• Pony Monopoly (Update: Bunch of Stuff!)

    • Chance/Community Chest Cards (After the break)
    • Rarity Promoted
    • Applejack Demoted (poor girl..)
    • Spelling errors fixed
    • Still no moon :(

    Yeah, that's a freakin' Pony Monopoly board. Soggy called it Monopony in the email. I rather like that name, but, I'm quite partial to puns in the first place. By the way, this comes to us from Soggy. Good work, Soggy.

    You can really tell he put a lot of work into this board. The squares go up in order of character importance until you get to Celestia and Luna. He only made one mistake- it's a big one, though. He has Rarity at nearly the back of the line for the mane cast. He has Applejack in front of Rarity. I'm willing to forgive this transgression only because of the sheer amount of work that went into the rest of the board. But, seriously, that's a fault I have trouble ignoring. And, seriously, Pinkie at the back? I don't really like Pinkie, but she's better than Applejack. For shame.

    True story, I am not good at Monopoly at all. I think it stems from the fact that every time I played it with my dad, he would always beat us. Every time. He was a master at games like that. Clue, too. He would dominate us at Clue. It got to the point where we wouldn't even play with him anymore because he was so good at it. So you can add that to the list of things that Cereal isn't good at, alongside being funny and being able to write well! According to /co/, anyway.

    After the break you can find the paper money and the deed cards used for the game.

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