• Jacob Minkoff, Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog, Is a Brony!

    Before this pony craze sapped all my free time, I spent many an hour with my PS3 and 360, playing pretty much everything, usually good old fashioned "pass-off on death" 2 player style with a RL friend.  This one in particular sticks out for me, mainly because that type of gaming worked ridiculously well when watching someone else play was almost like watching a movie. 

    But this isn't about me!  This is about the Lead Designer behind the Uncharted series posting a whole bunch of pony on his blog, with all sorts of shout-outs to the hard workers over at Hasbro's various studios.  Someone at his level in the entertainment industry can definitely attest to what the people busting out our favorite pony cartoon are going through right now, trying to make sure season two is just as amazing as the first. 

    I'll stop rambling though! You can find his blog here!

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