• Nightly Roundup #76

    Twilight Sparkle's turn! Trixie day sure was filled with complete crazy posts.

    Also repeated words edition, because I repeat words when I'm tired. 

    Have some news

    Southern Hemisphere Winter Wrap Up Facebook Page

    For those living in the Southern hemisphere, a new page has popped up on Facebook dedicated to celebrating Winter Wrap Up. You can find it here!

    Web Comics With Ponies

    Does Not Play Well With Others



    I just had Sherbert ice cream actually. Is this stuff actually as healthy as they say? Or is it just marketing speak? I'm too lazy to Google it.

    Anyway have some cake.

    Brony News Central Channel 

    A new news channel style podcast thing has popped up! You can find it's first episode ever here!

    Rarity Sound Effects for Left For Dead 2

    I know how much you guys love modding the hell out of source stuff, so have a mod to mod the hell out of your source stuff WITH!

    You can find the video and download links here!

    Italian Season One Subtitles

    For those looking to spread some pony love to our Italian bro's, look no further than this youtube page for all your subtitling needs.

    Modnation Racing Community

    A group of people playing Modnation Racing have set up a whole bunch of pony stuff and are inviting everyone with the game to join them! They also have a really neat logo... I want a logo like that...

    Have some videos!

    Race 1
    Race 2
    Race 3

    And their ponychan thread for signing up can be found here!

    Wikipedia MLP Project

    In order to increase the quality of all FiM related articles in Wikipedia, a new group has formed over there that seeks to fix everything up.  If you are interested in helping out, check out their wiki page here!

    Pony Generator Updated

    If you are having trouble deciding on an awesome OC pony to assign to yourself, a new generator has popped up that essentially creates you a random back story that you can use to build something out of.  You can find the site for it here!

    Northampton, MA Brony Meetup

    Another meetup is seeking more! Have some copypaste

    Hey everypony, we're having the first Western Mass. / Southern VT
    brony meetup ever! It'll be in Northampton, MA in the park area next
    to the Academy of Music at 2PM this Saturday August 27. Rainbow
    Sprinkles will be bringing coloring books and cupcakes and I will be
    bringing apple-related drinks and snacks as well as as many pony
    buttons that I can make between now and then. The plan is to hang out
    at the park, sing some songs and stuff, have dramatic readings of
    fanfics and generally infuse Northampton with even more love and
    tolerance and rainbows that it already has and then figure out if we
    want to retire to a brony's local dwelling, get dinner/coffee, or
    whatever. Also it'll be a good time to see if we can get a bigger
    meetup happening at one of the Five Colleges or something during the
    school year!

    E-mail [email protected] if you have questions. If you live
    in/near Western MA and want to post some posters up between now and
    then I've got a PDF up at

    Another Pony Forum! 

    For those seeking to start over yet again, a new forum has popped up looking to fill its pages with all things pony, including roleplay and tournaments.  You can find the page for it here!

    Extralives.org Charity Marathon Part 2!

    Another marathon is going on over at Extralives.org starting on Friday August 26th.  Check out the information about it below!
    This fundraising marathon will examine the seedy underbelly of the video game industry-- bootlegged and knockoff games. From poorly translated copies of Pokemon to Final Fantasy 7 on the Famicom to an entire set of games revolving around The Bible, we'll be playing a wide variety of unique games, some of which you may never have seen before. We'll be starting the broadcast at noon, Eastern Time, on Friday, August 26th. We're expecting to play for about 72 hours nonstop and we hope you drop in!

    We'll be raising money for Free the Children (http://www.freethechildren.com/), a charity that provides humanitarian aid to kids in developing nations. We're aiming to raise at least $8,500 to fund the construction of a schoolhouse in an underdeveloped country. If less than this is raised, the charity will use the donations for toward famine-aid relief and irrigation projects in East Africa. The region is facing their worst drought in sixty years, resulting in a famine which has left tens of thousands dead. Donations go directly to the charity and those over $10 are tax deductible. Every $5 you donate enters you once in our raffle for an ExtraLives.org T-shirt!

    FiM Panel Finale

    Those following the FiM panel for the last few days can find their final video here!

    Dutch Brony Facebook Page

    Are you Dutch? Then join the Facebook Page!

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Rainbow Dash Painting
    Luna Painting 
    Twilight Sparkle Plushie

    Equestria Daily News

    Drawfriend is delayed for a day!

    30,000,000 Contest submissions are going up tomorrow! 

    That's about it!
    I honestly have no clue what day each pony is supposed to be assigned.  Have some Applejack in pajamas, drawn by the same person that drew Twilight drinking soda, which Cereal posted earlier, which was distracting.

    Fic report for Monday, August 22, 2011
    • Fics received today: 14
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    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 15
    • Fics approved: ~9
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