• Latin American Official Ticketmasters Dub

    Someone uploaded the Ticketmaster DVD from the Latin American pony toy on YouTube.  For those of you curious about how it sounds in other languages, you can find both part one and part two after the break!


    1. I'll rate these after I finish watching em.

      Be back later.
      *puts on his spanish ears*

    2. From what I've heard so far, Spike's voice is pretty good. Applejack's voice.... not so much.

    3. Buck Yeah Baby!! Let se how they did it ;)
      Greetings from Monterrey

    4. Well, in the LatinAmerican thread on Ponychan, there are a lots of anonn saying tha same thing: AJ spanish voice sucks.

      Y si es verdad, todas las demas voces estan bastante bien, excepto Pinkie Pie, no es tan energizada como la voz original.

    5. Offical eh? My dear bronies...

      Looks like...we just got challenged...


    6. Oh God, AJ's voice...

      The rest is fine, but Rarity could be a lot classier, and Pinkie needs more... energy.

    7. Those voice actors just sound so.... *tries to think of adjective*

    8. This may be my favorite foreign version. The voices don't seem terribly off, at least.

    9. Yep, it sounds as expected. Having listened to many an English-to-Spanish dub, I've come to known what to hear from them. Still will watch it, as I watch it more for little dialogue changes than voices (unless they're unbelievably grating.

    10. So... Spanish, huh...

      Well, one step closer to PORTUGUESE.

      ...and I'm really afraid about how the portuguese voices can be.

    11. Oh crap. I can say right now, they screwed up Applejack's voice.
      Spike's voice is right on though. Kudos to his voice actor.
      Twilight's voice is too high-pitched in comparison. She's doing a good job, but the pitch is the only problem I find.
      Rainbow's voice actress is............ meh. which just won't do.
      Pinkie Pie's voice is done pretty damn well when speaking. With singing though, I don't feel excitement like with the original version.
      Rarity's voice............... Calm down, love and tolerance. LOVE AND TOLERANCE DAMMIT!
      Fluttershy's voice actress is doing a great job IMO.
      Now, the whole episode suffers from translation issues. Many of the (verbal) jokes were lost or don't make sense in spanish. If this is the version my peeps are going to get on TV, sadponyface.jpg

    12. i'm dissapointed with the voice of AppleJack and Fluttershy,

      Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rarity is more less, spike is ok

    13. Lol @ Pinkie saying: "Oatmeal, are you crazy?" XD

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    15. So it seems they used the same voice actors as any other spanish showdub.

      The best/closest matches are definitely.

      Rainbow Dash (Sorta, could be 20% better)
      Horté Cuisine

      Definitely not close:
      Rarity (Deeper, more Hoity needed)
      Fluttershy (needs to be Squeakier)
      Pinkie Pie (Not Hyper enough)
      AJ (Deeper and more country)

      Not bad, as expected.
      so a 6/10

    16. Please, someone butcher applewakko.

    17. mmm...Estas voces no son aptas para una serie de machos duros de matar conscientes del lugar de ****** que les toco nacer... mas parecen para las series de ninos que dan en discovery kids :S.

      meh...talvez solo necesite acostumbrarme :S.

    18. Awesome!!!
      AJ not so great and a couple others lack emotion/energy (pinkie, rarity, RB) but Twilight and Fluttershy are pretty cool. And Spike is right on.
      It just feels weird since I'm used to the English version, but overall a really good job.
      Soon the ponies will take over the world! (insert evil laugh)

    19. @ZAquanimus

      I totally agree with this.

      Well... except maybe for Rainbow. In my opinion, her voice lacked her usual "energy" just like Pinkie's.

      Oh, and talking about Pinkie... man, her singing voice...

      ...no words here.

    20. yeah Twi, spike are definitely on the good side
      the others...not so much they could be A LOT better

      AJ is just horrible the accent is half way trough but the entonation is totally wrong
      RBdash doesn't sound very sporty nor tomboish which is bad because the voice itself is not bad but to the character it just doesn't belong

    21. Listen to the end at Spike's giggle. The English version is partially grounded to the background sound. :P

    22. fluttershy pinkie and twilight are good but the others...mmm...just no good

    23. Well at least they didn't change their names to an Spanish counterpart. But my gosh AJ's voice SUCKS and Pinky's also it's not hyper enought. But ohh well, I'll stick with the english version since I love their voices. Even though I am from mexico haha

    24. Pretty much the only voice I really liked was Spike. Everything else ranges from the mediocre to the horrid. I'll stick with the originals.

    25. haha Rarity, "¡Síííí!"

    26. I for one love the way this sounds... well AJ's voice is questionable. other than that it's perfect.


    27. Do we really need any more Spanish? it's bad enough they come to America and refuse to speak English

    28. @Anonymous 5:45 At least some of us Latin American Bronies try to learn English, why don't you try to learn Spanish and stop being a troll??

    29. Oh its THAT kind of latin.
      Damn, I was hoping for a REAL latin dub.

    30. @Anonymous 5:45

      inb4 another flame war starts like the last time someone said something like that, let's be the bigger brony and just ignore what that anon said, please.

    31. Me carga bastante el hecho de que solo traduzcan y no adapten. Además las voces ¿Tanto costaba hacer un mejor casting? No se cual es la empresa o lo que sea encargada del doblaje, pero puta que ni se esfuerzan.

    32. Well, i was expecting the worst. even more since yesterday when i first saw the translation of Regular Show.

      The first ten minutes I was basically shouting "NOOOOooo.." at every single detail i didn't like

      I hope this works to convert my friends who don't speak english

    33. Hi there. here a Spanish Speaker.(read my awful english)

      I don't like dubs, most of them are not actually as good as the originals, the only spanish dubs that I liked are: Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Cowboy Bebop.

      Now, about MLP FIM:
      Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are good. But the rest...is just a disaster. Poor Applejack. POOR RARITY

    34. Nerdrage incoming.

      El doblaje esta bien. No es lo mejor, pero cumple, y considerando que ese doblaje se hizo pensando en los niños no se puede exigir mas.

      ¿Qué onda con eso de Love and Tolerate? !puras poses!. Entiendo que a la gente no le puede gustar el doblaje y es muy su opinión, pero no se porque las ondas de ciertas personas de andar casí matando a las actrices por, y diciendo sandeces de ellas solo por hacer su duro trabajo de divertir a los niños.

      Just Sayin.

    35. applejack...ugh.

      the others are good, they are acceptable.
      (this comes from a mexican brony)

    36. it isnt the WOW!!!! but.... is good.
      i ma latina..... so... i CAN SHOW IT TO MY COUSIN!!!!! well... twi, is nice. aj, WHAT????
      rd, i like it.. a bit too girly...
      spike, GOOD! pinkie, bubbly!!! no exciting..... better next time! rarity, NICE, elegant i like it! fs, i like it a bit... a kidly voice it´s nice! hey what do u have with sapnish * prepares for kick someone*

    37. That AJ...*shivers*

      I don't speak Spanish of any sort, but I noticed in the fandubs that frankly (Celestia be praised) nopony is trying to translate the names.

      I was worried at some point, in one of tha fandubs or magazines they will try. Didn't happen so far. :)

    38. El Voz de Pinkie Pie Chingaron ellos.


    40. compared to other spanish dubs, i say they work. Applejack being the only one that kinda doesn't.

    41. I didn't have any high expectations for the quality of the Spanish dubbing, yet it turned out to be pretty decent overall.

      A few drawbacks, though: Applejack's voice actress's hillbilly accent is weak; Rarity's voice gave me a bad impression at first, it got better later on; and lastly, Pinkie Pie's voice actress can't sing for her life, she needs somebody to cover her singing parts, just like in the US dub.

      Everything else was good, I liked it.

    42. the dubbing is ok IMHO.
      Spike´s voice is spot on,twilight and fluttershy is good. Rainbow Dash...well I sorta like it, if you can´t do it like in the source material at least try to convey the emotions and to me she did, and the same goes to pinkie and rarity.
      AJ voice could Improve a little with time(I HOPE)

      BTW I´m from Mexico can´t wait to see it on television xD

    43. Me agrado la idea de que estuviera en español, pero por que??? no lo hacen bien..
      pinki le falta ser mas pinki, que le inyecten cafeina a la de la voz. raryty no es tan expresiva y lo peor de todo Rainbow Dash tiene la voz demaciado femenina, le falta esa energia de la voz original

    44. Hm. Latin American, eh?
      Where's Portuguese then?

    45. I'm argentinian. I don't like the Applejack voice. But, Twilight Sparkle's is pretty good.
      Spike's one is good too, and Rainbow Dash's... They make her sound like a real girl!
      Also, they have respect for the original names... Let's see some more...
      Rarity... Pinkie Pie... Have cool voices too, I like them. But, Fluttershy...
      ... It's OK. Fine. Just fine. It could be better, I guess.

    46. @Anonymous So Xenophobic Hooves, how're your spanish lessons? Have you already learned how to ask for something more elaborate than a plastic "taco", a crappy "burrito" or some cardboard-tasting "nachos"?

      About the dubbing itself: Twilight and Spike are okay, Pinkie needs to be more hyper, RD's voice could be 20% cooler, Rarity sounds like trying too hard to avoid talking like a "fresa" (rich, spoiled girl) and Applejack even sounds like if she was born and raised in Spain rather than Equestria. Fluttershy needs to talk softer and quieter, yay...

      But maybe we're so accustomized to the original voices, we tend to reject anything that sounds different, even slightly.

      Also, ¿alguien más ya se cansó de ese gringo pendejo que nomás está chingando la marrana cuando hay temas de cosas en español? A ver cuánto más aguantamos "amando y tolerando" la mierda de este cabroncito ¬¬

    47. chilean brony here. i say, they really screwed it with AJ's voice. i mean, its hard to make a texan accent, but at least try to get the tone right!
      RD's voice was good enuff though

    48. So let's review it...
      Twilight: Almost there, not nerdy enough but young and very "main girl of the show". Needs more sarcasm and feeling sometimes.
      Applejack: Most of the time it's not there. The accent was as predicted, a northern Spanish, but sounds forced and faked most of the time.
      Rainbow: Sounds sporty but needs to be more tomboyish. In fact she sounds like a brat. Not a bad thing, it fits, she brags a lot XD I like the audio effects when she is talking off screen.
      Pinkie: Talking, YES! Needs more hyper. Singing? NO! It's awful. Needs to be more over the top and yet more hyper. It's a cringe-fest. Now I'm feeling the same you guys feel. I'm now not really sure if I want to show the show to my friends XD (j/k, all shall be assimilated!)
      Rarity: Needs more class. She is still melodramatic but I don't like the voice. She got the biggest change IMO.
      Fluttershy: NOOOO! Softer please~ Not gentle enough. She has the speaking mannerisms but she needs to mumble more. Her singing is... nice.
      Spike: Different, but different good. He sounds like a little kid and it fits. The best one IMO, even when it could be better.

      All around I say it does the job. It's entertaining and I'm sure the kids will love it! I laughed in some spots even when I cringed at some parts because of the changes (specially Pinkie's singing...) We obviously have adaptation decay but sometimes there's a funny rewording and then it doesn't detracts from the enjoying factor; in fact some slang use is clever (you can notice it in the rain scene for example). The puns are sometimes missing, was expecting that, but the plot still makes sense. The ponified words sound so... SO... OMG! They sound so weird; weird fun just like in English XD

      I died when Pinkie said:
      "Y fue cuando dije: '¿Avena? ¿Acaso estas LOCA?' "
      Derpy confirmed? "Loca" is female crazy XD

      My rating: 8/10
      I'll watch our version and support it, but I'll prefer the English version. Your VA are top notch and can't be beaten.


      They ruined my favorite Pony... ;_;

    50. I Love all of their voices EXCEPT *Extreme Close Up* Apple Jack
      Thank God I speak spanish and understand what their saying

    51. As a WASP American, I can't speak much Spanish (aside from what little I remember from school). But I do know a bit about voice acting, so I'll just judge this dub on how the characters sound.

      Applejack's voice is way off, like others have said. Rainbow Dash is well-acted, but sounds a bit too girly for my tastes. Spike sounds very good. Twilight sounds fine, but the actress has it tough having to equal the awesomeness that is Tara Strong. Rarity sounds okay, but it's just not as good as Tabitha St Germain's beyond-excellent performance (seriously, "Diamond Dogs" alone should get her some sort of award). Pinkie sounds wonderful. And Fluttershy sounds... a bit off, not quite sure how.

      To the Spanish-speaking bronies: What accent did they give Spanish Applejack? Is that, like, what they speak in Sonora/Chihuahua or something? It sounds kinda like what Americans expect a stereotypical Mexican accent to sound like.

    52. @Ozark Brony
      Eyup they tried to do a Norteño accent

    53. There's a brazilian portuguese version too.

      ...and sucks.

      Well, not totally. There's some good voices, but Fluttershy has a normal voice and Applejack lost your accent. Not good, not good at all.

    54. @Ekevoo

      Look for "Amizade é Pura Magia", the brazilian official name, on youtube and you'll see.

    55. Como dijo Vader:

    56. Spike has the exact same voice as Naruto, but still the best performance.(Also the one dubbing him is a woman)
      Pinkie Pie is Megan from Drake and Josh, not THAT terible but a very poor choice, also she can't sing to save her life.
      Rarity shares voices with Sakura from Naruto and Candace Flyn, her performance was ok but not the voice I would choose, she sounds very childish.
      Fluttershy voice was cute but not as gentle as the original.
      Rainbow dash has bubbles' voice from PPG. That upsets me, they could at least gave her buttercup's voice. A very bad choice.
      Twilight Sounded bot bad but neither good. neutral.
      Applejack....poor, poor applejack. Since the begginign I knew she was going to sound bad but this... I don't have words.
      Giset Blanco is a great voice actress but she was one of the worst choices for applejack.
      Aj sounds like a femenine Wakko Warner or an older Elvira.
      The only good thing is that they at leest tried to sound convincing. I gave this a 7 for the effort.

    57. let me say something, i'm a latinoamerincan brony and this is offensive ( the spike's voice is the naruto voice) and applejack sounds more like a iberian spanish than a latinoamerican one

      i'm gonna watch it on english only, beacuse spanish version, it's not bad but it's very...

    58. @Igor PhOeNiX_H


    59. @Bunnyfriend When I first heard AJ talking I was confused and didn't know if I was really hearing the Latino american dub or the Spain Spanish dub :?

    60. many of the most important voices aren't done that well... I only liked spike, rainbowdash and twilight...

      it's also funny how the backgrounds characters get better voices than the mane cast.

    61. @Latín Brony Like Spike said:

    62. @Ozark Brony But just tried. It sounds forced and totally not real. Norteños don't talk like that. Perhaps Iberian Spaniard-Mexican Norteños do talk like that? XD

    63. @MoreX25 And Rainbow Dash's VA should had been Pinkie's. I agree that RD sounds too much feminine. Buttercup always sounded so tomboyish and should had been the best choice.

      AAAAAAAAA!!! AJ = Rule 63 Wakko! Cannot un-hear... D|

    64. was just me or the part of the girls being confused about "Him" was cut out...

    65. Spanish spike: NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL WEY!!!!!!

    66. After venting I come to realize that, we shouldn't rage about the voices and all that, the important thing is that kids surely will have fun with this dub and became fans.
      As for us ,the latin american bronies, we still have the original version, and isn't that the only thing that matters?
      Who is with me?

    67. normalmente salsaparrilla no se traduce como sarzamora...

    68. morex25 tiene razón, prefiero la versión original, este dub es demasiado infantil.
      normalmente siempre la cagan al hacer un dub,nunca se acerca a la versión original (alguien ha visto las dos versiones de big bang theory?)

    69. Pretty much agree with the comments previously posted by fellow bronies. In my opinion, this particular dub tries hard to make most of the main cast sound a lot younger (except Applejack) than the original english version.

      In a nutshell:

      Twilight Sparkle sounds quite annoying.

      Applejack actually sounds way older?, anyway it definitely is the one that came out as the worst. (I´m sure this voice would fit for Granny Smith instead!)

      Pinkie Pie sounds ok, but lacks energy.

      Rarity is just off, does not fit the character at all.

      Rainbow Dash voice is ok, she just does not sound tomboyish enough for the role.

      Fluttershy actually sounds assertive & not soft spoken! Voice is not bad but does not fit her.

      Spike sounds great! No complaints here.

      All in all, it is a decent effort yet hearing the characters reffer to each other in the original english names instead of actually trying to translate them just sounds way silly!

    70. Another reason why I like things in their original language.

    71. @Ozark Brony
      Replying to myself here. Something I forgot to add...

      Pinkie's VA sounds good when she's speaking, but NOT when she sings. Well, her first song sounded okay, but the second was pure fail. Given how much singing Pinkie does in the show, this is a problem. If they keep this cast for the other 25+ episodes I hope she either improves or they get a different singer.

      And I hope my question about AJ's accent didn't come off as too harsh. I was genuinely curious what the dubbers were trying to go for (fake Norteño, fake Iberian, no sé).

      And really, the merely-decent-ness of this dub just goes to show how good the acting in the original is. If these same actors were dubbing an American/Canadian cartoon that didn't have such top tier voice talent, I doubt people (me included) would complain so much.

    72. ... Just saw like 3 secs... I'm really speechless...

      Like some said on YT comments "it could have been worst"

    73. I would like to watch "fiesta para uno" episode with these subs...

    74. Brohooves from Peru! Voices are OK, although I agree that AJ is a bit mediocre. Spike had the best VO. Also, I don't know but I find RD's voice very cute, even if it's not so awesome. Twilight had a certain charm. Don't have an opinion about the others. The 'Oatmeal' part and Rarity's 'YES!' cracked me, it's still fun because of the excellent storyboard. :D

    75. @Anonymous No. They didn't skipped the part about who is "Him". Pinkie is excited and then she asks, just like in the English version.

    76. @Anonymous I never understood... WHY SARSAPARILLA?
      I mean, yes, it's a funny word, but... :S

    77. @Annoymous - August 12, 2011 8:49 PM

      For those who are concerned with the official translations, this is because Hasbro trademarked those ponys' names. The characters' names will be said in English no matter what foreign language was translated to. This also applies to all the merchandise Hasbro sells.

      Try typing the characters' names in the search box and see what I mean:

    78. @Anonymous Dubbed Big Bang Theory is terrible. I refuse to accept its existence... It's the culprit of why common people is missing this brilliant series. They saw some episodes in Public TV and saw a mediocre, dumb series of some nerds instead of a series that challenge the intellect of the viewers with real scientific jokes that only people with some knowledge from college can get... but that's public broadcast television for you... For the dumb masses :/

    79. @Ozark Brony No offense taken :3
      I'm dumbfounded too. I don't know what the hay they where aiming for with AJ...

    80. La voz de Applejack no suena bien y Rarity debería sonar un poco más refinada, la de Fluttershy me gusta más la del fandub. Esto se nota que fué traducido en Miami, pues los chistes ni los adaptaron ni tradujeron y a veces se pierde la fluidez del dialogo se nota mucha falta de esfuerzo.

      Sin querer hacerle publicidad me quedo con la traducción de moidock.

    81. Uhh, most of the voices kinda don't fit :/

      But yeah, like most people already said, it could have been worse. I'm so glad they weren't allowed to translate the original names though.

    82. its okey it could worse

    83. I think it's proof how much I like this show that I sat through an episode in a language I barely know.

    84. You know what, mexican here....
      I hear the same voice comming from every pony.

      No effort whatsoever, which is sad.

    85. I concur with many of you bronies
      But I'm sure they can work harder to make a better job... remember that this is one of the first episodes, and as usuall, in many first episodes, the dub is not quiet good, but then, the actors grab the thread and start making a gret job, I have faith on them n n

    86. Just as Ames said, is the same voice for everypony (but applejack)
      Plus rainbowdash voice whole be about 20% tomboyish-er

    87. Am I the only one who liked AJ's voice, I think she sounds endearing nothing like AJ's original voice but endearing still. And being a Pinkie fan, no matter what VA they would've get it was never gonna hold a candle to Pinkie's voice

    88. Well I didn't have any expectations about it so I wasn't totally disappointed, there are good things about it though (espeacially twilight and spike's voices)

      Let's wait for more.

      Bueno, no tenia expectativas asi que no me desilusione mucho, de todos modos hay cosas buenas por rescatar (como la voz de twilight y spike)

      Esperemos por mas.

    89. Wow...Is it sad that I know what there saying?

      Agree with this, AJ Voice needs to be more country like.

    90. Grand galloping galla translates to "Gran Gala Galopante" it sounds better than "Gran Gala del Galope". And Applejack's voice, oh my god... The rest of the voices were meh...

      No se ustedes, pero decirla a alguien yegua no queda bien :P

    91. La yegua que te parió.

    92. Hope your all aware, Spike voice is done by a girl...not a guy.

    93. Ive been waitin for the Latin American dub... im heavily disappointed for the dubs. Applejack is just... no! Twilight: meh. Spike is cool. Rarity could be better. Pinkie Pie needs more energy. Rainbow Dash needs to be more... boyish? Fluttershy needs to be softer. Anyways, the show is targeted for kids so I think they had to do that...

    94. in the 2nd vid... i JUST noticed, fluttershy's wings started flapping at separate intervals...not at the same time.

      is that even possible lol>?

    95. I have a fewthings to say about this. I don't consider myself entitled to review this episode, but being a Spaniard I guess my opinion carries some meaning. Here are my thoughts.

      - Is it me, or do all the ponies sound like they have been voiced by the same actress? They all sound the same! Different tones, different cadences, but they sound scarily similar.
      - Some parts are really well translated! However, most of the episode's writing looks like it's been passed through babel fish.
      - It's not as bad as I expected, but it feels phoned in. I hope there's more effort thrown in the Spain spanish dub. If there's one >_>

    96. SonicTheHedgehog17August 13, 2011 at 1:29 AM

      It seems that most foreign versions can't get the voices of Applejack done right. In our dub, she sounds like a 50+ lady.
      I get the feeling they did the same we did when we bundled the episode to an MLP magazine.

      Don't worry, I believe the cast will be changed when it will officialy hit TV.

    97. I was fearing something like this could happen; and while I find the dub watchable (except for Applejack), I think it's a shame that with so many talented (and fitting) VAs to pick from, they had to choose people who doesn't seem to fit well the characters.

      Whatever is the studio making this dub, needs to be let known (in a _mature and reasonable_ way) that there is a community of Latin American bronies that cares about the quality of this dub, which could have been awesome with the right cast.

    98. could youplease keep the comments in English please? I know its about spanish but it does no good for you guys to be posting in spanish

    99. I hope they re-dub Applejack.

      They totally destroyed her. There is no excuse for that, after having seen spectacular dub work like that of Evangelion.

      I wonder if Hasbro had something to do with this?

      -Darth Equus, El Oscuro Brony Señor Del Sith.

    100. You know, it's incredible how the great minds work together. Indeed the first thing i was thinking was "APPLEJACK NO!!!!!!!" and yes, i'm not alone. Thank to everypony to share theirs opinions. Makes me feel identified with the rest of the herd. And i'm a brony who lives in a Mexican Island (Cozumel search for it) and if there's something i fell in love with from the original version, besides the mares, is the voice acting, so well done and hearing the latin version, is ....ehhh. And yes i speak spanish.

    101. Some translations look wrong or lose the flow
      At 8:28.
      How the hell does it translate to we were so excited about the gala that we did not see how unexcited were making you.
      I saw it subtitled and I must say that it seems that moidock did a better job at translating than the studio.

    102. rainbow dash voice need to be zbout 80% cooler... the others, i could live with,even if i do not like. Dash´s voice is so awful it makes her look not like her. :(
      i really really wish they get better making the vices with the time...you know,maybe when they know more about the characters...i wish

    103. huray for being mexican and knowing what they say :D

    104. I don't think this is official O.o

    105. I don't really like Applejack's voice, but I would say this is one of the better dubs.

    106. Gods, they are bad. It may doesn't sound so bad for an English/French/put your idiom here, but for a Latin American... they are bad. I mean, Pinkie Pie and Applejack are terrible and Twilight... after the original, it just sound so tired.

      Damn Internet and his World Wide Door that allow me to see quality works with ease.


    108. I bet none of you can't wait to hear Trixie.

      Or Flutterguy.

    109. @Anonymous Agree, but only if you stop whining like a little filly. Dude, you're so irritating!

      Órale, a chingar a su madre de aquí =D

    110. I think the voice of rainbow dash needs to be more "aggressive", pinkie pie needs more craziness, fluttershy more shyness and ...

      holy **** applejack is wakko - animaniacs and elvira - tiny toons
      i mean it is not that bad but wow

    111. @Amyra Funny that u brought that up. kinda feel the same! when they all talk at once can't tell wich is wich...

    112. But here's the thing: its been ripped from a DVD that came with a toy.
      Usually ( I believe) they use diferent dub studios for tv realeases... but being Hasbro the owner of Discovery Kids..... Nevermind!....

    113. No quedara para nada bien el termino yegua, por lo menos en Chile es una palabra más o menos ofensiva. Casi todos los juegos de palabras se van a perder en el doblaje, debido a que nosotros no usamos un lexico equestre tan variado como en el inglés, o no es muy conocido.

      The word will not fit at all, at least in Chile "yegua" (mare in spanish) is quite an offensive word. Almost all the puns in the show will be lost in the dub, because we don't use an equestrian lexicon as varied as in the english language, or is not very known.

    114. @adan

      Mexican here.... My god dude you just read my thoughts!. And i think Pinkie's sync is a little off.

    115. woooow they did it, they did it right lol
      never thought this was going to happen, spend nights thinking about the worst possible dub lol

      still i think the voice they used for Rarety should be the one for flutershy

      cant believe even Pinkie pie's song sounds good

      TvT happy tears

    116. welllll....... fandub: i dont like A LOT but, is well! COUSIN LET´S SEE THIS! (hehe, my cousin is spanish) :) raity needs more refinated voice, but is fine!
      -the little pony (jelly)
      ^^hmm!!!!^^ ok, ok..... AND AZURA
      ``happy now?``

    117. Everypony has already said it, but here it goes:

      Applejack is trying too hard to recreate the accent of the original.

      Rainbow Dash needs a deeper voice, as the one in the opening.

      Pinkie Pie lacks that hyper-accent we're used to.

      Rarity is kinda ok, but could be better.

      Fluttershy... oh Celestia, Fluttershy doesn't sound like her at all. She needs a softer and more soothing voice. The kind of I fell in love with.

      Twilight is the only one I think it's nice enough to put my Seal of Aprooval

      Also, inb4 Spike = Ben Tennyson, so it's alright.

    118. While it wasn't THAT bad and this is just one of the first episode, it's still far far from the incredible original performances.

      Twilight's voice was actually good, I don't know why some of you said it was meh. It's a little more high-pitched than the original, but it's cute and works just fine.

      AJ on the other hand was.... No. It doesn't fit at all and trys way to hard to do a mexican countrie accent, when she's actually from Venezuela.

      Pinkie Pie's voice is alright, but needs to be way more hyper. I think her casting had to do with the fact she had already played Pinkie in a previous MLP series. Unlike Pinkie's american VA, this one sings her songs and that's a good thing, but it lacks energy when she does.

      Flutthershy and Rainbow were ok, but they need some work. Rarity's feels weird to me and doesn't sound anything like the original. Spike was probably the best, as everybody else said, it was like he shoulf be.

      So overall, it's fine. Kids are definitely going to like it, but it still needs some work.


      Yeehaaa in english ^^