• Nightly Roundup #65


    I used to talk into these when I was a kid and warp my voice.  I'm imagining Luna doing that right now. 

    Have some news!
    Tesco Ponies (UK)
    I've reported on the toys breaking into the UK a few times now, but Beardy sent me a picture of the full display for them.  For those of you over there, it looks like supplies are a bit limited compared to the standard set.

    There is also a pamphlet available advertising a competition to win a holiday to "Santa's Lapland".  The actual website for the contest is down right now, but you can find it here

    Ponydraft Blog

    A new blog for those looking to get their work stories fixed up a bit is up. It could be a good alternative to the training grounds once the community builds up some. 

    You can find it here!

    Rainbow Dash Cake!

    It looks...delicious.

    So smoooth

    Team Luna Steam Group

    Another pony group is up on steam looking for more! You can find it here!

    Fluttershy Tattoo!

    Confound this Fluttershy, she is cute overload.

    Live Video Game Show 

    Have some copypaste!

    Our First Live show is Tomorow, Friday Aug 12th, at 7pm PST/ 9CEN/ 10EST. This week were doing Scary Games. Were Playing Amnesia the Dark Decent, as well as talking about the "Luna" Games, and the "Tale of the Blank Flanks" Game, and other Pony related scary fan-fic stories.
    The Live show will be at- http://www.twitch.tv/xersist
    The Youtube Video is Below, with all the info.

    Pony DVD Contest

    Someone on Youtube is giving out a Canterlot DVD.  You can find all information on his video here!

    Nerfnow Posts Pony Comic!

    Another comic has thrown some ponies into the mix! You can find it below!


    Now why isn't Penny Arcade doing it!? I think that and VG cats are the only ones I grew up on.  

    MLP MLG Team

    Someone who has run the MLG circuit a few times in the past is looking to build himself a team of FiM fans for his next one.  If you are awesome at video games, check out his profile here for more information, and send him a message.

    Bronyfest Chalk Ponies!


    These are from the Northwest Bronyfest that went down a week ago.  That's some chalk SKILL right there!

    Trixie Sadfic

    Apparently this is for someone specific, so here you go!

    The Stage Closet

    University of Sydney Dash Invasion

    The art club at the University of Sydney recently held a flash mob draw event, where they tossed blank paper all over the campus and told people to draw on them.  Rainbow Dash apparently popped up on one.

    Yay Dash~

    University Radio Pony Show

    Have some copy paste!
    BRONY PARTY!!! That's right, DJ FuzzBucket is BACK!  And I'm going do
    DJ some of my favorite My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Remixes,
    Tomorrow Friday August 12 at 10PM-Midnight CENTRAL U.S. STANDARD TIME!
    Live ON AIR!!! And on the web too! If you live in Lawrence, Kansas
    tune in at 90.7FM, If you live anywhere else in Equestria,
    WWW.KJHK.ORG for the live streaming feed.....Ponies!
     I'll post a reminder up tomorrow!

    Pony Based Roleplaying Game Rulebook

    Another Role Playing Game for FiM has popped up! You can find the document for all rules and information here!

    Ebay Stuff
    Lyra Bonbon Painting

    Equestria Daily News

    Today is LYRA DAY!

    Regardless of the Fluttershy on the banner. 

    Update Queue
    Confessions and Considerations (Update Story 2!)
    Peripeteia (Update Part 3+4+5+6!)
    The Cutie Mark Clash (Update Part 7!)
    Apples'N'Wrenches (Update Part 2!)
    Silent Ponyville (Update Story 2 Part 6!)
    Newsworthy (Update Part 2!)
    From the Ashes (Update Part 8!)
    Of the Time Before (Update Part 8!)
    A Broken Bond (Update Part 4!)
    Merely a Mare (Update Chapter 4!)
    In Her Majesty's Royal Service (Update Complete!)

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