• New York Observer Reports on the Pony

    An article has popped up in the New York Observer covering pretty much every aspect of the fandom, from 4chan to EQdaily.

    I'm pretty sure it's the most in depth so far!

    You can find it here.


    1. that pic exemplifies us all.

      WOO! good article too.

    2. @Sir Leadhead
      except some of us were never trolls, myself for example. so I wouldn't be jumping out of trolls I was already flying above them out of their reach.

    3. >(Purple Tinker, the head of the Bronies’ New York chapter, calls these alter egos“pony-sonas”).

      I love the show and this site and errything but somehow these people just take things way too far. Right out there with furries, if not further.

    4. It's nice to see a more in-depth report going on. I like that journalists seem to be fascinated by us, but not enough do the best research they can.

      The pony spreads!

    5. @Anonymous Again with the furry-bashing. I'm a furry, FYI.

    6. Heh. I ~just emailed you about that, Seth. I think you beat me to the punch. :)

    7. @Anonymous
      you do realise that pony personas are infact fursona's correct?

      Ponies do count as furries because they are animals with human characteristics. eg. talking in understandable language, rational thought, ect. not all furries walk on 2 legs, some do walk on 4 legs. and yes I'm a furry and I did a report on this for college so I know what I'm talking about.

    8. @Purple Tinker
      Yeah, I figured as much. It's pretty obvious.

    9. @Purple Tinker

      YOU'RE A GUY!?!?
      WTF, everything I know is wrong!

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    11. @Purple Tinker

      So am I, but I'll be the first to admit that furries ruin everything.

    12. That pic is going straight into my image folder.

    13. @Filiecs Uh.... what? No. I'm not a guy. I'm a furry. There are female furries, just like there are female bronies.

    14. @Purple Tinker
      And you're bashed for it. I don't see the problem here.

    15. @Stahi
      only the bad ones. in alot of cases furries can actually make things better too.

    16. The baseless hate directed at furries is unfortunate, and I think we'd do well to distance ourselves from that. If you want people to stop hating on Bronies, try to stop pointlessly hating on other people's niche interests, furries included.

      Any time you get into specifics of other people's sexual fixations, you have a chance of finding stuff that appalls you. Part of growing up on the internet is not giving those people shit for liking stuff you don't like.

    17. This was a nice read, and fantastic picture too. Also, I just noticed that Seth's last name looks kind of like Scootaloo. Awesome!

    18. @Anonymous You can go on bashing me for being a furry, and I'll happily go on building this fandom, running BroNYCon, and generally being awesome. Ta ta! (Also, Seth, when are you going to finally ban Anonymous users?)

    19. Interesting article. As a newer brony, I wasn't aware of the Pony Wars. Nice to get a bit of a history lesson.

    20. @Purple Tinker

      A ban on Anonymous posters would be well-appreciated.

      Also, whatever happened tot he part where bronies were caring and tolerant? The hate on furries is sounding like it's breaking brony ethics.

    21. @Purple Tinker

      What, oh. I was talking about the article. I thought it said you were a guy. I wasn't saying a thing about furries.

    22. > picture
      > best generalization of us

      Hey guys, I accidentally the whole rainbow.

    23. That pic above is pure win.

      I had no idea Strawberry Spices was a guy IRL. If there's anything I learned from the Furry fandom, you're alter-ego/fursona has no limits to what it can be, gender, species, and all.

      Another awesome article! It looks like bronies are finally starting to get some respect in the newsroom.

    24. Eh? What's wrong with furries? I'll be the first to admit, we like some pretty wierd stuff, but it's not that strange. Besides, "normal" people gave thought up some stranger stuff in my opinion (i have yet to see, 2 anthros 1 cup...)

      But that's beside the point. We're all here for ponies, so Meh. You're anonymous anyway, so I don't really hang put too much stock in what you say :s

    25. @Anonymous

      I made a pony version of myself one day because I was bored and wanted to mess around with that dA pony generator. I don't ever go by whatever-the-hell-I-named-him (Aqua Skies, I want to say), but I could learn to deal with people who do. As is always the case with the Internet, I've seen weirder shit.

      I look at furries the same way I look at gay people: it's not a sexual preference I share or necessarily fully understand, but as long as it's not hurting anyone and no one's trying to shove it in my face after I've asked them to stop, I say do what makes you happy.

    26. Wow, a news source that DOESN'T baselessly criticize us, but in fact does its research and attempts to understand us.

      New York Observer is now a part of that elite group, alongside Wired.

    27. @Neon Noble
      You're assuming that guy's a Brony and not a troll...

    28. The hatred of furries stems from the fact that much of the pony fandom (including, I would wager, a majority of our intrepid Anonymous users) originate on 4chan, and grew up on websites like 4chan, SomethingAwful, EncyclopaediaDramatica, etc. 'Furry' is mentally translated into 'devious pervert who has sex in fursuits, lacks a job, lives in Mom's basement, and never bathes'.

      It's just a stereotype, of course, but it's a persistent one. What these jokers don't know is that most of the people in the furry fandom nowadays are teens and twentysomething college student types much like themselves. (Oh, and most of us don't have sex in fursuits. Most of us don't even WEAR fursuits. I don't.)

      Anyways, because of that stereotype, the more insecure bronies recoil in horror from the word 'furries' and attempt to distance themselves from it.

      A furry is just someone who likes animals with anthropomorphic ("humanlike") characteristics. That... kinda describes ALL of us here. I mean, our pony friends talk, live in cities, and use tools. That's pretty anthropomorphic.

    29. Furries and Bronies do overlap a bit.
      There are some furries that like MLP and some that don't, and there are some bronies that like furry art and some that don't.

    30. @Filiecs Read that paragraph again. It was talking about Strawberry Spice, and mentioned that Strawberry Spice is a guy. It also quotes me, on a matter unrelated to Mr. Spice. :)

    31. “My Little Pony is the only group to take on 4chan and win,” Mr. Levine said. “4chan once took on the F.B.I. and won. So you might say that My Little Pony is more powerful than the F.B.I.”

    32. @Purple Tinker

      So wait, what gender are you again? You commented about being female, but the article makes it abundantly clear that in person you're male.

      And I'm far from having any issue with the furry fandom, but my nickname's just a nickname, not a "ponysona".

    33. @David Reinold I know, it's nice, right? And these pathetic Anonymous trolls can thank me for this even-handed (even-hooved?), level-headed news coverage. I interviewed with Ms. LaMarche and I invited her to our July meetup.

      Not bad for a furry.

    34. @BronyMike Dammit, you commented before I did. Also, the way they phrased it, it sounded like you were both the same person, hence the gender confusion.

    35. @BronyMike

      No, the article refers to me as "she", and talks about Strawberry Spice's gender. I simply happen to have a quote in that same paragraph. Perhaps it isn't the clearest writing.

      I have filly bits.

    36. @BronyMike I am not Strawberry Spice. I am almost old enough to be his mother. :)

    37. @Purple Tinker
      Yeah, I did, sorry for the misunderstanding.
      As for my opinion on furries, they are just like you and me. They don't want to be shunned for liking anthropomorphic animals just as we don't want to be shunned for liking ponies. However not all furries are bronies just as not all bronies are furries. It's kind of like a middle ground. As for me, I just like art that I like. I don't care if it's furry or not.

    38. @Stahi


    39. @Purple Tinker

      actually furry and anthro are 2 things, anthro refers to animals walking upright like humans do, furry simply refers to animals with human characteristics, like scooby doo for example, he has a human characteristic but is not anthro, he is what would be refered to as a feral furry, one that moves like the animal does in real life.

    40. @Purple Tinker

      Win description is win. That's all I have to say.
      (And now I know Seth's real name is Shaun... and his last name looks so much like Scootaloo! [I wish my name had something to do with ponies...])

    41. Without thinking I posted something on the article...

      Was that a bad move?

    42. its nice to know people are doing this kind of stuff and showing us in a better light then some others

      oh and purple tinker its a shame you have never met a gay male brony we do exist ;)

    43. okay lets focus on the article now...
      shaun SCOTELLARO?
      well thats new

    44. Bronies? Males between 18-something? I think not( good job on them pointing out bronies are girls too). Im a girl and mah age is 11. Yup.

      Never knew about the Pony Wars! It made me lol at the slightest. I wasn't a troll though (THANKGOD), but have seen the pony haters.

    45. @Anoca Oh, I know you do exist, dear. I just hadn't met any until a couple of you guys popped your heads out of the woodwork in response to this article. :)

      My main point was basically... well, when people hear about guys watching 'My Little Pony', due to the general populace's unfortunate confusion about sexual identity and gender roles, one of the first questions some people ask is "okay, so are they all gay?"

      The answer is "no", and the second part of that answer is "but why would that matter anyways?"

    46. I used to play Furcadia and all the anthro muds. Yes. I know. I'm flanking dating myself. I saw the term furry as someone who liked "people-fied" animals. What's the problem here? At what point in internet history did it adopt a connotation of some kind of perversion?

      Ha! Speaking of baseless hate. I was slightly unnerved by the heat leveled at Twist in the last brony show.

    47. I've nothing against furries, but the way they're looked upon by the general public is doubtlessly negative.
      For the sake of the image of Fans of FIM, I think it might actually be beneficial to make it clear that not all Bronies are Furries, but some Furries may be Bronies.

    48. Who'd thought some group could beat 4chan at their own game. Then again they beat the trolls by fighting in a different direction. Sun Tzu would have been proud.

    49. @pmcollectorboy

      So we're not allowed to dislike characters now?

    50. @Purple Tinker

      Gender roles are a concept that, by now, should be completely eradicated by the advancements in society. And it's a shame that it hasn't yet.

      It's good to know that sexual identity doesn't matter to the largest proportion of Bronies. As for the rest, I guess they're just weary of outsiders being unable to comprehend the level of freedom we have allowed ourselves.

    51. Hmmm. started pretty rough with the ponysonas, furries and the .... infantilism studies? werid. but got better towards the end

    52. “My Little Pony is the only group to take on 4chan and win,”
      “4chan once took on the F.B.I. and won. So you might say that My Little Pony is more powerful than the F.B.I.”

    53. Straight, non-furry, male here. I can't stand "shipping" or anything created to be perverted about this show. I hate the stereotypes people give fans of the show... But that's just the way people handle the "unknown" they just assume it's dangerous and relate to to the most dangerous or weird thing they can associate with it. It's a shame, but what can you do?

      Anyway, that was a pretty interesting article. My favorite line was: “People on 4chan seem a bit tired of ponies,” said a Brony named Aether Naut. And indeed, when The Observer posted a query about the /b/ board’s current feelings about the show, we received in reply a photograph of a woman’s anus.


    54. Wow, this was actually a really good article. Glad to see that at least some media organizations are starting to fall into the Shown Their Work trope as opposed to Did Not Do The Research. :P

      As far as the whole furry thing goes... I've honestly never seen the big deal. As long as someone isn't hurting either themselves or others, it doesn't seem to be any business of mine what they do. Every fandom has its bad apples. Trying to keep track of what stereotypes to apply to what people seems like too much work.

    55. 1600? Is that an accurate number for "active bronies"?

    56. I like how an article that goes out of its way to mention some interviewees' out-of-the-norm sexual preferences is considered 'Fair' and 'Balanced' rather than 'Completely missing the fucking point', even if it gets the history vaguely right.

    57. @Anonymous I think she pulled the 1600 figure from the number of respondents to 'Project: Merch'. So we know that there are AT LEAST around 1600 bronies. ;)

      In actuality, there are way more than that.

    58. So, Shaun Scotellaro it appears that you are about 22 years old and that when you were 8 (1996) you run 2 miles at Arizona Road Racers Thanksgiving Day Classic. OK I will stop now.
      Glad that you are proud enough to reveal your true identity.

    59. @Brian

      It was the way they worded their dislike. A lot of "die die die" comments. Or at least one more than I'd like. Twist is a representation of the awkward, visually impaired and aesthetically unpleasant nerd. So to see some bronies singling her out more than the two bullies was weird.

    60. @Anonymous

      Lols. you creepin dude? might want to avoid looking into cereal_velocity then. Its not pretty. especially his poniburoo account

    61. That whole article just made me mad.

      >We can see through computer screens and tell everyone on 4chan is a horrible person IRL

    62. @Purple Tinker

      There are millions of us. MILLIONS!!! And soon, everybody will know the most wonderful, the most talented group of people are bronies!!! *Flutterage laugh*

    63. >“My Little Pony is the only group to take on 4chan and win,” Mr. Levine said. “4chan once took on the F.B.I. and won. So you might say that My Little Pony is more powerful than the F.B.I.”

      And soon we will be more powerful than the U.N.! THE WORLD IS OURS! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:D

    64. This comment has been removed by the author.

    65. Ponies. More powerful than the FBI. Horse apples!! Fanfic idea!!!

    66. Dude. That's creepy.

      The coincidence is strong in this one.

    67. Wow, just noticed the ensuing discussion. And here I was staring at the funny images. Maybe I could contribute something intelligent...


    68. goddamn this Article, unlike the others the Observer does not make us look bad but some of the things the people interviewed say do (seriously WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MENTION YOUR AGE PLAY FETISH)

    69. Nice article, and a little informative for me as well, I mostly knew what happened, but not all since I only joined this fandom in may.

    70. It's kind of silly when people hate on the furry fandom when I know there are faaaar stranger things out there.

      Wanna see something worse? Watch Nekromantik. Or Salo. Google it - I dare you. Bahahahahahahahh.

    71. @Mojo Chillax, Mojo. I think it's a little odd how they talk about one pony's fetish life in the article, but okay. It adds a little spice to the article.

    72. Reading this, I'm actually kinda glad I was on a 4chan hiatus due to other priorities at the time ponies was in-season. I might've missed out on a lot, but now that it's had time to settle it seems all the more accessible, even with all the lingering trolls and detractors.

    73. Also to Seth, do you have anything to do with Italy?
      Your name sounds Italian.

    74. Shit furry stop whining,your cancer

    75. Not to be alarmist,but I believe that our culture is developing to the point where many people(ie. hipsters)will attempt to shamelessly imitate our culture in order to "be cool". Signs like shitty pony merch being sold in hot topic seem to support this conclusion. I have been a fan of FIM ever since(I kid you not)that very first post on /co/ back in October and the way that we are now being viewed is disconcerting me...only time will tell...

    76. I'll attest that a brony meetup isn't an accurate measure of the mindset, opinion, or lifestyle of the average brony (most of us are just fans of the show and appreciate it for the same reasons we'd like any other show). But there was one sentence in that article that PERFECTLY describes 4Chan.

      "When The Observer posted a query about the /b/ board’s current feelings about the show, we received in reply a photograph of a woman’s anus."

      Sounds about right to me!

      This article is really interesting because it shows a sort of 'maturing' occurring on 4Chan, and that the rise of bronies could be testament to its user base getting tired of the constant antagonistic tones inundating their web experience.

    77. @Anonymous
      actually it is the haters like you that are a cancer on this earth, now to love and tolerate you until you disappear.

    78. I think the people that think hipsters will jump on the band wagon are being a little alarmist. MLP is too sugary for them i'd think.

    79. @Josh The people talking about hipsters jumping on the bandwagon are anonymous trolls.

    80. @Josh, I guess you are right... but I guess nobody can really tell what the future holds?

    81. I think the future holds free tacos

      and me posting under my pony name, Silver Aura

    82. @Purple Tinker

      it's not that THEY mentioned it, it's that Riley told them about it at all really.

      I mean I have my odd fetish's but I Never mention them to people I don't know very well.

      it just does not seem like a smart thing to say when your trying to present a fandom to the world and your it's representative.

    83. @Josh

      we are totally already too mainstream for Hipsters.

    84. @purple tinker, I was not trolling, I was only attempting share my prespective , I'm sorry if I came across as being a troll and I hope others will realize this as well.

    85. >And indeed, when The Observer posted a query about the /b/ board’s current feelings about the show, we received in reply a photograph of a woman’s anus.

      Oh, /b/.

    86. @Paul

      I so totally thought you said tree tacos. For tacos to grow on trees.... Mmmmm.

      Thread derailment in 3, 2, 1....

    87. I don't like being called a furry by people who hate on the FiM series. I really don't care about furries at all, they can go do what they want. I just dislike being accused of being something by people that I'm not.

    88. @ Narwhals' Bend, I agree that most of the people on /b/ pretty much from the start always were total assholes.

    89. @thehivemind33, Again...assholes on /b/.

    90. What an irony:
      CartoonBrew published an article that in-part rants about new generation of cartoons being toys-based --> Some people at 4chan started watching MLP *in order to mock it* --> They end up liking it so much they start to spread the love across 4chan --> the inevitable chain reaction continues...

      And thanks to all that I got to notice this lovely show. That's amazing!

    91. i guess ~30% of bronies are furries...

      I know many many bronies and many of them are furries

    92. @Anonymous
      Not necessarily just /b/tards. People I interact with all the time tease me by calling me a furry. It really makes my blood boil sometimes.

    93. Tears of a ValedictorianAugust 3, 2011 at 12:54 PM


      Too late dude, I'm a total hipster douche. MLP represents my downfall.

      The Hipster Union made me return my horn-rimmed glasses and my copy of the Catcher in the Rye, and I'm now banned from all future Animal Collective concerts. Confound these ponies!

    94. I will say that exposure to furries via various pony forums has revealed my prior stance to be that of a bigot and I've softened my stance a lot. I will admit that I still have the problem that I don't quite understand where they're coming from. I can pretty easily get into the mindset of anything from an overly competitive chili cookoff chef to a homosexual foot fetishist, but I don't grasp the internal motivations of a furry very well. Hmm.

    95. This may be a fandom all about friendship, but our roots are firmly planted in the Internet. As such, bronies came from all corners of this gigantic crazy world of ours, which naturally means that old tensions are going to crop up. Stuff like this is bound to happen.

    96. I would imagine FiM (but not earlier gen MLP) has got to be one of the things that is most difficult for hipster culture to accommodate. It's just so darned earnest.

    97. >At some point in the fall of 2010, a 4chan moderator decided to take matters into his or her own hands.
      BREAKING NEWS: February and March now take place at the end of the year

    98. A bit late, but...

      >banning anonymous posters

      Elitist much?

    99. @Anonymous
      That made me lol, and I also agree with you on your stance. I used to be pretty hypocritical. I'd claim I was accepting of all, but when it came to furries I just disliked them. This fandom did teach me to be more accepting of EVERYONE'S beliefs. Now I really just don't care about what they do anymore. However it still bothers me when people call me a furry for liking this show. :s

    100. @thehivemind33, I have personally encountered similar accusations of a similar type from multiple people,and at this point I have basically conditioned myself to laugh whenever I'm accused of being a "furry" or "horse fucker". Often I find that people will not antagonize you if you laugh at them and dismiss their comments(however hurtful they may be).

    101. I became a brony on my own back in March. So I wasn't part of the chan brony start. In fact, I always stayed cleared from any site with the name 'chan' in its title…..actually I never attended a blog like this until now.

    102. @thehivemind33
      it is probably because technically speaking, the ponies are furry characters, ponies with human characteristics does qualify for being called a furry character.

      I'm not saying you are a furry, just that technically the characters in the show are. typically someone has to make their own fur-sona before they are truly a furry.

    103. @Neon Noble

      'Bronies' started being 'caring and tolerant' as an anti-troll weapon. It was never actually care or tolerance for bullshit until furries latched onto the idea to force a welcome for themselves.

      Not that I particularly mind furries for being furries, but a lot of people do so it was probably necessary for them to do so.

    104. Yeah, I still don't go to ponychan, mostly because posting here and on the other website I frequent is much simpler, and i'm afraid of running into some pictures I may or may not like >_>

    105. @Tsitra360
      Same here about avoiding the chans. I came from Fur Affinity not 4chan

    106. @ Josh,I never personally ran into any disturbing shit on ponychan...but have you ever seen anything "odd" on ponychan?

    107. @Silver Aura

      I looked at furaffinity at one time, but I didn't like how half of the site is dedicated to adult images. I know there's a good majority of people who posts clean only pictures there, its just too easy to find things I may not like there.

      Arguably Deviantart, where I'm at, has the same thing with the Artistic Nude category. I guess I'm okay by that since its easier to avoid it.

    108. >Article about ponies
      >furry discussion


    109. [Sean Levine, the F.B.I joke guy]

      A quote from Mark Twain's Mysterious stranger:

      "They hanged the lady, and I threw a stone at her, although in my heart I was sorry for her; but all were throwing stones and each was watching his neighbor, and if I had not done as the others did it would have been noticed and spoken of. Satan burst out laughing."

      *sigh* I come here for the fun of seeing my name in print, and find a furry debate again.

      Yeah people hate furies, and people hate black people, and people hate tomatoes. (Serious about that last one.)

      I figure it this way, I'm just not going to worry about changing the opinions of those who willingly hate, whether it be ponies, furies, gays, whatever.

      Lets be honest, the majority of this fan base was open to this show to begin with, even if they didn't consciously consider themselves the type. Curiosity, escapism or having a friend who shared your tastes is what allowed people to first experience pony.

      The type of people who use the term "Fur fags" un-ironically or with actual intensity, (as opposed to just to fit in,) are they type to actually chose to not like the show; and are consciously afraid of ever liking the show.

      Think about all the nutters that believe that gay marriage will 'turn you gay', like homosexuality worked in the same manner as a supervilians' freeze-ray.

      Mind you, as I did with the interview, I'll try my best to give voice to those who love the show, and to enlighten to those who are simply ignorant of the show. Yet bogging ourselves down with the fear of association to Furies, gays, liberals, or what ever, is only going to make us like those hate-filled morons out there.
      Because it gives legitimacy to their claim there there is something 'wrong' with those sub groups, when we treat those groups like pariah.

      Look, I came to this cartoon because I just wanted to enjoy something well made. I was able to stay with this cartoon because I'm bored of trying to conform to the views of others. If you want to worry about what others think then I suggest you get a polo shirt with a popped collar and start drinking Smirnoff. Otherwise just rely on the quality of the show to make itself fans, not arguments or manipulated opinions.

      If nothing else remember; rule 19, the more you hate it the stronger it gets.

    110. @Josh

      I've never seen anything disturbing posted on /pony/ unless you count 4chan's "raids".

    111. @ Silver Aura, I don't really have a problem with most of this kind of stuff( keep in mind this is coming from a person who finds has a huge interest in dark, fucked up stuff and may soon take up a job for a short period of time working as a Mortician)but I see why people could be disturbed by it.

    112. Eh, I still find this site much simpler, but maybe I figured ponychan would be as bad as 4chan. And on the topic of furries, I don't hate them, would be hypocritical of me as i'm a fan of My Little Pony, and don't like being judged...tomatoes can go **** themselves though, I hate 'em.

    113. @Josh
      pretend you're kirby, that's how i grew to like tomatoes.

    114. @Josh

      You don't nee to hate something to fail to understand it. sometimes ignorance, misconception, or simply stereotyping is enough to be wrong about something.

      Consider all those who say they don't "hate" Muslims, but would just "feel safer" if they weren't allowed in airports.

    115. I honestly have no idea how a simple post regarding pony in news can degenerate into a debate on furry and their place on the internet so quickly.

      Anyway, that article was... surprisingly insightful, the moment I saw the trollface on the image I thought it would try and portray us in a negative light. It was... kinda nice to learn about the early days of brony-dom, actually.

    116. @Silver Aura

      *Is actually wearing a Kirby shirt*

      How did you know he was my favorite Nintendo character >_>

    117. Wow, I missed out on a lot - I missed the whole "pony wars" thing (I was deployed to the Gulf of Aden at the time, and later getting the ship into the yards). It made an interesting read - if you look beneath the surface, you can easily detect the pattern of people trying to boost their own fragile egos by hating on that which they don't understand.

      But yeah, that pic is epic. For those of us who, like me, had no connection with the 4chan boards and can't claim to have risen from that primordial soup, I guess you can think of the picture as depicting a pony pissing rainbows on the cesspool of 4chan. ^_~

    118. @Anonymous

      I honestly don't care if the furries do what they want and announce who they are, i'm not gonna pretend to fully understand them, but I have my own issues and I don't know them, so I won't try to judge who they are over something as simple as being a furry.

    119. Tears of a ValedictorianAugust 3, 2011 at 1:32 PM

      I think the reason there's a little bit of hesitance to accepting a brony/furry comparison is just based on the perception that there is a sexual aspect to furrydom for a significant-ish portion of people in the furry community.

      I'm not sure if that's accurate or not, the numbers on wikipedia are pretty high but, obviously, it's wikipedia, so it's probably best taken with a pinch of salt. But I wouldn't be that comfortable with MLP fandom being linked to any subculture with a sexual aspect to it.

      So far, there isn't a single rule 34 image of ponies on the internet.

    120. @Tears of a Valedictorian

      Uh...yeah there is, i've had some unfortunate run ins from rule 34 actually, kinda why I hesitate to go to Ponychan.

    121. @Tears of a Valedictorian, I have seen tons of rule 34 ponies, probably the most disturbing was a fluttershy goatse pic =(

    122. @Josh
      Who doesn't like kirby, he's a cute pink puffball that can kick butt too, and i just got a picture of pinkiepie bucking someone's behind in my head now.

    123. @Josh

      R34 stuff is banned from ponychan actually. :)

    124. That was the best article yet. And it probably has the best explanation of 4chan ever.

      However, I do not approve of the word ponysonas. It's fine and dandy to run a Tumblog about your OC pony, even to use it as a nickname, but dammit, for once, now that we stand a fighting chance of having a fandom that will take root in pop culture and NOT be ridiculed, can we refrain from stuff that seriously damages our reputation? Or at least not tell it to the fucking press?

    125. Hey guys, enough hating on furries. If you're going to preach love and toleration, why not love and tolerate?

    126. I like the word ponysona, it makes sense afterall. Silver Aura is not just my oc or a nickname, Silver Aura IS ME as a pony.

    127. And Josh is not only my name, it's...no, wait, nevermind, it's just my name.

    128. I eat this stuff up. I love reading detailed articles about us that actually has facts behind it as opposed to being based on pure speculation.

    129. Where did my comment go... :(

      Anyway, why could any of you wish for anonymous posts being forbidden? Seriously. This makes me sad... and mad.

    130. Based upon this article, I hearby predict Hasbro Stocks to rise! If it rises, more of us will buy stocks! If more of us buy stocks, Hasbro will cater to us more, continuing the cycle! I mean, I know many Brokers and Investors that read the NY Observer, this kind of article will gain people's attention to Hasbro's stocks!

    131. I've got a comment after I read this article.

      But before that, I honestly didn't know we had so many fans outside of 4chan. Then again, this fandom is as much an experiment with putting all cultures under one roof as America itself.

    132. I hang out on a lot of art sites, some of them where porn art is allowed. And with every darn "fad" that comes and goes there´s always a week or two when there´s rule 34 of that particular fad being posted before it dies off. What got my attention with MLP FIM was that there was barely any rule 34 at all, all the way to the point where I began to regain some of my lost faith in humanity.

    133. @Cyan Flash
      Because the people preaching aren't the same as the people hating.

      Are you really so stupid as to not realize this? Or do you honestly believe the entire fandom is one hugboxy hivemind?

    134. As a /co/mrade first and a pony gan later I honestly can say that /co/ is the only interactive area of the fandom that I really like . But I think that has to do with the amount of cynisism that I need to relax (my day job involves dealing with a lot of people so dark humor does me some good) I tried ponychan but it was far to cheery and tolerent for me. So I stick to the co general threads and try to ignorewhatever or whoever is fucking up the fandom this week. The policy worked for avatar and has worked for ponies so far

    135. @Josh

      man goddamn just deal with the bullshit you see this is the INTERNET, you WILL see some odd stuff.

      that said Ponychan is basically a hugbox, it's really not much better then the 4chan threads, though it is less perverted.

    136. @Anonymous

      I do deal with it, mostly by ignoring it. What gave you the impression that I didn't?

      And as I said, the other reason I don't go to ponychan is I like a simple set up for posting, like this one.

    137. I meant to type pony fan damn phone

    138. @Josh

      can't get much more simple than an imageboard.

    139. @Anonymous

      Hugbox sounds like a complement not a slur, considering the opposite is a hatebox.

    140. Interesting read!

      Was very enjoyable. :)

    141. My Little Fandom: Ponyfags are Trollbait

      1. Talk about Ponychan on /co/ and FiMchan
      2. Talk about /co/ and FiMchan on Ponychan
      3. Say that furries are ruining the fandom.
      4. Say that 4chan is starting to ruin the fandom.
      5. Say that you watch it for the "plot".
      6. Spam Faust's dA with fan drama and 34.
      7. Spam Fox News with pony 34 and plot.
      8. "Love and Tolerance"
      9. /b/
      10. Compare the fandom to the Sonic Fan Base.
      11. Compare the fandom to the Invader Zim Fan Base.
      12. OCs
      13. "Faust left the show? onoes we're doomed!!1!1one1!1!!! hurr durr."
      14. Talk about Feeling Pinkie Keen being religious.
      15. Talk about Over a Barrel being insensitive towards Native Americans.
      16. Make pony crossovers with things people don't like (Sonic, Johnny Test, anything furry, ect.)
      17. *puts on hipster glasses* "I liked MLP before it was cool."

      The End

    142. I really wish people would stop saying that it's "unusual" to like My Little Pony or that it's "unprecedented" or anything derogatory like that. They make it sound like we have something wrong and that's the reason we like MLP. To me, MLP is a cartoon with above average quality, which compounded with the creativity and efforts of it's fans, has become something great.

    143. lol I like the pic that was used.

      Eh, it wasn't the greatest article in the world. In my opinion anyway. But it certainly wasn't bad either. They were pretty easy on the fandom and Bronies. Decently positive.

      Surprised they went as in-depth as they did though. Explaining the 4chan origins kinda thoroughly. I was there when the first pony threads started to pop up on 4chan. It was interesting when the "pony wars" started. Though I lurked more than anything.

      They covered things pretty well though. It's true that the fandom also has a wide spectrum of individuals. Including those from other fandoms like furry and Trekkie's, etc. In fact, I see A LOT of furries in the Brony fandom too. Which I guess is why I can see so many similarities between the two. Because they do overlap a good bit. I'm fine with that, I know some aren't as keen on the furry fandom themselves. But remember, love and tolerance. :)

      All in all it was a good article. They didn't just go on speculation and the "bad" stuff, which is good. They did some research and interviews. Hope they didn't twist the interviewer's words too much. Yeah, I know some are in this post replying, but it's just too much to read through, sorry. lol

    144. Purple Tinker did NOT make up the word ponysona. It's been used in the My Little Pony collecting community for many many years. The more you know, right? :D

    145. @Cheer Song I never claimed to have invented it. I merely informed Ms. LaMarche of its existence. :)

    146. Tears of a ValedictorianAugust 3, 2011 at 3:31 PM


      thanks, man.

      But dude! It's okay! According to the National Post, "Hipsters Love Children's Programming"


      I can go back to discussing Proust novels I haven't actually read over lattes again!

      (this is a really positive article on MLP btw, I guess it'll appear on EQD any time now)

    147. What I don't get is people who insert inappropriate stuff into their art and fanfic that isn't there in the show. There is no "shipping" in the show whatsoever aside from Spike's crush on Rarity and Rarity's (now-defunct) crush on the Prince. When fans do that shipping stuff to shows like Futurama and Dr. Who it's at least a little understandable, because there IS shipping or at least flirtation in those shows. But shipping My Little Pony? What the hell for? It seems like a weird fixation and sexual hangup, and unfortunately that paints the whole fandom as a bunch of pony-obsessed pervs. That's why I will never call myself a brony. The name has been corrupted IMO.

    148. There was a brony meetup in New York? I should keep up with this stuff. I live in New York.

    149. *Sniff* If Strawberry Spice is a guy, then I have to put away my crush...

    150. He he he, I like the part where it was bashing 4chan and saying just how awful of a place it was...

      As an Ex-4chan lurker, I'd say it was a bad place...

      The, 'Mos Eisly' of the internet of you would.

    151. @Anonymous

      Me here. A nice article indeed. And researched.
      But as to everything above...
      Well, let's tell a story.

      I come from /b/ and /vp/. I was in the thread that birthed the term /b/rony which eventually had its slashes removed to accommodate the growing fanbase.
      As one of the more cynical people on /b/, I come from the worst of it. But that's why I and many others, including Wastelander, accepted Pony.
      I'm a furfag. I'm a diehard /b/rother and /tr/ainer. I used to hate sites like dA to the extreme. Most of the people in this culture I would of lovingly trolled until I caused some kind of pain just a year ago.
      I still have my gore folder.
      I still fap (clop?) to furry, Pokemon, and now Pony.
      I'm still a huge troll.
      And I'm still a cynical, narcissistic heartless bastard.
      But I'm a brony. And Vinyl is best pony.

      Switch up: Anonymous is the absolute core of the fandom. Any hate towards pony loving Anons is directly attacking the very foundation of our community. The/b/lood in me says to hate and troll most of the newer lovely-dovey fans, namely, those who won't even fucking cuss and look down on their origin, 4chan. But then the whole "mixing pot" analogy comes to mind and I forgive them & myself.

      I can tell you right now we're nothing like any other fanbase, and that just might be because the fanbase itself started in the worst place on the internet.

      From the bathtub of maggots, steaming dog shit and aborted fetuses we rose. Others (even those from places long hated and long at war with 4chan) followed. People of all walks of life, races, sexes, preferences, cultures & sub-cultures under one roof. An unexpected roof at that.
      I'm not just going to be nice, or just going to be mean. For what, appearances? Here's an appearance: I'm 18, I dropped out of 9th grade. I'm a stonerpony. I love literature & music. And I'd sell my soul to draw. Everything I know I learned on my own.

      Anyway this is tl;dr for Eqd so I'll say this:
      I don't wanna see a comment section like this from you guys again.
      This is something unique. You guys are better than this.
      And on the most random of posts: one that puts us in good light.

      We're still highly experimental. Try to remember how many different kinds of ponies are around you. Even those who have a good time in the fandom come from much darker places. Much more fanciful places. Much younger, and technical places.
      From Smogon to cprogramming, e621 to ProjectPokemon, the Allspark forums to Chimpout, Wildcritters, 4chan, dA, goodanime... the list goes on.
      You never can assume who somepony is, and it's wrong to do so in the first place.
      We can't act like this.
      We're under one roof, the lot of us.
      And whether you roll with the whole "love & tolerance" thing or not, friendship truly is a scarce resource this day & age. And it's damn well magical to see what we've done in less than half a year.

      Take this for what you will.
      These are just the words of a nameless wanderer of the internet. This fandom stretches indefinitely. It's what we stand for. And it's something some of us forgot today in these comments.

      I'm just one pony swaying in the beat of many, as are you all.
      Respect who you dance with. And don't forget who organized the party.
      Really, despite where I come from, I love you guys. I know some of you, not all, but that hardly matters. Which is why I don't want to see something like this in the open again. I know where it belongs, I came from where it belongs.
      We make a delicious soup, guys, everything is where it is for a reason. The soup works, but this fighting? Separating the ingredients will ruin the soup.

      Please, stop.

    152. Pfft. Don't like shipping? Don't look! If being a brony is corrupted, it's only to those people with a self-righteous attitude of right and wrong. Most shippers only pair adults. Because, hello, most of the characters are adults, and exist in a world that is realistic enough to resemble some of the stuff we live every day.

    153. Hey, now we know Seth's name!
      Heh heh heh...

    154. @Anonymous Rule 34 happens to EVERYTHING I'm not a fan of it as I'm not a fan of shipping but fandoms of all sorts explore relationships not in the show. I do my best to ignore the shipping.

    155. @Anonymous

      You know, there's a reason it's called fanFICTION. Saying that you shouldn't put something in a fanfiction because it isn't in the show makes absolutely no sense. And the only people who immediately assume you're into shipping/clopfics when you tell them you're a brony are people who's opinions you should take with a grain of salt. I'm still proud to call myself a brony, as we all should be. Remember, "Love and Tolerance" is more than just words, it's a way of life, and a phrase that should be remembered before you say anything to anybody; and more importantly, before you write ANYTHING on the internet.

    156. "And indeed, when The Observer posted a query about the /b/ board’s current feelings about the show, we received in reply a photograph of a woman’s anus.

      "4chan is full of a lot of broken people," Mr. Spice said solemnly."

      Pockets full of win.

    157. Interesting article and informative to say the least, and here is my two cent about the furry-pony debate. I do not care about the furries in regards that they can love the show and be a part of it just as much as anyone else. Yet I draw the line of association and not necessarily due to the “bad reputation” the term “furry” can have but mostly because I feel that the brony community should be it's own separate entity. I am not blind and ignorant not seeing the overlap between the furry and pony fandom but I feel that they are there own separate fandom and should be that way. Viewing a real-life example would be the history of China and Japan, since a long time ago some Chinese people moved to the island that would be later called Japan . These Chinese lived on the island and created their own identity and sense of who they are and created the Japanese identity. Which could be reason for some cultural similarities between China and Japan (yet even if some Chinese/Japanese would not like to admit) but they are there own culture with their own language, fashion, and etc. This is how I view the furry-pony relationship, we are are own “separate fandom” with some commonality between us.

    158. This survey (which is very old, the fandom has since grown) found over twice as many bronies as The Observer estimated:

    159. A decent article overall, however, given that there are almost 90,000 people who are subscribed onto to the official Hasbro MLP Facebook page and over 5300 and growing on the Bronies facebook page, it is blatantly obvious that there are FAR more bronies out there than the nonsensical "1600+" this article mentions.

    160. FlutterSky hit the nail on the head. I do not have anything aginst furry's. I do however, do have a problem with the reputation they attained. And i wouldn't call it a China/Japan relationship, I'd call it a China/Russia relationship. They have some overlapping features, but their origins and customs are completly different. Now, I'm the kind of guy who despises shipping fics, but can handle grimdark ok, so I don't represent everyone. But when furries get pissy, they TYPICALY react with drama and butthurt, and as we all know, that's not how bronies solve things, and that's not something that I wish to be associated with.

    161. @VladnukeYeah good point Vladnuke I was trying to find a easy comparison in which to compare it to, in which a majority a people would at least understand my point but your comparison does a better job of describing the situation. Thought to give to you some props for it :).

    162. Fist off, don't take this in a condescending tone. I have no beef with you.

      @Furries: Don't ask don't tell - nobody cares that you are a furry and would prefer to never know. Don't advertise it.

      If you are pointed out as a furry or let it slip, say "Yes, I am a Furry, deal with it." and move on and if you do they will indeed deal with it and move on themself. Do not under any circumstance say anything extra, especially not about how furries are demonized/misrepresented/actually respectable - this is the everyday spiel that internet users hear in rebuttal and the inclusion of it in the communication is utterly counter-productive.

      For a rudimentary applicable real-life example of this theory, many bronies have probably found out through personal experience that the best approach to getting somebody into FiM or letting them know your feelings on it is the subtle approach.
      Nobody wants any attitudes or beliefs shoved in their faces. Don't ask don't tell, furries, we'll all be more comfortable and get along better.

      Oh, and don't be creepy ie use the word "ponysonas".

    163. @B Look at the sorts of people (mostly crusty old churchgoing Republican bigots) who were and are defending DADT, and you'll see why a "don't ask, don't tell" policy is a horrible idea.

    164. Look the “Don't ask Don't tell” policy is not going to work as it will only cause a division between the bronies that are furries and the bronies. If indeed we are a bronies we should, as the old saying goes between us “love and tolerate” because if some furries (I highly doubt that ALL furries enjoy MLP) enjoy MLP then we should accepted them like anyone else. In any fandom there are going to be different types of people in it. The only reason the “furry” fandom is causing problems it due to the negative image they have. Still we should put that aside and let them (like anyone else) contribute to the community. If an Otaku were to enjoy MLP there would be no problem what so ever but since we have some commonality with the furry fandom people. We push the furries away in hopes of not obtaining that negative stigma they have. If we look at a real-life example would be the anti-Japanese sentiment that occur during the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and because of it they obtain a negative image and even the US goverment put them in camps. (Which it kind of ironic since they were freeing the Jews from the concentration camps in Europe) So are we going to go as far as pushing them way base on an image just like people did with the Japanese. I hope not and I hope we are better people than those before us.
      Look Purple Tinker is a brony and happens to be a furry and putting the fact she is a furry aside. We can not deny the amount of work she as done to the community. She has help establish the New York brony community, created a font in the style of MLP, and even created a survey in hope in trying to gain Hasbro attention to let them know we want Merch. Furries like anybody else can contribute to the community without having to necessary add their own fandom into it. Yes she used the word “ponysonas” (and again putting the fact she is a furry aside) I felt from what she was saying some people create an imaginative pony version of themselves as if they were to live in Equestria. Seeing that it boils down to it just “role playing” and there are a LOT of fandoms that role play. D&D groups, Otakus, Sci-Fi people, and even some use it for sexual purposes (and not necessarily for furries). Yet not all of those people in those fandom role play and lots of us don't have to either. As I previously said we are are own “separate fandom” with some commonality between us. (Sidenote: We know “bronies are not furries” so lets put that aside and move on by making the fandom better)

    165. @Paul
      That's laughable. Anthropomorphic =/= furry (or at least not in the context you're thinking of).

    166. @Anonymous

      Of course there's no "real" ships in MLP, and I'll be the first to say that anyone who takes all the shipping dickery in the fandom seriously is a moron. However...

      >Sexual hangup
      >Sexual frustration

      Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there, Freud. Some of us just think ponies cuddling and being all lovey with each other is adorable (and hilarious). Nothing more.

    167. Wow, reading these ancient comments is like revisiting Chernobyl. Back then, this was just another day in the fandom. The association with /b/ was populated by us with great pride, but now we avoid it like the plague. Posting ponies on /b/ today is frowned upon, by everyone. No doubt about that. But its mind-boggling that this stuff is actually what we believed. I used to say to the "pony haters" to "Give us a year or two and it would all be a laughing matter". But in hindsight, it turns out we're the ones who should be laughing. We should be laughing that we insisted on labeling our identities, insisting that everything to spew out of the fandom is good. Seriously? "Ponies took on the FBI?" How much more egotistical can we get?
      Then we insist that "love and tolerance" exists, and deny anything that involves furries in our fandom, then using it as our punching bag to blame for all the rule 34.
      So I don't care if anyone sees this, but really, lets face it. I was wrong, you all were wrong, we were wrong, but we shouldn't regret it. We all make mistakes. Lets just be glad we made it this far.