• Nightly Roundup #50

    Rarity day!

    I can't believe I've done 50 of these.

    On to the news!

    Sociological Study on Friendship is Magic

    A graduate student in Sociology from the University of Michigan recently wrote a huge essay on Bronies, and Friendship is Magic in general. I guess it was only a matter of time before we were psychologically analyzed! You can find the article here!

    Better Copyright Through Fair-Use and Ponies Goes Viral(ish)

    The article I posted a few days ago about Hasbro's stance with FiM and it's usage throughout the internet has popped up on various websites today. The primary one that will definitely get the word out being Slashdot. Pretty neat! Though I think FiM has pretty much invaded every corner of the internet by now.

    Otakon Brony Meetup Today!

    If you plan on hitting up Otakon today, you might want to check out the meetup page for it! You can find it here!

    More Rainbow Dash Physics!

    Were the last physics presentations too word heavy and not graphic enough for you?  Well this one attempts to explain the rescue of Rarity, with pictures.  You can find it here!

    Collegehumor's Pony Parody

    Source: Collegeumor
    In their recent "If Adult TV Shows Were Remade for Children" article, this little gem popped up.  Pretty neat! You can find the page for it here!

    Bronycon Ticket Price Increases in 3 Days!

    If you are planning on heading out to Bronycon in September, you may want to get some tickets soon! Have some copypasta from Purple Tinker

    BroNYCon September is going to be incredible-- we're having the DIRECTOR OF THE SHOW HIMSELF show up! Yes, that's right, Mr. Jayson Thiessen, who took over after Lauren Faust stepped down, will be a Guest of Honour at our next full-scale BroNYCon...

    ...and you can get a ticket for just $25. But only until Monday!

    After Monday, the price goes up to $30, and at the door it'll be $35.

    You know you've gotta go to this one... well, save yourself $10 and register NOW!

    If you can't Paypal, I will be available Monday to take money in person at Madison Square Park by the fountain (this is where we hung out after BroNYCon June).
    Can't wait to see you all there! This is going to be BEYOND EPIC. This con starts at 10 AM and goes on ALL DAY LONG!

    So go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC/ and RSVP for the event today!

    3D Pony Game Project in Progress 

    Not a whole log of pony here yet, but someone is working on a 3D pony game, starting with the physics.  You can find a youtube video here!

    Business Wire Reports on the New Canterlot Displays in Target

    Nothing too crazy here, but for those interested in business, this article about the Canterlot displays might be pretty interesting for you!

    19th Birthday Cake! 

    Pretty fitting for Rarity day! Grats Kadajkitten!

    More Webcomic Pony! 

    I think we have officially hit every single web comic on the internet at this point in some way shape or form.  You can find a new convert here!

    Kittysneezes Episode Reviews

    A website called Kittysneezes is currently doing reviews of every season one FiM episode.  You can find them here!

    New entries can be found here!

    Lily Blossom and Cheerilee Pop up in Ohio

    For the collectors out there, it looks like these two are showing up now.  I haven't really gone hunting in a while, but apparently they aren't too common! 

    I wouldn't mind a Cheerilee, maybe I'll hit up a Toys R' Us some when I find some time. 

    Ponychat Live

    Another podcast/Live stream site has arrived!  If you want to join in and watch, check them out here for schedules and more information!

    Another Pony Podcast! 

    A group of bronies has started up yet another cast!  If you desperately need more pony, check it out here!

    Pony Adventures

    Some bronies over at the MSPA forums are running "Pony Adventures", where an artist draws scenes and the audience decides on how the characters will react to them.  You can find both in progress below!

    Scootaloo's Big Adventure

    Brony Brigade GW Guild Creates a Website!

    For those interested in joining the Guild Wars brony guild, they released a new website for the sake of simplicity.  You can find it here!

    Another Brony Research Assignment Needs Help! 

     Starflower is trying to create a overall view of the brony community, but he needs your help!  He asks that you answer the following questions, and email them to [email protected]  Incoming copypaste!

    1. When you first heard about ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’, how did you feel? What were your reactions (if any) to the title?

    2. Though originally meant for young girls, the show has expanded to a wider audience of differing age and gender. Explain, in your own words, why you believe this to be so.

    3. a) What themes/aspects of the show resonate with you the most?

       b) What themes/aspects of the show do you dislike?

    4. a) Which character(s) do you admire the most? Why?

       b) Which character(s) do you dislike the most? Why?

    5. a) How has being a fan of this show changed you? Has it changed your personality/emotions/thoughts?

       b) How has being a fan of this show changed the way others view you?

    6. a) Do you identify more with female lead characters? Would you watch this show if the lead characters were male rather than female?

       b) How might the show be affected if the lead characters were male?

    Equestria Daily News

    That took a while...

    I can't believe the poll.  How is Trixie losing to Nyx!? This is an outrage. 

    Sotha released transcripts for that Q&Neigh we did the other day for those of you who prefer to read over listening.   You can find them at the podcast post here!

    Story Updates
    The Thessalonica Legacy (Update: Epilogue (18)!)
    The Reluctant Reunion of the Redoubtable Rabble-Rouser (Update Part 2!)
    The Pony of the Opera (Update Act I: Scene III!)
    Dusk (Update Complete!)
    The Emotional Illness (Update Complete!)
    Silent Ponyville (Update Story 2!)
    The Snowball Effect (Update Part 4!)
    Fallout Equestria Side Stories

    New Meetups (Found here)
    Anime Iowa Brony Meetup
    Another Addon for the Story Spreadsheet here!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here