• Midnight Shadow's Happy Luna Fanfiction Competition Results Post!

    Welcome, everypony, to the

    Happy Luna's Super Magically Fun Storytime Adventure Challenge

    Results Post!

    Look at that Luna, doesn't she look like a happy Luna? She does! And it's all thanks to you awesome, awesome bronies and your fun-filled fics of fabulousness. In a remarkably short space of time, you flooded my inbox with 61 fics and bought me a ticket all the way home to the controlled chaos which is the EqD headquarters in Canterlot. I presented the Princess of the Night with a stack of paper so high I believe it is officially a mountain. Some of my minions are now scaling the north face. If it had been 40, it would have been terrible. As it was, it was friendship.

    Not all of them are what would ordinarily be posted, but I'll be fair - Here we have for you (and don't let your eyes glaze over) everything I got sent. Because ponies. I want to thank everypony who put quill to parchment to make this happen. The ones at the top are mine or my minions' favourites, but don't let that stop you from exploring the whole batch. I promised some weekend reading and by gum I'm going to deliver.

    Some of these demand their own post, and I think they deserve it.

    To everypony who wrote something, even those I didn't post (for not meeting EqD general posting standards), thank you! If I've forgotten you, let me know, I'll see what I can do.

    Midnight's Favourites

    These stories are ones that struck me as being right in the Goldilocks zone for a fic. They hit the right notes as stories, they executed their plan well, they incorporated the requests and they left me wanting more. As always, not all ponies will agree on what tickles their fancy, but with such a wealth of options I'm sure you'll all find something.

    Title: Tonight I Shall Be Laughter

    Author: Cloud Wander

    Google Docs Link: Tonight I Shall Be Laughter

    Description: Luna decides to work on her Element of Laughter. The Commander of the Lunar Guard gives chase.

    Tags: Comedy

    Additional Tags: Happy, Luna, Pinkie Pie, Comedy, OC Ponies, YourObedientSerpent

    Midnight's Notes: This had me genuinely laughing out loud at the antics of both the misunderstood Princess of the Night, and her faithful if somewhat ox-headed guard, Bucephalus. I wish this was an episode. It would be Celestia-tier.

    Title: Giggling Moon

    Author: Featherwings

    Google Docs Link: Giggling Moon

    Description:In an attempt to learn friendship and make up on a thousand years of lost happiness, Luna visits ponyville for a day with Twilight Sparkle and her friends! But the mane six have their own ideas about who Luna is; can they move beyond their assumptions to discover the real Luna, or will everyone end up covered in tree sap?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Feel-Good, Episodic, Giggling Luna

    Title: Eso Sí Que Es

    Author: WTFHIW

    Google Docs Link: Eso Sí Que Es

    Description: Luna and Celestia share some rare private time, discuss the highlights of Luna's tour of Paddocksburgh, and somehow get their hooves on some socks. Silliness and photography ensue.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Living up to my pseudonym

    Title: The Sock Swap

    Author: ProBrono

    Google Docs Link: The Sock Swap

    Description: Luna's been pretty gloomy for most of the year since her return to the palace, but when her favorite holiday appears on the horizon, she gets excited for everything it might mean for her and her sock collection. However, when Celestia starts having doubts about the Sock Swap, she makes a secret request to Twilight and her friends to make sure it's truly a day for Luna to remember.

    Tags: Normal, comedy

    Additional Tags: socks, bunnies, rainbooms, redemption, socks

    Midnight's Notes: From my minion: "11/5 For its length I wasn't expecting it to be so solidly packed with fun and humor. It has a pace to it as opposed to mile-a-minute gags. I wonder if brony meetups will take to including sock HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SOCKS, MY ANGER, AND ALL MY SORROW."

    Special Mention

    Title: Of Packages and Punches

    Author: Bastard King

    Google Docs Link: Of Packages and Punches

    Description:Princess Luna is encouraged by her sister to participate in a charity, only to wind up with a huge problem due to some severe miscommunication. Now the Elements of Harmony must work together to help Luna overcome this obstacle

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: long, sports, funny, OC ponies, abacus

    Midnight's Notes: This fic is over 33k words long! That's almost a novel! In the words of one of my faithful minions, this is a 6/5 fic if the author is prepared to go back over and fix up the second half. As it stands, it's an excellent, detailed, enthralling story. And it's 33k words. Good grief.

    Title: Accidental Bliss

    Author: Kara/ThyPony

    Google Docs Link: Accidental Bliss

    Description: In her attempts to escape her loneliness during her stay on the moon, Luna tries to make a friend with magic but gets an unexpected result...

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Touching, Uplifting, Cheeky, Cute, Happy

    Midnight's Notes: This fic popped up in my inbox mere hours after the challenge went out. It shows the newness of the author, but it's genuinely funny and - what tickled my fancy - it expanded on canon very believably.

    Title: The Worst Bakers in Equestria - Luna's Soup Adventure

    Author: Bob from Bottles

    Google Docs Link: The Worst Bakers in Equestria - Luna's Soup Adventure

    Description: Princess Luna learns of the Worst Baker in Equestria Competition and wonders if she has what it takes to compete. She decides to practice in the royal kitchens and the chefs soon learn just how bad of a cook she can be.

    Tags: Random, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Luna, Competition, Baking, Discovery, Bad luck

    Midnight's Notes: I sincerely hope the author writes more of this, I genuinely want to read more. Wins a rubber ducky prize for sneaking in "Baking" through sheer bravado and sneakiness. This builds on Canon in an intriguing way...

    Title: The Socks of Wrath

    Author: Dubs Rewatcher

    Google Docs Link: The Socks of Wrath

    Description: As you probably know, Celestia is the foremost expert on the subject of friendship. But, when she ends up violating one of her own sacred philosophies, it takes Luna and a very bizarre piece of clothing to show her the light.

    Tags: Normal, Random

    Additional Tags: Socks, Battles, Fear, Baking, Insanity

    Midnight's Notes: Not all In Medias Res stories pull it off. This one does. This stuck out for it's sheer silliness.

    Title: A Birthnight To Remember

    Author: RainicornDash

    Google Docs Link: A Birthnight To Remember

    Description: Pinkie Pie is planning a party for Luna's birthday, but will her party be a hit or a flop? And what exactly is Luna up to? Rumors fly about the mysterious princess.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: happy, episode-esque, shenanigans, party, funny

    Midnight's Notes: With a 5/5, my minion said "It kept the beats going and had heaping helpings of humor. I giggled IRL. The references and shout-outs were neat."

    Title: The April Foals report

    Author: blader4411

    Google Docs Link: The April Foals Report

    Fanfiction Link: The April Foals Report

    Description: To commemorate her first April Foal’s Day back from the Moon, Princess Luna attempts the biggest prank she’s ever thought of. Her helper and friend? Pinkie Pie. Her target? Why, her dear older sister Celestia of course! Let madness ensue!

    Tags:  Comedy

    Additional Tags: April Foals, Socks, Strange Happenings

    Midnight's Notes: I genuinely laughed at this one. It's so easy to write "april foals" stories that come off as only forced. This had me giggling.

    Title: A Year to the Day

    Author: DJLowrider

    DeviantArt Link: A Year to the Day

    Description: It has been exactly one year since the defeat of Nightmare Moon and the return of Princess Luna. As preparations get underway for the Summer Sun Celebration once again, Luna is called upon to fulfill a promise she made to the very ponies who saved her from the Nightmare.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Princess Luna meets the CMC

    Midnight's Notes: 5/5 from my minion, "The opening is a bit slow, but after that it becomes heartwarming and genuinely funny. It's exactly what I hoped this contest would produce."

    Title: Party Fever

    Author: GWFan

    Fanfiction Link: Party Fever

    Description: Princess Celestia suggests that Luna spend an evening in Ponyville to get reacquainted with everyday ponies. Twilight wants everything to go smoothly.

    Tags: Comedy

    Additional Tags: Happy Luna, party, outbreak, mishaps, flowers

    Midnight's Notes: This is another excellent fic which would really fit the bill as an episode. Hits most of the scenes and lines, and incorporates them flawlessly. Also, Derpy!

    More Happy Luna!

    Title: A Simple Little Party

    Author: Chris

    Google Docs Link: A Simple Little Party

    Description: Why wasn't Luna at the Grand Galloping Gala? Because she didn't want to be there, of course! But not attending has its own consequences, and now Luna's expected to throw a party of Twilight and her friends. With Pinkie Pie's help, can the Princess pull it off?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Party, Episodic, Pony Puns, Abacus-less

    Title: The Misadventures of Luna

    Author: Communist_Colt

    DeviantArt Link: The Misadventures of Luna

    Description: Princess Celestia decides to take the day off and show her little sister around Ponyville. What will happen when Luna meets her saviors?

    Tags: Normal, Light Shipping, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Surprise Visit, Socks, Humorous Encounters

    Title: Between the Dusk and the Dawn

    Author: Caerdwyn

    DeviantArt Link: Between the Dusk and the Dawn

    Description: Being a Princess has its perks. But what is a royal pony to do when she wants to take in the nightlife, and just go dancing? Obviously, the only solution is to seek out the most stylish sophisticate she knows, and hope that a royal designer can deliver.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Dancing, Fashion, Music, Scandalous, IDEAAAAAAAAA!

    Image: http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/art/They-Love-the-Night-210065160

    Title:  Luna's Learning and Lessons: A Literature

    Author: TGaP Lalian

    Google Docs Link: Luna's Learning and Lessons: A Literature

    Description: Tired of her sister's shadow, Luna decides to take a personal hoof in leadership and assisting her sister. Will she prove herself worthy of ruling by Celestia's side, or is she bound to her past weakness?

    Tags: Normal, Happy

    Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Learning, Ruling, Happy

    (has an image)

    Title: Happy Luna Has Chill Day

    Author: ScyStorm

    Google Docs Link: Happy Luna Has Chill Day

    Fanfiction Link: Happy Luna Has Chill Day

    Ponyfiction Link: Happy Luna Has Chill Day

    Description: Princess Luna makes a surprise visit to Ponyville to spend some time with the girls who freed her. The royal pony's incredibly cheerful demeanor quickly leads to much confusion and amusement among all parties involved.

    Tags: Normal, Random, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Silly, Fun, Friendship, Slice-of-Life, Luna-is-Adorable

    image:  http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/#/d42s8gx

    Title: Twilight Writes a Story

    Author: MetalGearSamus

    Google Docs Link: Twilight Writes a Story

    Description: Twilight Sparkle has done many things with books, but the one thing she has yet to try is actually writing one. She finds it more difficult then expected, and seeks help from her friends.

    Tags: Random, Normal

    Additional Tags: Random, Writer's Block, Pseudo-Shipping, One-Shot, Comedic

    Title: Clash of the Heavenly Titans

    Author: Ciroton

    DeviantArt Link: Clash of the Heavenly Titans

    Description: What do you do when living goddesses start pranking? HIDE!!!

    Tags: Comedy

    Additional Tags: Princesses gone wild, raining muffins

    Title: Happy Birthday, Luna

    Author: meh

    Google Docs Link: Happy Birthday, Luna

    Description: There's only one thing Luna wants for her birthday, and that's her sister back.

    Tags: Normal, Sad

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet, Luna reminisces, gets better

    Title: It's a Luna thing

    Author: The Owl

    Fanfiction Link: It's a Luna thing

    Description:Twilight Sparkle is called to Canterlot where Celestia gives Twilight an improbable and very original task: Teach Luna the magic of friendship.

    Tags: Comedy

    Additional Tags: Baking, Trollestia, Letters, Socks, Short

    Title: Slander

    Author: Foxmane

    Fanfiction Link: Slander

    Description: When Princess Luna is hounded by the paparazzi and Equestria begins to doubt her fitness to rule, the Moon Goddess tries to hide away from the world, a certain pegasus shows her the value of a friend. Written for the Happy Luna competition on EQ Daily.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Light Comedy, Friendship, Paparazzi, Cute

    Title: The Magic of Harmonies

    Author: Deathaura40s

    DeviantArt Link: The Magic of Harmonies (Ch.1) (The rest are linked at the bottom)

    Description: Princess Celestia, tired of her sister's self enforced isolation, sends her to Ponyville to help Twilight and her friends with the plans for the Grand Galloping Gala. However, unbeknown to them all the Gala will feature a music competition, and the Elements of Harmony, along with Luna and Spike are to form bands and compete for the title of Equestria's best music group!

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Music friendship Gala heavy metal

    Title: Forget the Moon

    Author:  Lord Derpington

    Google Docs Link: Forget the Moon

    Description: Six months have passed since Luna was freed from the form of Nightmare Moon, time she has spent recovering and getting accustomed to a world changed almost beyond recognition. The day of a festival celebrating a solar eclipse is the perfect time for her to officially take back control of the moon, but a crisis of confidence makes her doubt her own readiness. Can she find the strength within to decide her own future?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Winter, Festival, Canterlot, Self-Discovery, Friendship

    Title: Luna's Stars

    Author: Lady MacDuff

    Google Docs Link: Luna's Stars

    DeviantArt Link: Luna's Stars

    Description: When Luna comes home, much has changed. She's friendless, unhappy, and unable to raise the stars and moon like she used to. But with the help of our favorite ponies, she rediscovers the meaning of friendship and learns something about herself.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Happy, Struggle, Loneliness, Making Friends

    Title: Luna's Super Happy Fun Time Show

    Author: Cat Eats Dog

    Google Docs Link: Luna's Super Happy Fun Time Show

    Description: Luna, The Great and Powerful Trixie, and Gilda must team up to make a lot of things dead. Confusion and violence ensues.

    Tags: Grimdark-War, Random

    Additional Tags: Short, Weird, Violent

    Title: One Wish

    Author: Starcrosser

    Google Docs Link: One Wish

    Description: When Twilight wishes on a star, Luna sees an opportunity. Twilight and Luna wind up living each other's lives for the day.

    Tags: Normal, Shipping

    Additional Tags: Luna and Twilight swap bodies

    Title: Pinkie Tries to Make Happy Luna

    Author: H3llpon3

    Google Docs Link: Pinkie Tries to Make Happy Luna

    Description: Celestia hires Pinkie Pie to throw a party for Luna to help her out of her depression, knowing pinkie, chaos ensues.

    Tags: Random

    Additional Tags: Pinkie fails at Luna Party

    Title: Kidnapped in Canterlot

    Author: Mr. Boltitude

    Google Docs Link: Kidnapped in Canterlot

    Description: Luna goes with Applejack and Pinkie Pie to buy some apples, but they're kidnapped and forced to race in an illegal pony racing circuit!

    Tags: Normal, Adventure, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Race, crime, adventure, gala, fighting

    Title: The Incident

    Author: 0011010000110010

    Fanfiction Link: The Incident

    Description: Faster than light travel has been achieved, but the maiden voyage leads to an unexpected place.

    Tags: Sci-Fi

    Additional Tags: It's not a self insert

    Title: Wishes, Dreams, and Parties

    Author: El-Bronio

    Google Docs Link: Wishes, Dreams, and Parties

    Description: After wondering out loud about Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle and her friends receive a very unexpected invitation to a private party, hosted by the Princess herself.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Short, Letters, Parties, Pranks, Dancing

    Title: A Thousand Candles

    Author: Wafflepan

    Google Docs Link: A Thousand Candles

    Description: Pinkie Pie is given a task by the highest authority - throw Luna a birthday party! But when she runs out of candles, can she find more in time?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Party, Episodic, Favors, Helping, Candles

    Title: Detective Luna in: Case of the Cereal Snatchers

    Author: Glaber

    Google Docs Link: Detective Luna in: Case of the Cereal Snatchers

    Description: Princess Luna takes an interest in becoming a detective, but can she prove herself to be more than a simple reader of Mysteries?

    Tags: Normal, Light Mystery

    Additional Tags: Contest entry, Sequel, Side story, Fannon Crossover

    Title: Rain

    Author: HyunSu

    Google Docs Link: Rain

    Fanfiction Link: Rain

    Description: Still saddled with guilt over her actions as Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna has not stepped out of Canterlot's walls since the Elements of Harmony redeemed her one year ago. But when the capital’s only rainstorm of the year forces everypony else indoors, the younger alicorn takes the chance to venture outside -- and it's all according to plan.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Medium, Princesses, Responsibility, Reconciliation, Reflection

    Title: To Dream When the Spell is Lifted

    Author: Nightbreak

    Google Docs Link:  To Dream When the Spell is Lifted

    Description: An insomniac Rainbow Dash gets banished to Canterlot, then put in a dungeon in the place where she's been banished to. The rest should do her good, as will a visit from the Princess of the Night herself.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Sleepless, dreamscape, Luna's realm, Rainbow Dash

    Title: Prancing in Paris

    Author: Pen Pal

    Google Docs Link: Prancing in Paris

    Description: Luna is forced to go on vacation to Paris, France by Celestia. Shenanigans ensue as she meets up with the Mane Six, and learns a little about redemption and being a stronger pony.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy, Shipping

    Additional Tags: Funny, Redemption, Slice-Of-Life

    Title: Party. Sleep. Repeat.

    Author: A Pony Farce

    DeviantArt Link: Party. Sleep. Repeat.

    Description: Scratch and Luna fight the forces of mediocre dance music.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Clubs, Music, Rivalry, Dancing, Sneakery

    Title: Goodbye to Socks

    Author: Cole K.

    Google Docs Link: Goodbye to Socks

    Description: Princess Celestia sends Luna to Ponyville to get a report on friendship from Twilight Sparkle, but it’s Luna who ends up making some friends.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Episode Fic, Loneliness, Happiness, Solitude, Parties

    Title: Luna's Longing

    Author: Astridax

    Google Docs Link: Luna's Longing

    Description: Luna may be a royal princess, yet she doesn't feel like it. Nobody could appreciate the former Nightmare Moon could they? Luna reveals some long lost desires in this story. Co authored by Mask of Data, author of The Sun is Tired and others. Proofread by my Mum, she's awesome like that and Quill, author of Luna's Best Night Ever.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy, Cute

    Additional Tags: Luna reveals her deepest desires

    Title: Cantering Around Canterlot

    Author: Tales

    Google Docs Link: 

    Description: Luna surprises Celestia with a gift on her birthday. But Celestia decides they're going to celebrate Luna's birthday instead! A thousand years is a long time to be away from Equestria. Times have changed, and with that, technology. Can Luna manage to fit into a world that she no longer recognizes? Princess Celestia hopes that a day in out Canterlot is just what Luna needs, and Luna finds some unexpected birthday fun.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Luna, Princess Celestia, Canterlot, socks, fun

    Title: Luna’s Exciting Day

    Author: EHeroFlareNeos

    Google Docs Link: Luna’s Exciting Day

    Fanfiction Link: Luna’s Exciting Day

    Description: Luna receives an invitation to a party and decides to make cupcakes for the occasion. Can she avoid ruining her confections, or will things simply not go quite as planned?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Episode, Luna, Socks, Baking, Race

    Title: Luna's Ascent

    Author: Fluttershy Oakley

    Google Docs Link: Luna's Ascent

    Description: After Luna is freed from Nightmare moon, she is forced to fight against the insecurities she had before. With a little magic, maybe she can finally accept being happy, this story is directed at the hope that she can.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Happy, Hopeful, Tender, Reserved, Warming

    Title: Downtown

    Author: 14-Spades

    Google Docs Link: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ]

    Description: After a set of spotlights in downtown Canterlot catches Princess Luna's attention, she is brought to the Canterlot Ballroom for a rock concert. There she gains two new friends, the brash Vinyl Scratch and the experienced stunt mare Spitfire. They have a few highlights in their night, like a 'Headbanger's Makeover', racing griffins for honor, and generally, the best night ever with the best friends the goddess of the moon could ask for.

    Tags: Random, Comedy

    Additional Tags: thrashing, adjustment, friendship, disjointed

    Title: Luna versus First Date

    Author: Patricia "Pinkiederp" Weber

    Deviant Art: Luna Versus First Date

    Description:Big Mac finally asks Luna out on a date and Luna goes all over town to make the date perfect. Unfortunely, things do not go as planned... or do they?

    Tags: Normal, Light Shipping, Comedy

    Additional Tags: BigLuna, Socks, Maple Syrup, First Kiss, Miscommunication

    image: http://bigponymac.deviantart.com/art/Luna-vs-First-Date-252730440

    Even More Happy Luna!

    Title: Luna's First Day

    Author: waffen337

    Google Docs Links: Prologue | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ]

    Description:Celestia decides that if Luna wants to have all the tasks that comes with ruling, first she needs to go to school. Twilight Sparkle helps her but when she learns that she also needs to retake her semester she's dragged along with Luna, but not if a white unicorn with a stage light cutie mark has anything to say about it!
    (Thanks so much for pariah1165 and pinkie pie for their incredible help!)


    Additional Tags: Creative, Unique, Medium Sized, Humorousness, Happy

    Image: http://i.imgur.com/GycTT.jpg

    Title: The Moon Dancers

    Author: Archmage Ansirt

    DeviantArt Link: The Moon Dancers

    Description:Nightmare Moon is defeated and princess Luna takes her rightful place as co-ruler of Equestria. When a glassmaker pony falls head over heels at the sight of the lady of the night a quest to earn the right to be at her side begins. Still, nothing is ever easy, other than fighting back embarrassment, there is also a strong desire to fly at her side... which doesn't come easy, or cheap! To make things more difficult, Eclipse also makes a new friend at a nightclub...

    Tags: Shipping

    Additional Tags: Luna, love, sentimentality, sad, flight

    Title: Colts and Mares

    Author: DJnickbeta

    Google Docs Link: Colts and Mares

    Description: Celestia has big dates planned for Luna, but what happens when the colts that she picks out don't live up to her expectations? Can Luna find love on her own, or will she let 'big sis' make her decisions for her?

    Tags: Normal, Shipping

    Additional Tags: Dating, Colts, Arranged, Luna, Love

    Title: Sister Sun's Celebration

    Author: Typewriter Ribbon

    Google Docs Link: Sister Sun's Celebration

    Description: Princess Luna wants to throw a birthday party for her sister Celestia, but requires the help of some old acquaintances. With some ponies unable to put past sins behind them, will Luna succeed in her wish?

    Tags: Normal, Sad, Silly, Random

    Additional Tags: Luna gets sad then happy

    Title: A Few Good Friends

    Author: VozDeSuenos

    Google Docs Link: A Few Good Friends

    Description: Nopony ever thought how hard it might be for Princess Luna to come back to Equestria. After too many days alone in the Royal Library, Celestia decides another pony needs to get out in the world and make friends. Who better to show her than Twilight Sparkle and her friends with a Pinkie Pie party?

    Tags: Normal, Comedy, Light Shipping, Long

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie and Luna Party!

    has an image!

    Title: Luna of the Rising Sun

    Author: John Perry

    Google Docs Link: Luna of the Rising Sun

    Description: It’s time for the Summer Sun celebration again, and Ponyville is playing host to Princess Luna at a party honoring the anniversary of her return. Twilight Sparkle is determined to make the princess feel welcome, but what is the true purpose behind Luna’s visit? What lessons in friendship could the two learn from each other?

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Princess visits and hijinks ensue

    Title: Luna's Gift

    Author: ROBCakeran53

    DeviantArt Link: Luna's Gift

    Description: Luna is rudely awakened one morning to find her sister presenting her with a magnificent gift. What follows after, however, is the consistent shenanigans of an omnipotent older sibling.

    Tags: Normal, Comedy

    Additional Tags: Trollestia, Playmare, Socks, Stud Muffin, Sisterly Love

    Title: Moon Princess Adventures In Ponyville

    Author: Solar Flair

    DeviantArt Link: Moon Princess Adventures In Ponyville

    Description: Luna, after moping about the castle for months, is convinced by Celestia to go on a trip and mingle with some ponies.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Worry, Late, Acceptance, Welcome, Party

    Title: A Night To Remember

    Author: GlassAlicorn

    Fanfiction Link: A Night To Remember

    Description: The mane six plus Spike are stuck in Canterlot for a night after the Gala, and end up having a slumber party with Princess Luna. This totally is going to end without disaster...right?

    Tags: Random, Comedy, No-Shipping

    Additional Tags: Cute, Amusing, Random, Silly, Odd

    Title: Luna Gets a Cupcake

    Author: Ziosify

    Google Docs Link: Luna Gets a Cupcake

    Description: Luna finds herself in a place where she is respected, but she feels like something is missing. After finding herself in an unexpected situation, how will she react?

    Tags: Normal, Random

    Additional Tags: Static electricity, in disguise, some shipping, music, cupcakes

    Title: Twilight's Twilight

    Author: Chris (mark 2)

    Google Docs Link: Twilight's Twilight

    Description: The royal sisters discover something ominous about Twilight, and fix it using the best birthday present ever.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Birthday, Magic, Friendship, Explosions, Flight

    Title: Luna's Flower of Happiness

    Author: Sara Lostaglia

    Fanfiction Link: Luna's Flower of Happiness

    Description:Happy, if only unwittingly

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: Happy, sad, adventurous, suspenseful, touching

    Title: A Night for the History Books

    Author: Anne

    Google Docs Link: A Night for the History Books

    Description: When Luna asks her big sister for a festival in honor of the longest night of the year and her sister accepts Luna suddenly realizes she'll have to work hard to make sure it's the best festival ever on the longest night, but the question on everyone's mind is who she's doing this for.

    Tags: Normal

    Additional Tags: It's sweet from the start

    Title: Looney Luna

    Author: Brady

    Google Docs Link: Looney Luna

    Description: Princess Luna comes to Ponyville for a visit. But all is not what it seems...

    Tags: Normal, Sad

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Parties, Royalty, Forgiveness, Regret

    Honourable Mentions

    for being tardy or tiny, but otherwise not too bad, these didn't make it in...I tried hard to be mean, but these ponies have got this big watery eye thing down pat...

    Title: T.L.I. Fridays

    Author: Miaplacidus

    Google Docs Link:  T.L.I. Fridays

    Description: On the night of the Gala, a lonely princess convinces a stranger and her friend to break her out of the castle.

    Tags: Normal, Random, Comedy, Fuzzy

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Fuzzy, Sneakouts, Injuries, Apologies

    Title: Firesky

    Author: Tales

    Google Docs Link: Firesky

    Description: When Princess Celestia takes Princess Luna to a Wonderbolts show, Luna finds more entertainment then she was looking for...

    Tags: Shipping

    Additional Tags: Luna, Spitfire, Firesky, Shipping, Crackship

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