• Hungarian Pony Magazine

    This one was submitted by Kancsar, who did us the huge favor and translating the headlines for us.   It uses your typical vectors that appear in pretty much every magazine for ponies.   (Someone should send the guys producing this stuff the Vector Club link!) 

    Apparently these are going to be a monthly thing, this being the "July" issue.  At least the ponies are officially spreading across the globe!

    More info after the break!

    Page one includes Celestia with the Mane 6.  I have no clue why, but at least she isn't pink!

    Nothing too groundbreaking here, but have some translations for the page above. 
    Left page, Topmost:
    "We welcome you to the colorful world of ponies"

    Right page, below Celestia:
    "This magnificent seven girlfriends living in rural areas. Seven exceptional personality, each with a beautiful English names."
    And on the back of the magazine they advertise...g3.5.  I'm scared.  

    Now that Celestia has officially joined the mane 6 in their quest for friendship, I wonder how Twilight Sparkle will deal with no longer being the most powerful unicorn in ponyville?