• Bronies for Good Presents: Redheart's Roundup

    The Brony charity group Bronies for Good has just announced their September donation drive: a community-wide effort to donate as much blood as possible. Blood is one of those things that, even though we are always making more of it, there is never enough of. It cannot be overstated how important it is for hospitals to have a ready supply on hand - a few minutes out of your day will save lives. If, like me, you're deemed medically unable to donate, then I encourage you to spread the word about this event, instead. Details on how to participate can be found in the document linked below.

    Despite the fact that they mention October in it, I'm almost certain this is meant to be a September-based activity. If you guys are reading this, please clarify in the comments. As well, a special thank you to one BlueNudibranch for supplying the lovely image you see above. Nurse Redheart is an awesome pony. Now go and make her proud!

    Redheart's Roundup: Announcement and Details

    edit: Google Doc has been corrected. Sorry for the technical difficulties!

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