST for the next Groove rush

    Top 10 Pony Videos of September Voting Begins!

    The public votes for all PMV's submitted to Youtube in September have officially begun! Hit up the video below for more information!

    Pony Geography Research

    Have some copy paste!

    Survey: http://kwiksurveys.com?u=geogponies

    I am conducting a semester long research project for a college Geography
    and Regional development course. I would like to look into the
    geographical distribution of Bronies in relation to the time that they
    discovered MLP:FiM, in order to help uncover the way in which ideas in
    information spread on the internet throughout a real life space, as
    well as the geographical distribution and demand for pony toys and the
    social connections between Bronies around the world.

    I have also started a tumblr account on which I will be posting about
    my progress, as well as the results and conclusions I draw from the

    Tumblr:  http://geographicalponies.tumblr.com/

    Go help him gather data!

    Happy Rosh Hashanah for all the Jewish Bronies Out There!

    I don't have any Jewish ponies to celebrate, but you guys like Fluttershy too right?

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Laptop Skins

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