• Story: World of Ponycraft (Update Side Story!)

    [Crossover][Comedy][Adventure] It made pre-readers laugh, but they failed at giving me any good quotes =[

    Author: Capn Chryssalid
    Description: Worgen? Try Ponies as the new Alliance race instead! Deathwing’s Cataclysm breaks open the seals separating Equestria from the rest of Azeroth, allowing in the insanity that is World of Warcraft (and WoW players). Can the mane cast adjust? Probably. Will they get Tier 11 and a Realm First Heroic Nefarian kill? Probably not. Will Twilight Sparkle’s obsession with Archaeology ever pay off? Also probably not.
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    1. Oh god archaeology, I laughed my ass off. She'll never get Zin'rokh.

    2. Poni meets WoW?
      Might be interesting.

    3. Why Alliance? I mean the Horde are cool too. ]

      Also, I can no longer play WoW because of Nefarian.


      I have been waiting for this for an untold amount of time. I'm barely past the opening, and the story's a riot.

    5. Happy to see an actual WoW crossover (as opposed to my oneshot awhile back) Too bad I don
      't have time right now to read. I'll get to it in a few hours.

      Did you submit this to the Equestria Gaming's crossover contest as well?

    6. I might just give this a five star rating just because of the picture. If it wouldn't have caused my parents to call the funny farm again, I would have been rolling just because of that...

      Now to figure out what the story is like.

      P.S. Muffinsforever: I totally agree with you on the Horde. I might not play WoW (I liked Warcraft better in it's original form of RTS), but the 2 week trial that I took showed that the Horde was deffinitely better. Specially the Orcs.

    7. ugh im tired of wow even with ponies

    8. I don't even like WoW and this is awesome.

    9. Does this fanfic require more than a passing familiarity with WoW to read? It looks like it might be good, but if I need to be fairly familiar with the game to understand it, I won't bother.


      I havent played WoW for almost 2 months now, and now /this/?!

      Also if Ponies were an Alliance race I would never go Horde again.

    11. Hah, the amount of injokes was amazing. I'm sick of WoW but this made me want to pick it back up.

    12. 10,000,000 views woooooooo!!! party everypony!

    13. Holy fuck awesome. I quit WoW when I got big into ponies, but this brings back some awesome nostalgia and seems to be very well thought out.

    14. Ponies and Alliance? Twilight and Archy? Tier 11 on the Mane 6?

      This is going to have /fun/ written all over.

    15. i quit wow a while back. too many people getting invested in sides. it was . . . too, uhm, violent i guess is the word i'd use. too much pvp. i don't like fighting players, i might make someone upset.

      also, the Horde is too war-like. in WoW, the human trope is more HumansAreDiplomats or HumansAreAverage and not HumansAreWarriors. ponies fit Alliance better.

    16. i forgot to talk about the actual story, i'm sorry. i found it funny. i got the references but some are a bit obtuse for a non-WoW player. why no hunters? everything is hunter gear. uh, yeah. it's good so far.

    17. Two chapters in and I already burst out laughing half a dozen times.

      Too bad you really need to play the game to get most of the jokes. But if you do, the injokes are very well done.

      Now I want to make a CMC guild.

    18. Yeah, Ponies are definitely Alliance minded. The Alliance are made up of old, established races and nations. Traditionalists basically. The Horde tends to be made up of relatively new factions and nations. In that light, the Ponies would be Alliance because they have a fairly well established nation.

      But who would be the Ponies' Horde counterparts? The Transformers?

    19. Related:

      2:43 - 3:20

    20. This game must be made.

    21. ffffh. Now I'm tempted to go back to WoW again and try to set up a MLP Guild :<

    22. I barely half a chapter in, I find myself grinning like a madman. As a current WoW junkie, I pray this story never ends.

      -Izanagi No Ookami

    23. "Finally shaking her off his snout and taking a few flaps away from the annoying moon goddess, Deathwing gave a quick glance over his shoulder and deep breathed. Just a little. Just a little-little.

      Twilight Sparkle [Stood in the Fire]
      Rarity [Stood in the Fire]
      Applejack [Stood in the Fire]
      Fluttershy [Stood in the Fire]
      Pinkie Pie [Stood in the Fire]"


      This is hilarious. As a brony and an active WoW player, I truly enjoyed this, and hope to see much more.

    24. @Muffinsforever

      Ponies in the Horde would be Super Lore Lol

      I mean I love my Horde

      I love my Ponies...

      But can you imagine Fluttershy being asked to go on Forsaken Quest?

    25. I don't play WoW. But playable ponies might have a shot of finally dragging me in. :3

      This was highly entertaining, I couldn't stop giggling. Can't wait for more!

    26. what? how did the... Pinkie pie's shaman leaves me wanting answers and more!

      Though if anything is to be said Its that this fic does not lack for comedy!

      Non-Wow players beware, many jokes are very much wow specific humour.

    27. Looks like a nice bunch of amused peeps. I've been trying to keep the jokes and stuff balanced between what WoW players would get specifically and what I think is comical in it's own right. A lot of the scenes are from Twilight's POV as she learns the tricks of Ponycraft, and it gives me an excuse to explain things non-players may not get. Ideally I think, even if you don't know WoW, you'll get the gist of things or learn as you read.

      Obviously, if you've played some WoW, you'll be getting more of the funny cracks and references. Especially if you've done some raiding and instancing.

      Let me add that I don't really have a problem with the Horde (except maybe belfs, lol, but I don't like worgen either) but ponies as an Alliance race fits what I have planned better. That's all.

      Oh, and thanks for the reminder about the gaming crossover contest. I gotta look into that. Expect the next chap soon.

    28. Naruto? What Naruto story?

    29. @ChryssalidI gotta say I agree with you on the whole "Ponies fit the Alliance better" thing. Maybe another species in Equestria joined the Horde?

    30. @Kyle

      Duh, Griffins are totally the new Horde race. ;)

    31. Heh. I accidentally started at chapter four(only realized it after reading), but being a WoW player a long time now, I didn't feel like I missed a beat. Well written I guess.

      ...also, now I'm even more scared of Pinkie. Thanks.

      ...gonna go read the first three chapters, then comment more.

    32. Replace Sylvanas with Fluttershy.... (remember.... love, tolerate....)

      And Garrosh with princess Luna.....

      Truly we would be unstoppable, fellow hordelings!

    33. I am in no way familiar with WoW,but i like this :D
      Good work!

    34. Read all of it now.

      Quite a few places had me giggling all over. Granted, a fair few were WoW-in-jokes, so a non-player might not catch them, but still.

      I really did like this thing, overall. The ponies are certainly in-character throughout, and I especially like just how confused Twilight is through things - and overanalyzing as usual.

      Very well written, and looking forward to seeing where this goes.

      (...okay, so maybe I am not *that* terrified of Pinkie Pie. But, well. You know.)

      I would so roll a pegasus druid five days ago if this was actual WoW canon. Or a unicorn priest.

      ...if there is not a guild called though, it needs to happen asap.

      Keep it coming. ;)

    35. Ah, the post ate the "< >"

      Meant that if there is not a guild called "Cutie Mark Crusaders" yet, there needs to be.

    36. Pinkie pie: Shaman engineer.
      I want make Shnoo Shnoo now.

    37. I like this series. It's like watching, or rather reading, a Let's Play ;)

      Also, if I can ask, if it's not too much, hum...
      Well, for those not proficient with MMORPG language, it would be nice to have something like a list of those ''terms'' with what they basicly mean... Stuff like 'PVE', 'DPS', ''Aggro'', 'WD40' (joke on the last one, but you get the idea), and etc...

      (Maybe something like an 'Extra' Doc sheet ?)

    38. I've never even played WoW, but this story is awesome! And looooong. It took me 2 days to read up to chapter 4! Worth it, though. Not to mention, with the power of Google, I learned a few things about WoW through this fic.

      Oh, but one thing. I think this was somewhere in chapter 3.

      "Black pony shapes swooped in from above, harrying the other pegasus fliers in such numbers that many were also free to molest the unicorns and each pony guards on the ground."


      Anyway. I also found a great sentence to take out of context.
      "Twilight doubted she would have lasted more than a second or two with Rainbow Dash hammering her, Applejack wailing on her from behind"

      So yeah, great story! 5/5

    39. >mfw Dash is a paladin and "Paladins with Crusader Aura got a 20% increase to speed!"

    40. Must...resist...urge to resubscribe and form Pony guild!

    41. I was really hesitant to read this, but it ended up being pretty freaking sweet. This is going on my list of "Awesome things that I'll tell other people to read."

    42. Wow. Oh wow. The part about the Holy Light was truly, truly deep.

    43. Griffins would go Horde through indignation due to their relatives being used as mounts alone.

      Also, chance for Rainbow vs Gilda epic battle!

    44. Havent read this story yet, but is the horde portrayed fairly, if at all?

      There's already alot of alliance fanboyism in the wow books and comics.... which, as a hardline horde fanboy, annoyed me greatly :P

      On another note, im betting if(read:when) the Blizzard playerbase gets bronified, they will successfully petition for princess Luna being the new horde warchief.
      Troll/Mol/Celestia has too much of a negative reputation already I think.

    45. @Zanzibar

      The Horde haven't been depicted in the story yet. So far, the only non-pony character to get any real storytime is the Thunderbrew clan dwarf who trained Applejack.

    46. As a fellow Shaman/Engineer, I can safely say that Pinkie would be without a doubt a Gnomish engineer and that I'm fairly sure she's doing low(ish) level Elemental wrong. Needs more lightning bolt spam.

    47. @ZanzibarLet's not get into a Alliance vs Horde grudge match, that won't get us anywhere.

      Not to mention fanboyism is annoying no matter which side is favored. I've read the strangest posts about Sylvanas' supposed moral superiority to everone else, let me tell you.

      Anyway, what Sharkman said is right, upt to this point it's been PvE entirely. No Horde in sight. They're mentioned like, four times in the fic or some such.

    48. "Nipple clamps", are those really an item in WoW?

      And considering where a horse's mammaries are I doubt they'd work that well.

    49. A few things to address the great reviews here, since the format makes it hard to respond to each individually:

      A. Not much Horde yet (at all), though they will factor into certain things later. I don't intend to rip on any faction as a whole, except maybe the Forsaken. Bear in mind that Ponies are replacing Worgen, and Forsaken were a major antagonist for the worgen. I may parallel that, or I may not bother much. I haven't decided yet. The story right now is the mane cast learning to PVE with their trade skills and class sets.

      B. I've already made some adjustments and additions based on thoughts here. Thanks guys!

      C. "Nipple Clamps" are just parlance for engineer-resurrection jumper cables. I took it literally for laughs.

      D. Even though I have played almost every class to 80, and a few to 85 (I don't have the time to waste that I used to), a lot of the low level playing is going by memory and double checking to see what's changed in Cata. Really, if Pinkie wanted to level in a hurry, she'd go Enhancement! It also gets a bit tiring saying "lightning spam" over and over, so I mix in description of the flame and earth shocks.

      E. Thanks again for the reviews and comments. Chapter 7 isn't too far off.

    50. The only flaw of this story is that Equestria joined the Alliance.


    51. I really enjoyed this latest chapter. Really the most intriguing bit of this whole story is (besides the really spot on character stuff) your setting up the pony "area" like you'd see in the game. I would kind of like to see a bit more on how Equestria is interacting with the rest of the Alliance, but that'd probably be more appropriate for the next big adventure after Nightmare Moon's castle.

    52. This is the best thing. Ever.

    53. I would relish the chance of facing off against Rainbow Dash in a battleground someday. xD

    54. I knew somebody would do it eventually
      Now I need to make time to read this

    55. Chapter 7: A chainsaw, the great communicator. Doom comic reference? Or was that from the SA LP of Doom III? Either way, bravo.

      A few instances where there is word replacement. Dash says 'I'd be to Prot for this' at one point in time, assuming you left out switch. Flutter says 'Now nice.' instead of 'How nice.' Little things, little things.

    56. Love it, love it, love it! I just hope you're able to continue churning out chapters even while you're raiding Firelands. (Do you raid?)

    57. @Anonymous
      Hell yes. I would personally roll a rogue up to 85 from scratch JUST to camp Celestia. Though I have recently given up WoW for Rift, I still remember all of my World PvP tactics that I used to camp Elwynn Forest with. I hope if they make a Rift crossover, Equestria joins the Defiants.

    58. Just got done reading the whole story so far, and I have been brilliantly entertained from start to finish. Not only is it a great story that stays true to both universes of FiM and WoW, but it is also beautifully written and presented in such a way that delivers crystal-clear images into my head.


    59. shit I should really start reading this..

    60. There better be something about the Mane Cast going to a L85ETC concert.

    61. Put ponies on the horde! ;_;

      Or at least give us undead ponies :)

    62. Chapter 9 Commentary:
      Pinkie Pie gets the spotlight between fights as we learn that she's not quite as delusional as we may have thought she was.

      Also, a d'awwww moment with one of Pinkie's familiars.


    64. @Pyren

      (Pinkie Pie + Grim Guzzler) x (L85ETC) = Recipe for Disaster and/or WIN

      Arg! I gotta get them to 50 or 60 first, though. But I do like the idea, now that it's planted in the back of my brain.

      And yes, I am raiding, but I'll have the chapter ready next week like usual. There's so much left to write in, it's all I can do not to have the chapters diverge or become completely tangential.

      For the Orgrimmar Bronies, I can only say I had to pick one, and while Equestria is in the Alliance, the fic itself (at least this story/arc) doesn't involve either the Alliance or Horde that much. The intention was always to approach the 'merge the worlds' angle and do the Luna background/Mane Six instance run story. Where things go from there, who knows? At least I'll already have the necessary written foundation in place for the characters before going off on globe trotting pvp-flagged adventures.

      +10% Rep to all who leave comments or reviews! Nothing gets the mind focused on writing like knowing people are out there.

    65. Interesting development with Celestia and the Halls of Origination. Suppose it does make sense though, Rajh being the Construct of the Sun and all that. I like it!

      Wonder if Celestia knows they've all been corrupted, or about Algalon's reorigination device. So many questions, can't wait for Ch. 10!

    66. Just finished Chapter 9. I hope this never ends. I love this story so much. I love how Pinkie completely steals the show, and the battles are so well described and in depth. And then the Celestia/Luna surrounding story is choc full of suspense. I think this fic ranks right up there with the Portal fic in terms of awesomeness. Can't wait to read more!

      (And the Earth totem, oh God, best thing ever. I melted.)

    67. I've only gotten through chapter 1 and I'm dying already (of laughter of course). Very entertaining, more please.

    68. Umm... This just awesome. Laughed myself SHITLESS when Pinkie said she was sending stuff to her alt! ...Which I want more info on.

    69. I stopped playing WoW a couple years ago, but if ponies became a playable race, I would definitely start playing again. At twice the subscription fee.

    70. If this was true, I'd give all my money to blizzard and more. Incredibly amazing! Keep up the good work!

    71. I was reading chapter four when suddenly...

      a Cupcakes reference appeared!

    72. I love it! Cataclysm would be so much more interesting with you in charge.

      Ponies everywhere!

    73. Wish I could read this, but I really had no idea what was going on. n_n; Don't know a lick of the story of Warcraft, and having only played a week-long trial of WoW... yeah.

      Truly saddened, because people seem to be enjoying it. X< Oh well.

    74. Archaeology profession = biggest waste of my time. >_>

    75. Really clever stuff here. Keep writing!

    76. "Celestia’s glowing shits!’ Polymorph! She hated Polymorph, too!!"

      This is the single greatest quote from any fanfiction i have ever read... I love you sir, and as a result I find it hard to keep myself from laughing.

    77. Voidhorn, when somepony asks you if you're a god...


    78. I like a lot of concepts in the story, but a few things I nitpick over. And yeah, minor spoilers.

      The scenes that switch between flashback and actual fighting with the mane 6 differ much of the time. It's like watching a drama on tv and switching the channel to an action flick. It's jarring.

      Im kinda surprised nobody called Trixie out on her fight. I mean, at that point it was a trained fighter against a bookworm. I mean, really?

      Im also surprised nobody said a thing about the cult leader's story. The mane six discover their ruler pretty much ruined someone's life and they dont even make a quip over it offhand when she doesnt even deny it?

      Criticism aside, I'd really like to see a side story exploring more of the first few weeks, with Equestria and the outside world meeting for the first time. Im sure there are lots of cute snippets that could come from that.

    79. This story really does deserve more stars than it has. I assume some folks just see "World of Warcraft" and instantly hit the zero button. For what it's worth, I've added my five.

      Great job constructing some compelling backstories for characters we do know, and some engrossing new characters. Voidhorn and Highdiver in particular.

      Curious to know what became of the blank-flank auburn filly Amber mentioned briefly at the end.

    80. As a long-time, on-and-off casual WoW player, I really enjoyed this story - even though it brought back a lot of bittersweet memories and dreams of what could have been.

      I did have a slight problem with Twilight "starting out" already at level 31 - but I can understand that as necessary from the story standpoint, and I suppose she would have had some levels from the events of the show, or from all the archaeology heh (arch was how I got my main mage to 85 after all), so not really that much of a problem actually.

      I think what I actually liked best about this story was Pinkie Pie. Not only did you use her to great effect for her comedic value, but of all the Mane 6, her reason for wanting to get stronger, the effect the Cataclysm had on her was the strongest and most tragic. I'm still moved to tears just thinking about it, especially after her conversation with Captain Morning Star at the end of Chapter 8.

      I really enjoyed the opening with Luna interrupting Deathwing's cinematic. It was just the right kind of opening that got me completely hooked on reading the whole story.

      The fights I thought were well done and avoided unnecessary complication without being bland. The final showdown with Voidhorn was especially and fittingly epic.
      When I read through the achievement spam afterwards though, I did notice that Rainbow Dash had gotten left out again, and I was really wondering about it - having her open a ticket to get the achievements was a priceless way to handle that though.

      Any of the thoughts you'd listed for possible side stories sound like they would be great - though the two I think I'd like to see most would be the one about Pinkie's shaman trainer, or Orphan's Week with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

      In concluding this train-wreck of a comment, I would just like to say this was a wonderful story - and if it ever actually came true, I would resubscribe and roll a pegasus mage in 10 seconds flat.

    81. So... yeah. That was... pretty dang awesome. Even though I'm not a WoW player myself, I still found myself laughing throughout (except, you know, the parts where it want all serious). Additionally, I liked that, despite being a non-WoWer, I was still able to follow what was going on. Thanks for not using too much of the jargon, and explaining a bit of the more technical stuff.

      Moar please!

    82. CH.12 :

      >Applejack tried to tear herself free
      >"The Element of Loyalty, now? You have no idea how much I despise you ponies!" Voidhorn ranted
      -After that she attacks RD, but before that the sentence was addressed to AJ, no ?
      Then it should be the Element of Honesty that is mentioned. (small error)

      >got achievement [Soul Searching] !
      >got achievement [Castle of the Sisters] !
      -Rainbow Dash isn't there, why ? Probably just forgot, right ? ...Because she was -clearly- there with the other Bearers.

      -(much later) Hah, I knew it had been forgotten ;) ! Good to know that RD's issue was well handled by the *Customer Services* thingy ;) (Usually it's INSANE what you must do to get some help, in those situations...)

      ... And Pinky Pie gets the DREADED and POWERFUL : Mood Ring ?
      Well, knowing Pinky Pie she will surely find some Highly-Improbable ways to use the 'colorful mystical colors' of the Ancient Ring ;). Maybe she will craft some sort of ULTIMATE Disco ball of Everchanging Colors or the like ? ...


      >Some of the Holiday Seasonals. Especially Brewfest. Pinkie Pie's gonna love that one.
      -Drunk pony(ies) story (Comedy tag) ?
      From those I saw, they are always quite fun to read. :)

      ... Well that was *definitely* an interesting Let's Play, huh, I mean story to read ;).
      Future stories to come out of this one, based on it, and etc, will surely be as interesting (hopefully, those of ''exterior'' sources will be of the same Game-Like quality).

      I'm especially looking forward to the ''brewfest ;)'' and the possible ''Chrismas'' stories (Nothing better than to sip some hot cocoa, while unwrapping cool gifts (Twilight->Amulet of Archmage?, oh you shouldn't have Rarity :D), after fighting Frost Giants and Ice elementals :D ).

    83. I just read the entire story and I'm... amazed. That was some quality, well complex, well imagined and well written story there. This deserves to be published! It's one of the finest stories I read up to date!

    84. I was leery about trying this at first, but I've been reading some today and I love it! As a long-time WoW player and a brony this is pretty satisfying.

    85. Only a 4-star rating? The hay?

      This is easily a 5/6 star story.

      My absolute favorite OC character in this story is Voidhorn. Her backstory makes her a very relatable and thought-provoking pony.

      "I know! I just don't care. Equestria? Ponykind? Why should I care one lick about those abstract things? All I had... all I was... all I ever valued... was my work. My research. And you took it. You burned it. You ruined my life . . . "You sacrificed me." With hate in her fading orange eyes, Night Sky's body started to shake as she held back laughter. "Everything I did after that, every life I sacrificed for my purposes, I did it in your image, Princess. You threw away my life, my research, my respectability, to protect your precious little sister. So yes... I understand how important she is to you... to the world. But do you understand what you took from me?"
      She suddenly all but shouted, "Do you!"

      I found those lines to be simply fantastic.

    86. Ponies? And WoW? SOLD!

    87. I don't know why everypony thinks that ponies cannot join the horde because it does not make sense lorewise. i hat the idea that alliance bronies get ponies but horde bronies do not. i have an idea in which it would make both sides happy:

      equestria has two rulers, have Luna/nighmare moon and the lunar republic join the horde while Celestia and the solar empire join the alliance. while were at it, why not have the mane 6 be in neutral organizations:

      twilight sparkle: kirin tor
      fluttershy: cenarion circle/expedition, guardian of hyjal
      pinkie pie: earthen ring
      rarity: kirin tor
      applejack: argent dawn/crusade
      rainbow dash: no organization(lone wolf)

      equestria is suffering through civil war and deathwing is ravaging azeroth and equestria which forces the lunar republic and the solar empire to search for allies. the lunar republic will make the blood oath and join the horde while the solar empire swear an oath and join tha alliance everyponys happy.

    88. This is one of the most insanely funny things I've ever read and I don't even play WoW anymore. All those rules and conventions invented only for gameplay purposes make absolutely no sense when applied to real world. Lampshading this is what makes this fic so damn funny.

      Beautiful idea and brilliant execution. 5 stars.

    89. So... will you be making any follow-up plots?