• Nightly Roundup #72

    Octavia?!  Hell yah!

    I had two #68 nightly roundups, so I skipped 71 to make up for it.

    I'm hoping the music ponies get some spotlight in season two.  

    Rooster Teeth Stuff

    Apparently the new member of the Rooster Teeth staff is spreading pony all over the place. Not only was their recent podcast invaded by it, but apparently it has become a sort of inside joke between the various members of the team.

    Starting with the podcast here

    Followed by the blog post about one of their members eventually heading the pony way here.

    Pony Marriage Proposal

    What better way to propose, than with ponies?! The crazy PMV found below was actually used with great success! How many of you have a significant other who shares your pony love?

    Pony Marriage Proposal

    720p Equestria Girls

    The Equestria Girls PMV that the hub released a while back never did hit anything above 420p. Noobish1Noobsicle on Youtube recently re-created it scene by scene using clips from the show in glorious 720p.

    You can find it here!

    Malaysia Facebook Group

    Another Facebook group is looking for more! If you live in Malaysia, check it out here!

    Albany NY Meetup!

    Another meetup is going down! have some copypaste!

    To All Ponies in Upstate New York and Surrounding Areas:

    The very first meeting of the Albany Bronies Chapter will be at 2:30 PM, September 10th, 2011 at Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY! Come and join your fellow ponies for food, shopping, perhaps a movie and laser tag, and just to get to know each other!

    We’d love it if anypony who’s interested would attend: stay for as little or as long as you like. If you’re traveling from other parts of Upstate New York, or even Vermont or Maressachusetts, there’s a limited amount of one-night lodging available. Just ask K-Ten for details at [email protected]
    Don’t have a car? There’s easy access to Crossgates Mall from the 10, 12, and 55 CDTA bus lines, in addition to the iFlex service that runs in between Colonie Center and Crossgates Mall. For those who live in the Capital Region but aren't able to access public transportation there may be some limited availability of carpooling to and from the event on a first-come first-serve basis. Ask for details if necessary!

    You can join our Albany Bronies group and RSVP for the event at www.meetup.com/Bronies-Albany

    We hope to see everypony there, and look forward to kicking off a great community with you!

    Best wishes,
    K-Ten, Founder
    Cupcakes, Assistant Organizer

    Ponies on the Official Playstation Blog

    This is extremely subtle, but on the official Playstation blog, Rainbow Dash popped up in a an explanation of Resistance 3.
    "Just because they aren’t modified with some fancy alien technology doesn’t mean they won’t plow through the Chimera faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the skies of Ponyville."
    You can find the link here!

    Flankbook 3000 User Portal Give-away

    The brony's answer to Facebook recently hit 3000 users. To honor it, a new contest is being held in celebration. You can find all the information on it here!

    Comic With Ponies

    Original life recently had a pony reference. You can find it here!

    Bronyville Podcast Climbing the itunes Ladder

    Our bros over at Bronyville recently hit 46th place for TV podcasts over on itunes. That's a pretty awesome milestone.

    I'm pretty sure we can do even better though, so get over there and support them!

    Twitter Pony RP

    A group over on Twitter that roleplays a bunch of pony stuff recently set up a website. You can find it here!

    Pony Panel At Connecticon

    A while back a convention went down with a bunch of Friendship is Magic panels. The people that ran it have tossed a few videos up on Youtube. You can find them here!

    Canterlot Commercial Updated

    Earlier today I posted the new Canterlot play set commercial. Sadly it was hand-camera quality. Someone went ahead and directly ripped it. You can find it updated at it's post here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Derpy
    Derpy Hooves
    Alfalfa Monster Shirts
    Fluttershy Blindbag (With actual Fluttershy Hair)

    Equestria Daily News

    Seth is watching the Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends Tournament! The Great and Powerful Derpy Hooves will take it from here...

    Apparently it's "that" Derpy though.  Sorry!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here