• Pony Merch: Canterlot Set (Lots of Pictures!)

    Steves_Minty has sent us a lot of pictures of the Canterlot sets that appeared at his local Target. Included are some activity sets for smaller children, and some Celestia and Luna toys. She wrote up an excellent email for us, so I won't muddy their words. You can find a million pictures, as well as the write-up, after the break.

    My local Target finally got some Canterlot items! Most everything has been posted before, but I never saw these. I also have some comparison pics of the two molded Celestias.

    Apparently Hasbro misheard our pleas for Celestia to not be pink. They just recolored her pink stripe. Also included is how creepy Luna is. The outline of her eyes is defined as it would be on any Pony, so you can see it around her eye paint. Creepy. The influence of Molestia is strong with this one. I had her chilling with me while I watch old Linkara vids. Hopefully reviews of crappy comics won't make her MORE evil.

    Submitted for your approval will be pics of three activity sets. We have a watercolor MAGIC REVEAL PAINT SET OMG ELEVENTYONE! The paint-in parts have a raised pattern. I have a similar G3 set with markers.

    Then we have an Aqua Doodle bootleg called WATER WOW! set with G3 counterparts. I really like these little things. Basically a thin sheet of material is over colored material, and wetting it using the foam tipped brush makes the colors reveal. This seems like a travel set, with the cards attaching to the ring on the brush. On the reverse are questions you can answer by coloring it in.

    Finally, a really goofy thing called a PAPER PLAY SCENE. The pieces involved don't SEEM like real magnets, and the package says its LIKE magnets. Fuckin non-magnets, how do they work? You color in the pieces and make a scene. But it only comes with that one background, I think its also supposed to be a travel toy, because all the pieces fit in that one box that the company didn't trust to keep closed on its own and sells them with that silly shrinkwrapped strip around it. My favorite bit is how they have to LABEL TWILIGHT'S BACKPACK because no one can tell what it is!

    Hello, Luna. Why is your hair so colorful?

    Looks like a bin to me.

    What is Twilight holding?

    Pinkie generating a lens flare.

    Paper play. Sounds... flat.

    Instant comics.

    Excellent coloring job, pony.

    Purple balloon?! They're all pink!

    I guess you're supposed to draw their cutie marks in these.

    Mess free? With kids? Sure.


    Pinkie breaking some kind of wall, I'm sure.



    Patterns, how do they work?

    Two sets of wings, you say?

    I dunno, she's kinda pretty. Even though she's pink.


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