• Story: Kindness's Reward

    [Shipping] Hey so... this Trixieshy story is really addicting. Meaning emails are on hold until I finish it, just sayin.

    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: Fluttershy is used to nursing critters of all sorts back to health. When she comes across a broken showmare, however, it will take all her patience and care to help the other pony. Especially when Trixie begrudges her help every step of the way. Can she get through to her? And can Trixie learn that she doesn't need to stand alone to stand strong?
    Kindness's Reward Part 1
    Kindness's Reward Part 2
    Kindness's Reward Part 3
    Kindness's Reward Part 4
    Kindness's Reward Part 5
    Kindness's Reward Part 6

    Additional Tags: Long, romance, healing, kindness, sappy

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