• Comics: Batcolt/Animation is Magic

    So, comic time. This batch is a bit... eclectic. To start us off, Blimpslap is here to show us a little bit about what it means to be a hero in Equestria. You might think it's all Elements of Hamony and necklaces you only wear once a season (watch it happen, ponies!), but you would be wrong. There's much, much more, a sort of deep search for inner meaning that's sure to take your breath away.

    And once you're finished with that, have this lovely offering that I have been lead to believe comes to us from a Friendship is Magic animator, but I have zero sources on this so please don't take my word is law. Regardless of where this thing comes from, I have to imagine it's absolutely the truth of what goes on at Studio B. Someday I'm going to sneak in there and find out!

    The source was actually not Studio B! You can find it under the image.


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