• Game: Runaway Pony

    Pony flash games! Pony flash games everywhere! I swear to Celestia, the next time I see a pony flash game I'm going to play it so hard that its pixels will hurt. That's right. I'll make pixels bleed, do you hear me? I'll RGB your luma values, bitch.

    Wolfkodi over at DeviantArt has made this flash game featuring a walk cycle that he was creating for his pony. He started adding more and more things, and eventually it just turned into a game. I kind of wished my garden would do that. Not to imply that I have a garden, but it seemed like a good thing to segue into. All you do is levitate the food into the basket and leave the mail levitating by itself. Have a score war in the comments!

    You can find the game here.

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