• Nightly Roundup #56

    Nightmare moon in socks! Or is it Nyx in socks?  I honestly can't tell anymore.  Confound this fanfiction.

    Have stuff!

    Fallout: Equestria Steam Group

    If you are a fan of Fallout Equestria, there is a new steam group up specifically for the story.   Kkat already joined, so uhh, might be a good idea !

    You can find it here!

    Ponychan OC Pony Contest Coming to a Close

    For those of you interested in creating your own ponies, the OC pony competition over on Ponychan is ending on the 13th of August.   You can find it here!

    Economist Brony's Financial Report

    Some crazy economics brony always sends me cool stuff to post, so I'm adding a section just for him to nightly roundups!  Have his copy paste based on these investment documents.

    So, I got some time to dig through Hasbro's recent quarterly report, and thought I might share some snippets.  MLP wasn't mentioned much in the report and there's no discussion of 'unexpected market developments' for the brand, there are two bits that are rather relevant:

    Firstly, the decrease in the 'girls' segment of Hasbro's business still decreased about 11%. However, the explanation is as follows:

    "The decrease in the girls category was primarily due
    to decreased sales of LITTLEST PET SHOP and EASY BAKE products partially offset in the quarter
    and six month periods by increased sales of MY LITTLE PONY products and in the six month period by
    increased sales of FURREAL FRIENDS products."

    Accordingly, yay.

    The second bit shines a bit of light on the Hub (note that this is in $1,000's, so $1,800 = $1.8 million)

    Other (income) expense, net in the quarter and six month
    periods includes the Company’s 50% share in the (losses) earnings of THE HUB. During the first half of
    2011, the Company recognized losses from THE HUB of approximately $1,800 compared to earnings of
    approximately $400 during the first half of 2010.

    That about covers it! 

    Monopoly Pony Figures

    For those of you who went all out with that monopoly board a while back, a group on Shapeways is selling figures for it.  Have some copypaste!

    - 4th Floor Productions has made a bunch of mini figures based off the
    KP-ShadowSquirrel's 3d models.

    - There are 1" Monopoly pieces of the mane six, which come in plastic for
    about $4, or metal for about $10. There are also some 2" toys for around

    - The actual figures are much smoother than the demo pictures show

    - Fourth Floor is going to try to donate $1 from each of
    the figurines we sell to the Bronies for Good foundation.

    - You can find it here

    Another Brony WoW Guild

    If you haven't already been absorbed into a WoW guild dedicated to pony, another one has popped up on the US server Nazgrel, horde side, going by the name of New Lunar Republic.  If you are interested in joining, contact the following: Galosengen, Vaitos, Sweetiebelle, Hipsterhoovs, or Adamaster.

    Terraria Brony Forum

    Another forum is looking for more people to fill out it's community! Apparently a bunch of Terraria bronies set it up, so knowledge of the game might be a good icebreaker.  You can find it here!

    Hasbro Appearing at Toronto Fan Expo 2011

    Hasbro is showing off some toys at the Fan Expo in Toronto.  For those of you in the area, you might want to check it out!

    Midwest Brony Meetup #2

    Another huge meetup is planned for the midwest bronies.  If you are interested in attending, hit up the Facebook page!

    Another Dragon Nest Brony Guild

    For those playing the Action MMORPG Dragon Nest on the Gerrant Server, you can find yet another guild to join simply called "bronies".  If you want to join, send a message to Starstruckk or CuddlyPotato in game.

    Brony Groups Shut Down on Google Plus

    All three of the major brony groups have been terminated on the new Google Plus system.  Included in the purge are:

    +Reddit Brony
    +Brony Central
    +Pinkie Pie

    Sadly, it is technically against the ToS, and unlike Facebook, they are cracking down pretty hard on fake names over at the Google offices.

    There's always Flankbook!

    Doctor Doom and MLP

    Over at the Mightygodking.com blog, Doctor Doom has apparently succumbed to all things cute and colorful.  Or at least the author did.  You can find it here!

    UK Boomerang FiM broadcasting time Change

    Looks like FiM wasn't doing so hot at it's 3PM time slot over in the UK, and has been dropped down to 7AM.  At least it isn't 10:00 AM like it was here, when kids are in school regardless.  Though I'm not too sure when classes actually start over in the UK...

    Bronycast Opens a Website

    Another brony podcast is up and running.  They opened up a site to store their episodes (3 so far).  You can find it here!

    They are still working some bugs out, so a few links are garbled. 

    Pony Dating Sim Cancelled

    I shouldn't be disappointed, but I...am.  The person working on the dating sim game chimed in on this thread over at Fimchan.

    Oh well...

    Minnesota Brony Meetup

    Some bronies over in Minnesota are forming a meetup. Have some copypaste!

    Facebook page for the event:

    RainbowDash.net group page:

    Info on event:
    Time: Saturday, August 6 · 10:00am - 6:00pm
    Location: Mall Of America
    Meetup spot: Lego Land 10:00am - 11:00am

    The Brony Show Apology Letter

    Apparently they screwed with all of you yesterday. Those FOALS! (Or 2 days ago.  Is it really tomorrow already? This site makes time go by way too fast...)

    They are sorry though, so have an apology coypaste.

    Dear watchers of The Brony Show,

    On this weeks episode, our beloved host Circuit Mane was away with food poisoning, and we toyed with the situation in the wrong way. We pretended that Circuit was in a critical condition at a hospital. At the end of the show, we told everyone that it was mostly a joke. The Skype group and I thought it was funny, as well as a few of the viewers. However, many viewers were hurt by this. To those viewers and anyone else who found this act to be in bad taste, I want to apologize. I was hosting this week, so I am taking full responsibility for what happened. Tehfoxxy is sorry as well.

    Again, I apologize to any brony out there who may have been hurt by what we did. You will be glad to know that Circuit is on his way to making a full recovery, and will be taking back over the show next episode!


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