• Nightly Roundup #81

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    Someone needs to hire Rainbow Dash to move that hurricane or something!  Hopefully that thing weakens down a bit. 

    Have some (short) news!

    Mother Seeking Pony Party Ideas!

    Alrighty dudes, it's party time.  You are now Pinkie Pie, and you have to throw a party for a little girl who knows all about the different between FiM and the old...stuff.  Official g4 party supplies are limited, so you need to IMPROVISE.

    Aside from:

    Applejacks Bobbing for Apples
    Pin the tail on the Rarity

    What else do you suggest for pony themed decoration/games/food?  Drop it in the comments! 

    More Sinfest Stuff
    Another comic has popped up in Sinfest! Yay ponies!

    Star in the Ursa Major Constellation Goes Supernova


    The Great and Powerful Trixie was later found hiding under the bed.

    Australian Facebook Group

    Another pony group is up on Facebook.

    Find it here!

    Tangled "Ever After" Banner Includes Rarity and Pinkie Pie? 

    This guy in the actual movie has an obsession with ponies, but they were never actually colored.  It looks like the new one has some Pinkie Pie and Rarity snuck in.

    Stockholm Swedish Pony Meetup

    Another meetup is coming up in Sweden! Check out the copypaste below!

    Fillys and gentlecolts!
    For all you Swedish bronies. Over at there is a discussion of a brony meetup in Stockholm, taking place friday 9/9. Not much is decided yet, put it’s leaning on some laserdoom action and toystore-raids. Head over to facebook if you have further suggestions or just want to tell us you’re coming! We promise awesome!
    Bronies of Sweden facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/181009408636884/

    Hoosier Brony Meet-up

    Yay meetups!

    Northampton, MA Brony Meetup

    Have some links!


    Youtube Video

    Pinkiequest DANCE PARTY


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Equestria Paintings: Specific Site for Scraleos's Paintings
    Fluttershy Blind Bag

    Equestria Daily News

    And the pony of the day is...

    Granny Smith!

    Apparently shes awesome in season two or something.

    Fanfic Spreadsheet Update

    Fic report for Saturday, August 27, 2011
    • Fics received today: 13
    • Fics that received Feedback today: 13
    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 2
    • Fics approved: 6
    • Total new fics scheduled for posting: 6
    • Total fic updates in queue for posting:  5
    • Fics sent back for revision and/or proofreading: 7

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