• Music: Sweet Apple Acres racing theme / Afraid To Get Your Wings Dirty? / Vinyl Finds a Fight

    I can definitely see playing a game with this theme.  Someone fund it! This might even make good fighting music for the mane6 game. 

    1.) Makkon - Sweet Apple Acres racing theme
    2.) Afraid To Get Your Wings Dirty? - General Mumble
    3.) sci vs Chain Algorithm - Vinyl Finds a Fight


    1. >post less than a minute after the post is posted
      >music times add up to ~7 minutes
      >Already listened to them all and made an opinion
      A Terrible Person, are you a wizard?

    2. Isn't it awesome that musically inclined people like ponies?

    3. why is pony so techno

    4. @Narwhals' Bend
      I am probably a wizard, but also consider these other possiblities:
      1) I could have already heard these songs from other sources, and formed an opinion on them based on that.
      2) I am actually just posting without listening in a desperate attempt to stop first-trolls.
      3) Same as 2, but I listen to samples of the music to validate my opinion.
      4) Same as 2, but I have enough faith in the quality of music produced by the fandom to present my opinion before listening.

    5. @colt classic

      It definatly is. ^^ What else can someone say about this? Three very good songs to listen to. This community is simply the best. Better then all the rest. Better then anyone I ever met. :)

    6. They were all nice. The first would make good game music. I especially liked the second myself.

    7. @A Terrible Person
      Have you considered that possibility that:
      1) I'm a wizard too.
      2) We're both wizards.
      3) Seth is a wizard (which is how he can keep this blog running without sleeping).
      4) All of humans are actually wizards, but because we're all the same we don't realize how special we are.
      5) The darkness and the shadows, they always make me frown.
      6) Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty.
      7) You gotta share.
      8) You gotta care.
      9) The cake is a lie...
      10) ...but it is also delicious and you must eat it.
      11) Friendship is magic.

    8. @A Terrible Person

      and the solid reasoning award this year goes to... a terrible person!

      that sounds funny XD. anyways, yes, awesome songs.

    9. First song made me think that we need MLP:FiM crossed with the classic racing game Outrunners. I can just see Scootaloo power drifting around a corner in the apple orchard.

    10. I approve to all them! Thumbs ups

    11. They were a tad too techno for my taste.

    12. I just realized there's a carrot farm behind Sweet Apple Acres, and I just realize AJ probably lives in the Barn.

    13. @Narwhals' Bend
      Brilliant post. Truly. :D

      I love the racing theme!
      It's now in my running playlist, and tomorrow it's my 6 and a half mile run.

      Let's do this.

    14. @Narwhals' Bend

      I HAVE considered the possibility that Friendship is Magic! And I found it..........

      Tasty (in b4 cupcakes reference)

    15. First one reminds me of spyro, did anyone catch that?

    16. Hasbro! Pony racing game! Make! Use this song!

    17. last one made me think of the mother serie.


    18. Does the first one remind anyone else of spyro?

    19. I could see that first one as a montage in the actual show.

    20. @colt classic

      Isn't it awesome that EVERYONE likes ponies? :D

    21. @Al-1701
      According to the video description, the song was made for the MLP racing game project that EqD has posted about previously.

    22. General Mumble's Wings soar above the rest! I think Gummi would break-dance to this.

    23. Number one sounds more like a Spyro Racing theme lol

    24. also to the first two commenters if friendship is magic than all of the fandom is wizards

    25. @blakestar15
      OMG! :O As soon as I read your comment, I heard it. XD I was playing it while I read. I am sooooo downloading this.

      Great times...

    26. @kirbycoloursi think its because of the sound effects and that guitar in the "back"

    27. WE CAN'T GET FUNDED! I don't know about you but I don't like getting sued.

    28. I like the second and third one, but I only made it 2 mins and 23 secs into because it was like the annoying background music to a game that goes on and on. Eventually you can't take it anymore and you just cut the sound off. But other than that they were really good.

    29. All very excellent pieces of work. And i can't wait to see more of the pony racing game to go along with such good music ^-^