• Story: No Tame Forest

    [Normal] "You'd better be both dead and sick
    If you don't drop everything and read this fic
    Work and sleep?  That is a load!
    Read it now lest my anger EXPLODE!"-
    Pre-reader who RP's Zecora and drives everypony else insane.

    Author: PhantomFox
    Description:An injured Rainbow Dash is rescued by Zecora after a rogue natural
    storm crashes her into the Everfree Forest. But with an even fiercer
    storm on the horizon, will Rainbow Dash be able to recover in time?
    Can they figure out how to tackle this tempest and keep it from
    blowing Ponyville to pieces?
    No Tame Forest

    Additional Tags: Episode-like (episodic?), Storm, Everfree, Zecora, Rainbow Dash

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