• Happy Luna's Super Magically Fun Storytime Adventure Challenge

    Greetings everypony!

    Midnight Shadow here, on the moon again.

    Actually, about that. I was recently accused of a heinous crime, the crime of stealing Luna's muffin from the breakroom. There will be no further comment on this tale of confectionary confiscation but appeasement will be necessary before I can once again breathe the sweet air of Canterlot and trot through the halls of Equestria Daily.

    So, here's where you come in - yes, you!

    Event rules after the break! 

    We want you to write some fanfics, but not just any fanfics - we need happy fanfics wherein is a happy Luna. Being happy.

    The plot can be about anything, include anypony, it doesn't even need to have Luna as the mane characters - but she does have to play a major part. She can be sneaky, adorable, sock-wearing, pranky or sassy. She can be on the moon, in orbit or in Ponyville - it's up to you! The only other stipulation is it must have, as a part of the story, at least one of the following:

    Lines of Dialogue:

    - "I hate socks."
    - "I can still fix it!"
    - "It. Is. ON."
    -  "Don't give me that look."

    Scenes or Situations:

    - Best night ever
    - Covered in tree sap
    - Pinkie Pie throws Luna a party
    - Two (or more) ponies racing
    - A miscommunication causes problems
    - Luna baking
    - A bunny stampede

    It can have any one or a multiple of the above - bonus points for more than one!

    You can write any sort of story that suits you, from Random to Silly to Adventure to Shipping - the only exception may be Grimdark, but if you think you can pull off a feel-good Grimdark then my hat is off to you.


    * Happy Luna! Sad Luna need not apply!
    * 3500 words minimum, excluding the title and any author's notes.
    * Deadline: Sunday August 14 at 11:59 PST.
    * Bonus points for it being episodic - something you'd like to see in season 2+ - but don't let that hamper your creative spirit!
    * make sure it has at least one of the scenes, situations or lines of dialogue.
    * If it needs heavy editing, it may not be accepted. You're allowed to send updated versions up to the deadline, but re-reading a fanfic several times does not a fun experience make. Perfection isn't required, but please make sure it's ready.
    * All other usual rules of submission to EqD apply.
    * All accepted entries will be posted.
    * The top three will be listed in order with a short review of said fics, in their own posts!

    Email all entries to: Midnightshadowpony@gmail.com with HAPPY LUNA in the Subject line, using this template:

    1.) Grimdark/Normal/Crossover/Random/Shipping/Sad/Comedy/Sci-fi Tag
    2.) Title
    3.) A Description of the Story
    4.) Link (Docs/DA/Fanfiction.net)
    5.) Characters in the story

    6.) 5 Words you would use to describe your story
    7.) Author Name

    Complete stories ONLY

    They will be judged by a specially prepared batch of eager minions and the winning fics will be posted for the world to see by August 19th!

    Happy Fanficcing!

    PS: If there are any issues, let me know in comments and I'll do what I can to help.

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