• Story: Secret of the Pegasi (Update Story 2!)


    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: When a stunt routine ends in violent confrontation with a flock of angry waterfowl, Rainbow Dash suffers a broken wing. Only Fluttershy can help her now, but the only way is to fulfill a request that Fluttershy was not expecting to hear.
    Secret of the Pegasi

    Additional Tags: Broken Wings, Conspiracies, and a Goose

    Story 2 After the break! 

    Description: Sometimes it pays to be taken for granted. When Twilight comes home with a nasty hang-over and no memory of the previous day, Spike finds himself as the only non-winged creature who knows the Secret of the Pegasi. Prompted by an off-hand comment, Spike begins an investigation that reveals just how deep the conspiracy really runs.
    The Loose End

    Additional Tags: More conspiracies, but fewer geese

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