• Story: The Sock Swap

    [Comedy] Luna Contest Event winner #4!  That's it for those.  Thanks to everyone that participated.  Hopefully that's enough Luna to hold us over until season 2!

    Author: ProBrono

    Description: Luna's been pretty gloomy for most of the year since her return to the palace, but when her favorite holiday appears on the horizon, she gets excited for everything it might mean for her and her sock collection. However, when Celestia starts having doubts about the Sock Swap, she makes a secret request to Twilight and her friends to make sure it's truly a day for Luna to remember.
    The Sock Swap

    Additional Tags: socks, bunnies, rainbooms, redemption, socks

    Midnight's Notes: From my minion: "11/5 For its length I wasn't expecting it to be so solidly packed with fun and humor. It has a pace to it as opposed to mile-a-minute gags. I wonder if brony meetups will take to including sock HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SOCKS, MY ANGER, AND ALL MY SORROW."

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