• Story: The Thessalonica Legacy (Update: Epilogue (18)!)

    [Normal][Crossover][SciFi] This is a long story, so long, that someone went ahead and made it an entire intro screen to represent it.  I was going to toss it in a PMV queue, but it honestly deserves a bump anyway.  Seventeen chapters at once was overwhelming.  So have a new intro movie/select screen (After the break!), and the story again!

    Author: Dashukta
    Description: In the 31st Century, humankind has spread to thousands of planets in the Inner Sphere. Once united under the glorious banner of the Star League, the Successor States and their noble houses now fight bitter wars over the scraps of empire. When a JumpShip carrying a special task force from the Federated Suns suffers a catastrophic misjump, the occupants find themselves stranded above a strange, beautiful world at once alien and eerily familiar.

    Meanwhile, in the peaceful realm of Equestria, Ponyville’s resident bookworm , Twilight Sparkle, has stumbled upon hints of a secret buried for centuries. A secret that may lay bare long-forgotten aspects of Pony history and culture.

    Our story begins on the planet Valexa, where the beleaguered Militia has launched a last-ditch effort to call for help against overwhelming odds.

    Written with those who are not familiar with the BattleTech universe in mind.

    The Thessalonica Legacy
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